Charles D Landis (6 Dec 2011)
"Clay Cantrell's December 3rd posts"

Thanks Clay for your hard work and research.
With regard to Enoch's Hebrew gematria value of 84:  84 is a Tetrahedral Number; that is,
it represents the number of balls that can fit inside a triangular pyramid.  Also, the Trinity
Function of 84 is an important number:  TF(84) = 153, the "image of Jesus".
Also, you mentioned that the number 1597 is strongly associated with Enoch.  The number
1597 is a Fibonacci number!  Also, if you apply the Trinity Function to number 1597, you
get a value of 1; that is, TF(1597) = 1.  This number 1 is very significant!
Charles D Landis