Chris K (13 Dec 2011)
"John and all the doves-concerning Gerry Almond letter (1 Dec 2011)"

Dear Doves,
  Like everyone here I've been following all of the posts concerning the timing as related to Ron R's posts and many of the rest of our own revealed pieces of the HARPAZO puzzle. I can't always read them immediately, because of time restraints and the depth of some of them requires their own "part of the day". I just this morning got to really read Gerry Almond's post of December 1st as related to the specific break down of "as the days of Noah", as related to the lunar tetrad's and the days count as it has been laid out by Ron Reese and others here.

  Its a very well done and accurate in every way as far as my intellect can see! The real test for me always has to do with "finding" the witness of the WORD! weather in type or actual events. I have found God speaks more directly to me through the Holy Spirit via HIS WORD(which never fails), and, I knew the test would be if the Harpazo could be found(in type) at exactly the correct place in scripture as related to the "40 days"(end of the rains).
  I was not disappointed! Christ our ARK will lift us up as per HIS plan from before the foundations of the world and it is so often spoken of and alluded to in His WORD so that we can't possibly miss it. But, not until the very last minute and the appointed time will we be certain, because surprises are just so wonderful and HE doesn't want the "goodman of the house" to get savvy to His timing.
  So here it is in Genesis 7:17

Gen 7:17  And the flood was forty days upon the earth; and the waters increased, and bare up the ark, and it was lifted up above the earth.

I know it seems too simple to be believed, but, God is just that understated

Chanukah does have so many incredible connections to the Catching Away, least of which is not the very name used in the Gospel of John "feast of Dedication". That name alone connects it to one of our main Rapture types, namely, Enoch! Whose name comes from a Hebrew word that means "DEDICATED or DEDICATION"!

I know when I've finished putting a puzzle together, its obvious when its complete. I can see the whole picture here in such a way as to understand with my mind, heart and soul the image and person of Christ our ARK of salvation, coming for those who have DEDICATED themselves to His Spirit in total! I now am wearing the Helmet of Salvation, of FINAL salvation with confidence and assured hope in Him, my beloved husband.

Thanks Jerry and Ron and Clay, Mathman and everyone who are part of this puzzle...because thats what WE are. The puzzle pieces of the body of Christ. Thanks to your obedience to the Holy Spirit and to His name authority and character, in whom we have life and salvation!  your brother, Chris K.