Gerry Almond (1 Dec 2011)
"The time to look up is right now....All eyes on Jesus Christ and here's why."


Now that Nov 29 has come and gone, it is time to focus on Dec 20.  It doesn’t matter about this passage, inasmuch as there remains only 134 days until the a/c will declare himself to be Deity on a wing of the Temple in Jerusalem.

Is there any “smoking gun” evidence that we have only 133 days left?  YES there is.  And I have posted this before, but it bears repeating now.  

Jesus said in Matt 24:    that “as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it also be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man”.  He then described  the days of Noah for us and I think all will agree that our world is very wicked, and that marriages and partying, farming, etc. are part of our world today.  But, the sign goes much deeper than that.  Specifically:

God told Noah that “My Spirit will not always strive with man”….120 years from now God said that He would destroy man along with the earth.  Noah was to construct a giant ark in which God would protect him and his family, and 2 of every kind of animal during the destruction.  Read Genesis 6.

God gave great detail to the time Noah spent inside the ark of safety.  These days totaled 365, or one solar year AFTER the flood.  Whatever caused the flood, elongated the ORBIT of the earth causing the new year to be 365.24219 days instead of the former 360, the perfect circle year.  In the detail, the Holy Spirit recorded for us the DAYS spent inside the ark as follows:

                       40 days……….entry to end of rains…………then
                     110 days……….end of rains to landing………then
                       74 days……….landing to first cover open…. then
                       40 days……….cover open to raven sent out...then
                         7 days……….raven to first dove……………then
                         7 days……….first dove to second dove…….then
                         7 days……….second dove to final dove……then
                       79 days……….wait for ground to dry……….then
                         1 day……… exit the ark.

         Total   365 days.

I can identify the first two periods above based on what we now know.  That is the 40 days and the 110 days.  I can further speculate on the 74 days and 40 days.  The 40 days is us in the ark of safety awaiting lift off at the end of 40 days.  The 110 days will be the length of time of WW3 which will take them to the deadly head wound of the man of sin, and three days later he will proclaim himself to be God.  The 74 days include 3 days between the deadly head wound and his proclamation.  That leaves 71 days in which he sets up the NOW and the mark of the beast.  The next 40 days establishes, I think, the dominance of the mark as the false prophet economically controls all mankind.  These are speculations, of course, but at any rate, I do not plan to be here.

Mark Biltz, a pastor from Seattle discovered the tetrads of eclipses which mark out a seven year period ending on Sept 23, 2015, the end of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy.  These have had much publicity on 5 Doves and need no further explanation except to assure us that these are true and without question.  Those who understand the prophecies of the 70th week of years, will have no problem understanding them.  IF THESE AGREE WITH THE SIGN OF NOAH AS TO DAY COUNTS, THEN WE HAVE SOLID PROOF OF WHERE WE ARE IN THE END TIMES.  God has not left us without a road map, so to speak, but is faithful to tell us, IF WE HAVE EARS TO HEAR.

It is important to recognize that Israel turned 64 years of age on Nov. 29, 2011.  The U. N. resolution that eventually led to Israel’s official birth date of May 14, 1948 was drafted and accepted on Nov. 29, 1947.  That is exactly 64 years ago.  Here is 11/29 again.  It kind of fits with 11192, doesn’t it?

His timing and plan by “here a little, there a little”, and so it has been.  But I Then there is the matter of progressive revelation.  God’s Bible said that we would know believe that time is now up, as this article will attempt to show the reader.  The proof of this statement is GOD’S TIMEPIECE, ISRAEL.

The most compelling evidence is the astronomical “coincidence that the days of Noah’s call, namely 120 years (of 360 days per year) EXACTLY MATCHES ISRAEL’S RECALL AS A NATION IN 1897 AND, LATER BORN IN A DAY IN 1948.  If nothing else was given by our great God, this should be enough to convince us of the times in which we find ourselves.  Truly we are not only the last generation, but we are in the last days of the last generation.  Jesus is at the door…Look up, lift up your heads, (quit looking at this sinful world) for our redemption is drawing nigh, yea, it is closer than nigh, it is virtually here!!

Do you want proof that modern Israel began in 1897?  Theodor Herzl, great founder of modern Zionism, founder of Israel, on the date of Aug. 31, 1897, with document in hand, declared the (re)founding of Zionism while presiding over the first Zionist Congress in 1,827 years. This was the long awaited signal for Jews to return to their homeland, Palestine, which at this time was under control of the Ottoman (Turkish) Empire.  The British were at war with the Ottomans and needed support from the Jewish community, so they agreed with Herzl that if he would support them, they would open Palestine to the Jewish return (providing that no Arab was dislocated or hurt in the process).  To this Herzl agreed and thus, AFTER 1,827 years, Jews began to trickle back to Palestine.  They even bought the land from the Arabs with hard cash.  It was later, at the defeat of the Ottoman Empire in WW1 that Herzl got what is called the Balfour Declaration, through the newly formed League of Nations, which officially opened Palestine.  General Edmund Allenby of Great Britain rode across the Jordan River on Dec 9, 1917, at the end of WW1 into what is now called the west bank, and on Dec. 11, 1917, entered Jerusalem, visiting what would later become the capital of  of regathered Israel in 1967.  The land was in ruins, not cultivated, and useless, as it were.  Mark Twain, American author, in a visit there described it as “not even fit for mosquitoes”.  But the Jews came, began to plant and to irrigate and the land blossomed.  (When I visited Israel in 1967, I ate oranges and grapefruit, the like of which I had never tasted before).  No one cared, as the Arabs were nomads and didn’t care about the land at all.  They eagerly sold it to the new settlers, and they simply moved from tent to tent with their animals.  From space one can see the “green line”, where vegetation is prevalent in Israel today, and absent in surrounding land.

Then came Hitler’s Third Reich circa 1938.  He caused the second great war, WW2.  In the process, he adopted a “final solution” to the hated Jews (an others).  That solution was genocide, in the furnaces and gas chambers of Germany and Poland.  At the end of WW2, victorious allies, when entering the locations of these camps of death were astounded and stunned at what they saw.   In all, 6,000,000 Jews had perished, 1/2 of Jewish population world-wide.  General Dwight D. Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander openly wept at the sight.  But God brought a great victory out of this calamity and the tremendous evil that man did.  That victory resulted in the formation of the United Nations at war’s end, and on Nov 29, 1947, the adoption of a declaration to form a Jewish nation in the ancient homeland of the Jews.  This was done to prevent such a horrendous occurrence again, such as Hitler promulgated.  Thus on the fateful date of May 14, 1948, the United Nations voted to establish the new nation of Israel, A NATION BORN IN DAY, just as the Bible said would happen.  The U. S. A. solidly pushed it via its President Harry S. Truman.

From its official (re)birth, the surrounding Arab nations hated the Jews.  They tried with overwhelming force to annihilate the new nation.  But God undertook for them and provided victory after victory for the little nation, BACKED BY THE U. S. A., and for that God blessed America with untold wealth and power.  After a short time of “peace” and growth, Israel again found itself at war with Egypt and Jordan.  This time, the elite guard of Jordan was crushed, as was the air force of Egypt and JERUSALEM WAS TAKEN BY THE JEWS.  June 5-10, 1967, that is 6 days, was the astounding length of the war.  The nation immediately named Jerusalem as their eternal capital city, never again to be divided nor given up.

Since then there has been the Yom Kippur war of Oct. 1973, and continuing bitter existence with the surrounding nations, especially Lebanon, Syria, and Iran until 2011.  So, what happened in this year of 2011 that is so significant?  Almost every nation surrounding Israel has ousted it dictator, and turned to Islamic causes and therefore against Israel.  She is now surrounded by these powers just as God’s Bible said she would be.  So complete is the surrounding, that she stands alone, except for the U. S. A.  Now the U. S. A. is in the grip of an anti-Israeli government, that seems bent on supporting the Arab causes (Islamic) to the detriment of Israel.  She seems to be “standing alone” now.  (Of course, except for God Almighty).

So, why this lengthy dissertation of Israel?  Because she is GOD’S TIMEPIECE to tell us how close our home-going must be and to tell them how close their Kingdom Age is.  Think about it.

So now, back to the “smoking gun” proof that we are nearly there.  Simple arithmetic will verify the nearness of the time of our home-going in the rapture of the Bride.  Using Noah’s first count of days as a sign, we have:

120 years x 360 days per year = 43, 200 days.  The match is perfect for the times we are now in.  Note:

Aug 31, 1897 + 43,200 days = Dec 7, 2015.

The tetrads of eclipses identified Sep 23, 2015 as the end of the 70th week of Daniel’s prophecy.   But Daniel’s further inquiry of the archangel, Michael in chapter 12 of
his book resulted in 75 day being ADDED to the end of the 70th week.  

The 70th week of Daniel is expressed to be 2,520 days in length and further divided into 2 period of 1,260 days each.  However, by adding 75 additional days, the second half can be said to total 1,335 days.  Most are familiar with these numbers.  Therefore:

Aug 31, 1897 to Sep 23, 2015 = 43, 125 days + 75 days = 43,200 days.  THIS IS NO COINCIDENCE.  IT IS GOD TELLING US THAT THE END OF IT ALL IS DEC 7, 2015.  THE VERY NEXT DAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF THE KINGDOM AGE.  In my opinion, YOU CAN TAKE IT TO THE BANK!!!

Now, count backward from Dec 7, 2015 exactly 1,335 days and you have Apr 11/12, 2012 as the mid point.  THIS IS THE TIME THAT THE ANTICHRIST PROCLAIMS HIMSELF TO BE GOD.  Now begins the GREAT TRIBULATION, a time that if the days were not shortened, no flesh will survive, says God Almighty.  It is the time of the WRATH OF GOD, on a Christ-rejecting, God-hating world that has defied His every attempt to bring them to Himself.  WE CANNOT BE HERE FOR THAT!!  WE ARE PROMISED DELIVERANCE FROM THAT.

AND THERE ARE EXACTLY 133 DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THIS PAPER UNTIL THAT DAY STARTS!!!  So, the sign of Noah tells us exactly where the 70th week of Daniel is, and where we are in it!


To back this up even further, now consider the second count of days within the ark of safety.  Read Genesis 7 and 8.  As listed at the beginning of this article, the first two counts of numbers can be identified because they fit.  These are 40 days of rains, i. e. rain of nuclear bombs??? Or something else???.  And 110 days afloat, the length of the war???  Whatever, the count uses up the 134 days remaining.  Here is how:

Apr 8/9, 2012 seems to be the day the A/C received his deadly head wound from which he is resurrected after 3 days, an imitation of Jesus.  Thus Apr 8/9 + 3 days until the rise of A/C Apr 11/12, 2012.  Counting back:

Apr8/9, 2012 – 110 days = Dec 20/21, 2011.  

Here is a new date, not yet discussed.  It will be, so just keep on reading.  The next number counting back is 40. So:
Dec 20/21, 2011 – 40 days = Nov 10/11, 2011

We have become familiar with this as expressed in 11/11/11.  This is the date that the dragon star Saturn, exited the womb of the heavenly constellation Virgo, just exactly 37 days after the exit of Venus, the Jesus star exited the same womb.  Read Revelation 12 for understanding of this important time.  Oct 4/5, 2011 was only 5 days after Rosh Hashana Sep 29/30, 2011.  To arrive at the important date of 11/11/11, or Nov 10/11, 2011, consider the following:

Rosh Hashana                         Last day Tabernacles
Sep 29/30, 2011…..21 days….Oct 19/20, 2011 + 21 days delay = Nov 10/11, 2011
(The delay is found in type in Daniel chapter 10).


Nov 10/11, 2011 + 40 days = Dec 20/21, 2011 + 110 day = Apr 8/9, 2012 + 3 days = Apr 11/12, 2012, the rise of A/C.

If this is understood, then you can see the tie-in to Noah’s second sign, the counts of days within the ark.

It is also possible that the rapture event will be Dec 7/8, 2011.  That is an Ilumanati date of some significance.   It is also 7 days after Nov 29/30 and could constitute our 7 days warning.  It is a slim possibility in my opinion, but worth mentioning.  

But, now, I want to put the capstone on the whole affair.  In my humble opinion, the rapture will in all probability be Dec 20/21, 2011.  Here is why:

In the 10th chapter of Daniel, (as I have previously posted my belief), there is found not only a picture of the resurrection and the rapture, but also the time of the delays posted above.  God can and does use pictures and types to tell us of coming events.  The Old Testament is full of them, for our use and admonishment upon whom the ends of the age have come.  Essentially, Daniel was confused at least, when, on his 87th birthday, the captivity of Israel did not end.  He was taken by the Babylonians on his 17th birthday and Jeremiah said in 29:18 that the captivity would be for 70 years, and the time was up, so God, where are you?  No answer came, so Daniel went to prayer and fasting.  At the end of 21 days, he was given a vision in which he was both dead and alive (resurrection and rapture) and in which he was visited by 2 messengers from heaven.  These messengers told Daniel that they had been DELAYED A FUL 21 DAYS, because of the fierceness of the resistance of the angel prince of Persia (modern Iran), but now were there to end the captivity.  If this happened to Daniel, a man greatly beloved, just as we the bride are greatly beloved, why could it not happen now?  Absolutely no reason for it not to.  And I believe that is has!!

So, from Nov 29/30, the time that Jesus and Michael started there return to rapture us, the Bride, they WILL BE DELAYED 21 FULL DAYS, during which we will not have an answer.  We need to fast and pray, just as Daniel did, while we wait for His return Dec 20/21, 2011  The delay is 21 FULL days, thus Dec 21 is the likely day itself.  This is the first day of Hanukkah.  This is extremely significant and is another evidence for the follow reason:

Tabernacles is the ONLY feast of Israel that never had a fulfillment.  God evidently took it away because of their unbelief.  God said He hated their new moons and feasts because with their lips they were near Him, but with their heart, they were far away.  This may be why it did not happen on Rosh Hashana, Atonement, or Tabernacles this year.  But, it seems that in the mercy of God, during the 400 years of silence between Malachi and Matthew, He gave them a “replacement” for Tabernacles.  It was the Maccabean miracle of Chanukkoh, the lighting of the Temple.  At least, the Jews considered it a replacement, as they connected the two together.  If this view is correct, then the rapture could very well be the first day of “Hanukkah/Tabernacles” as it were.  In the feast of Tabernacles, the obvious picture of the shedding of our bodies, i. e. the tearing down of the booths occurred on the 7th day.  I don’t think it will occur this way, but the 7th day of Hanukkah could also be the day.  If so, that would be Dec 27 but still within 2011.  I believe that somewhere in here is the date, but no man knows when it is.  I will stay with Dec 20/21 until it passes.   I do not believe that we will go into 2012.

Children of God, there is really not much more time left.  Look up, our redemption draweth (is coming) nigh.


Gerry Almond