Barry Amundsen (12 Dec 2011)
"Thank you Marilyn, more than one rapture"

Thank you Marilyn,
I appreciate your input on this from a position of obvious extensive studies on these things and would love for your suggested date of December 21 to be correct for our escape. I admit that I have always had a certain one track mind in looking for the rapture as limiting it to just "when do I get to go?" kind of thinking. What happens after that, I figure will sort of take care of itself. So while I do believe you are right about there being more than one rapture I tend to speak of our own as if it were all I was thinking about. This probably comes out in my statements and speculations about my own hope to be raptured soon, and my use of certain verses and scriptures may be off to some if I used a verse that is not necessarily about our rapture etc. and gives rise to these sorts of discussions. I welcome all attempts to shed more light on the whole and do appreciate you, and thank you for taking the time.
As far as my main focus goes by way of analogy, when I was in high school, I was in the marching band and when we were learning a half time show we each had our assigned marching orders that were necessary to fit into the whole to make an overall impression for the watching audience in the stands. Some marchers may wish to learn every step that was taking place on that field by each member of the band and drill team because they like to really know what is going on but for me, I could quickly become overwhelmed. The band director knew where everyone was to be at each point in the show but I was only concerned with where I was supposed to be along with those in my immediate vicinity with whom I was to interact.
So that is how I also look at prophecy issues. I figure that once I am raptured, I will probably receive perfect knowledge of what is to come from that point on and I trust that I will be wherever I am supposed to be when other important events take place. Meanwhile I cannot know for certain when that first trumpet will blow and call me to my new heavenly position so I am mostly focused on that.
Another example might be of a play or movie and the actors will want to know when their part is to happen. It certainly could become confusing if there are parts of the story that we assume apply to us if in fact they do not. I find it very interesting that God wrote His book in such a way that we even are having these conversations ("line upon line, here a little there a little"). He certainly could have written it in simple plain terms that would tell us exactly what will happen when and how. But I know that He has His reasons for doing it how He has. I assume it has to do with the fact that He has an enemy that He wants to keep his plans hidden from while at the same time getting the message to us his friends. Like that song by the Talking Heads in the 80's called "Life During Wartime" where they describe life of cryptic communiques and disguises and sneaking around never coming right out with your intentions but having to try and communicate with your allies in a way that your enemy cannot discern.
Ultimately, I think it may come down to attitude and watchfulness over figuring out every detail exactly and if we are watching, God will show us when to go and how and where etc. That in no way says that I don't appreciate all the attempts to sort it all out just the same, I do. Mostly I just want to know that I am ready when my time comes to go and what happens after that, I think will fall into place. But if I miss my cue and fail to march on my appointed whistle, all the rest won't help me, I fear, so I want to know that much above all.
Marilyn, I take comfort in all your research and study and am very grateful for your teaching as well as that of
Ron Reese and all the others who regularly contribute to our overall understanding of these things. Mostly I want to go to our new home soon so I hope you are right about this 21st.