Bob Ware (16 Aug 2020)
"Dream of UN troops patrolling my neighborhood after curfew"

My dream began with me trying to remove a stain from the hood of my car during the daylight hours. Later that night I decided I needed to check and make sure I had sufficiently removed the solution I had used. I did not want to damage the finish on my car. My car is parked just a few feet from the front of my house. When I tried to reach the hood I discovered I was tethered by a rope and could barely reach the spot I wanted to check. After awakening I interpreted this to be a curfew where I wasn’t allowed to leave my property after sunset.

When I was outside I saw four open vehicles with no doors. These vehicles were weaving back and forth across the road. They were heading from west to east toward the center of my town. The vehicles were white with black interiors and appeared to be made in Europe. I thought they might be BMW’s, but they were similar to a high-scaled army jeep. Each vehicle had four soldiers in full military combat uniforms and they were carrying automatic weapons. These soldiers were dark skinned and looked like they could be of Arab descent. They were rapidly jumping in and out of the vehicles to make their inspection rounds.

I immediately went inside and called the police to report what I had seen. The police answered their phone with a warning not to file a false report. I gave my report and the police went silent – there was no response. The last four digits of my local police station is actually 7400 (2 x 3700). 3700 is the gematria of the twelve tribe names on the Breastplate. Sixteen years ago, on 18 February 2004, I paid $3700 for my car.

As I was writing this letter I wanted to check to see what color UN vehicles are and I found this online: White is the symbol for Peace. The motto of the UN is to keep Peace by resolving issues between two Nations. So their armored vehicles are in white which when seen can easily be identified as belonging to the UN and they were rather there (in field) to resolve and protect someone so that enemies don't mistake them for potential threats and start firing, or making counter measures.

Clay shared his interpretation of my dream:

I read your dream about three times. Thanks for sharing it. It’s remarkable and the details you recount clearly seem important.

I prayed for wisdom and thought about it also. Here are my notes: 

1) I think the interpretation of being “tethered” to your house at/after sundown as some sort of curfew seems solid. The curfew may be tied to the “stay-at-home quarantine” measures tied to the Covid19 virus across the globe. 

2) The vehicles being WHITE seems especially significant. Yesterday morning I recounted to myself the dream I had of “Being Caught Up to the White Rooms”, where the color WHITE was clearly the dominant color; it was everywhere.


WHITE = Strong's 3836h = LABAN (yes, the same as Rebekah's brother). “Laban” means White and Laban was Syrian. Strong's value of that word = 82

3) Building from above, you noted the people in the white cars appeared to be Middle Eastern. 

4) The cars appearing to swerve back and forth as they drove may mean the drivers were NOT familiar with the area. Foreign drivers might not be. 

5) WHITE also is the color of the first horse that is released when the first seal is broken in Revelation.

6) Your call to the police and getting no response after your report is similar to the phone call I had in the “Dream of the Atrium” in which the phone call to Colorado goes dead after the unknown person screams that they had been attacked with a nuclear bomb. 

7) The soldiers in full combat gear doesn’t need interpretation. 🙁

8) The white cars having no doors seems very significant symbolically, but right now I don’t know what that is. 


I sent this reply to Clay:

The composite number gematria for 'laban' is 234. The English gematria is 84 (Enoch).

WHITE = Strong's 3836h = LABAN >>> 3836 = 2 x 1918 when the influenza killed so many people world wide.

I forgot to mention in my dream that my car was green, but in the real world it is actually a very bright white with blue interior. This makes me think of blue skies and white clouds.


Please feel free to share your interpretation of this dream.