Clay Cantrell (26 March 2017)
""Caught Up to the White Rooms Dream", March 23, 2010"

Interested Readers -

Seven years ago on March 23rd, I had the remarkable dream that I've posted about before, but repost now with a few added details and a bit of rewording. This dream has yet to be fulfilled, but some details have appeared which you can read about in my other post here called "More White Rooms Dream Details."

A diagram of the event has been added to this post for clarity. Just follow the numbers.


Part One

I sat on the floor of a large, empty white room, as big as a barn, with a very high ceiling and narrow white floorboards, like beadboard. There was a pillow on the floor beside me. Through no means of my own, I was slowly pulled forward a short distance, and then started floating up at a casual rate of speed. I floated up, almost on my back, and then into what was clearly outer space, stars and all! Then I floated up through this area of outer space into the very high ceiling area of the white room below. It also was covered on all walls and ceilings with white beadboard. I floated right up to the ceiling into a vertical stance and then began to suddenly praise God, and thank Jesus out loud, raising my hands. This was the unction of the Spirit of God. As my hands were raised, my right index finger was suddenly caught in a small ring that was traveling in a thin track from the front of the room to someplace behind me. I traveled swiftly like this for a short distance. The ring in the track stopped at the end of the large rectangular shape that ran the length of the room that the track was in the bottom of. At that point I heard the first sound of the dream, the happy sound of small kids talking and giggling which was quite contagious and made me instantly happy.

I floated upwards and saw that in the end of this long rectangular shape was a window less than a meter square with two shutter-like slats across the window. These slats rotated and were covered with pastel colored hand prints of small children. Rotating the slits somehow allowed me to slip through and enter the room I saw before me. I remember thinking,"I cannot get through that small space", and then when I actually did by rotating the slats (one of which I sat on and slid into the room) I disctinctly thought to myself "That's clever".


Once through the window, I stood upright in a relatively small room that was all white, and bright and cheerful. To the right was a open window through which a lovely breeze came. It was bright and sunny outside, and I caught a glimpse of adults and kids doing something out there. That's where the voices were coming from. The room appeared to be a gift shop full of things to buy or own. This was the entrance room to some sort of museum. Before me were two smartly dressed young men - say, early 20's. They were both dressed in sharply tailored uniforms, like bell-hops (without the hats) or early 20th century theater ushers wore - they were both dressed alike, the uniforms being dark navy blue (jacket and pants). Each 'jacket' (waist-length) had decorations on it, like military medals, but they were not military personnel, they were guides to this place. The guy on the left was white, the guy on the right was black - both were handsome and silent. The guy on the left looked straight into my eyes and handed me a brochure that was die-cut to be a shape like a car of some sort (?). It had a photo on the front of a group of adults and kids. there was very attractive black woman in the photo. The brochure (more like a small booklet) was wrapped in some sort of translucent protective covering which I wondered about. It was cross between plastic and wax paper. The guides left me and I started to look around this room full of things. I turned to the left.

The gift shop was all white walls covered in beadboard, with white tables and shelves displaying things. All these items were colorful, and appeared to be what I can only refer to as "Victorian Curiosities". They appeared to be games, or devices that moved and entertained. This seemed to be what the museum was full of. I could see into the main museum area back to the left. This was place that one could go and see these 'devices' and that it seemed to be mostly for kids.

In front of me on a table was a large birdcage (almost a meter tall), that was full of some kind of metal (steel?) 'contraption' that seemed similar to the famous USA game called "Mousetrap"with ramps and moving parts, or like the inside of a clock. It was styled with Victorian design styling, and appeared to be a toy? This birdcage was a gorgeous, creamy pastel green color. that seemed to be a predominate color in the gift shop. Most of the other colors of the times were notably pastels.

I turned to my left and saw white, wooden shelves and white bookcase-like furniture that displayed other kinds of colorful items, like these 'toys' but there were also less elaborate items like colorful buttons to be worn. I carried the booklet with me, which was a guide to the museum that started in the next room. The whole place had a strong feeling that it operated at a very very casual pace. I felt like I could take all the time in the world there - which was exactly what I wanted to do.

Standing inside the museum and to the left was an woman and a child looking at some display, which I couldn't see clearly.

Suddenly I found myself back in the actual museum, around a small alcove structure, I was in front of what can only describes as a victorian "viewing device", which I only saw a portion of. The kind of device you might have put a small coin in to see some short piece of black & white film in the early 20th century - like a Kinetoscope.

The dream turned serious and I looked down into the device's 'screen'.

A black & white film was running. Two Russian soldiers in the snow were crouching/hiding behind a small wall of snow they had made in a forest and they were talking to each other. They both wore typical Russian hats and coats, and both carried long rifles. They were out in the wilderness somewhere. I could hear and understand what they were saying, and I don't speak Russian:

The soldier on the right stated to the soldier on the left:

"Israel can't see us." which the soldier on the left replied:

"Yeah, but "Fluffy" can, and they're afraid of us."


The dream ended and I awoke.

Special note:

The term "Fluffy" which the smug soldier used I somehow clearly understood was referring to the USA. This was a slur, a term of disdain, and he was calling the USA the pampered pet dog of Israel, and that the USA was afraid of the Russians. This seemed to be a conversation between two Russian soldiers who were spying on Israel or planning an attack against Israel, confident that "Fluffy", (the USA) though aware of their intent (able to see them) was too afraid to do anything about it.

Extra Notes: The clear takeaway was that Russia will attack Israel in winter and the USA will not respond to help Israel as one might expect they would.

Except for the last part of the dream about the Russians, the entire place was heavenly, and I am convinced that it was some place in God's Heaven. I was completely free of stress, and mental, emotional, and physical pain. After I woke up I pleaded with the Lord to let me go back there, and never to leave!

Part Two

In the dream, both the first room (on earth) and the second room (in Heaven) were connected, being the same room! They were completely painted white. The walls, floors and ceilings were completely covered in white wooded slats like beadboard. The room was as a big as a barn - you simply couldn't avoid seeing the Lord's strong color statement of WHITE.

The dream occurred the morning of March 23, 2010.

This was -

   day 82.

The first mention of the color WHITE in the Bible is:

Genesis 30:35

"And he (Jacob) removed that day the he goats that were ringstraked and spotted, and all the she goats that were speckled and spotted, and every one that had some WHITE in it, and all the brown among the sheep, and gave them into the hand of his sons.

WHITE = Strong's 3836h = LABAN (yes, the same as Rebekah's brother). Laban was Syrian.

Both Strong's value and the in-text value of this word =


This means that ...

God gave a dream that has to do with the color WHITE, whose hebrew word gematria matched the day number the dream was given on!

This means that ...

Colors can possibly be matched to day numbers.

This possibly means that ...

   Color (White) = Day Number (82) = Gematria (82) = Bible Character (Laban) ...

... interchangeably.

A final theory might be also that the Four Horsemen of Revelation, whose colors are White, Red, Black, Pale (light green, like the Birdcage in the dream) might be let released on certain days which might be knowable using a similar method - if the Lord wants it known.


Extra notes 7.20.12

1) I think the fact that Laban is Syrian, and that currently Syria, and Damascus particularly, are a whirlwind of massacres and political upheaval, seems to be a prophetic point of the dream. Also, Russian will take up arms against Israel, when Israel and the USA are still partners and this will start or be taking place in winter, when there is snow in Russia.

2) The Floating up to the ceiling in the White Room (through outer space) is the Catching Away. What I didn't describe accurately originally, which I have re-worded in this version is this:

The room I started in, and the room I floated up to the ceiling in, were the same room. The floor and the ceiling being "separated" by a brief span of outer space. The point of this being that Earth and Heaven are connected. The events I watched on the viewing machine were Earth events, not Heaven events. I was more than perfectly content to know nothing of earth while there, but I found myself in front of the viewing machine, not of my own will, looking at earthly current events.

In addition:

The scripture verse mentioned above, Genesis 30:35, has been so significant. I have found myself at that verse, chasing various numbers for various reasons, I don't know how many times. It has really shocked me how many times I ended up there. I think it is a possible Catching Away "type" where certain select animals of the flock are removed.

Jesus is Lord.