Jan (13 Aug 2011)
"To Rowena--Thanks for your letter on prey animals (esp buns! :) )"

Rowena, and all Doves,

I was so comforted by your letter, Rowena!  'So glad you too expect to have just a little home in heaven but with LOTS of room outside, in meadow (down) and forest--and inside, a few at a time--for all of our little ones!  I love the waterfall, too---how beautiful that would be!

(Our poor cottontails here are few and far between this year, with the especially cold winter and the extreme drought here in AZ, followed by the Monument fire, too!  :(
...they'll especially love that waterfall!)

I haven't been on 5 Doves too long, and am still getting to know you all...
are you British or Australian? (The term "down" makes me guess so  :) )

God bless you, and all of your little guys--especially Ashby and Flopsy. 
(What breed are they, and what size?)

Love in Him, with great hope I'll meet you and your sweet buns SOON!!

Jan in AZ