Rowina (10 Aug 2011)
"Prey animal like sheep and rabbits"

Richard Coombes of the Alpha/Omega Report, which is under considerable attack at present,
referred to us as "prey", as Jesus was "prey" to Satan (although He will be the conqueror when
He returns as Lion of Judah, and presently is conqueror in Heaven).  

I thought of the people on Doves who love rabbits, who are prey animals.  Rabbits are vegetarian,
from what I was able to find online, and do not attack other animals, although they will give them
a swift kick with their powerful hind legs if they are captured.  Alas, the hind legs are often not
enough, and rabbits are prey to many stronger animals in the wild.  I suppose they would over-run
everything if they were NOT prey, because they reproduce well, but that may be another issue.

Anyway, I realized this is one reason I love the wild rabbits who visit my backyard.  They do not
attack other animals.  They eat mostly grass--often MY grass.  They are wary and look around a
lot to see if predators are threatening them.  For running fast and hiding are most of their defense
against being attacked and eaten.

I feel bad that they are eaten, but I suppose the hungry in some countries need their meat.  It
shows you how depraved our world is, that beautiful non-violent creatures should be eaten.

My bunny Ashby I think of as a messenger from God, and that may make him an angel in
disguise.  My other bunny, Flopsy, is also a messenger but has not been sent on "guard duty"
as Ashby has, who guarded my yard for many hours, without eating, the other night when I needed
comfort and protection after a particularly vicious attack on me.

Jan, I'm sorry you lost your darling Himalayan bun!   May you soon be reunited, and may you have
a wonderful "down" behind your cabin where your animals will play.  I too think of my heavenly mansion
as a relatively small place, but with a lovely waterfall in the yard, and acres of play space behind it.

Doves, read "Watership Down", the novel by Richard Adams about "heroic" rabbits, which Wiki
said was Penguin Books' best seller of all time.  I loved it long before I knew rabbits.