Bob Ware (9 Aug 2011)
"86 Days between sighting of Chinook helicopters and Chinook crash on 8.6. of 2011"

On the 20th of May 2011 John posted this letter that I wrote about my sighting of three Chinook helicopters and a 'close encounter' with a wild rabbit:
On May 19th I wrote this note to Clay:
> This is getting really bizarre. Today, while I was working in the yard, I
> heard the sound of a chopper coming. It kept getting louder and louder,
> so I step out from behind this tall hedge I was pruning and saw the same
> three black military Chinook helicopters I saw a few days ago flying over
> the foothills above the lake. This time they were flying directly over my
> property. They were really close. They were flying at about 300 to 350
> feet above the ground which is illegal. 500 feet is the legal minimum
> altitude. They were flying very slowly, maybe just 30 miles an hour. They
> were going in the opposite direction from the last time I saw them.
> During the 50+ years we have lived here I have never seen these choppers
> before. Is this some kind of sign?
That first sighting of the three Chinook helicopters occurred on 5.12.2011 (two days prior to the 63rd anniversary of the rebirth of Israel). That was 86 days prior to the crash of the Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan on 8.6.2011. 86 is the Hebrew gematria of God in Genesis 1:1.
Just strange coincidences?