Bob Ware (20 May 2011)
"1 Wild Rabbit and 3 Black Military Chinook Helicopters"

This happened on 5.12.2011 and 5.13.2011
When circumstances allow, my brother in the Lord and I like to take a little time in the evenings to escape our daily problems. The last two evenings (5.12.2011 and 5.13.2011) we made it to Success lake which is about four miles east of his house. On both days, while we were sitting in our folding chairs in the parking area next to the brush leading down to the water, a couple of wild half-grown jack rabbits were feeding a few yards away. On 5.13.2011 one of them gradually kept getting closer to us. Eventually he came out of the low brush and onto the blacktop where we had our chairs. He got to within inches of my feet and just sat there looking at me. After about a minute, or so, it went back into the weeds to eat.
We have become friends with the local park rangers. One stopped to chat for a bit and while he was standing there the rabbit returned and sat next to me a second time. The ranger got a surprised look on his face. I gathered this was not a common occurrence for a wild jack rabbit to get this close to the park visitors.
I felt that the rabbit knew I was not going to harm it. But I can't explain why he just stared at me. I talked to it and it didn't run away until it just decided to part company and return to its dinner. This same rabbit would run away when it heard other people, or vehicles that were near by.
For the first time yesterday (5.12.2011) we also saw three large military Chinook helicopters flying very low from the north northwest to south southeast just skirting the foothills that border the lake. They appeared to be completely black. This was an extreme contrast to the tranquility of the wild rabbit. There are no military bases in our area. The closet is at least 70 miles away.
This happened today (5.19.2011)
Today, while I was working in the yard, I heard the sound of a chopper coming. It kept getting louder and louder, so I step out from behind this tall hedge I was pruning and saw the same three black military Chinook helicopters I saw on 5.12.2011 flying over the foothills above the lake. This time they were flying directly over my property. They were really close. They were flying at about 300 to 350 feet above the ground which is illegal. 500 feet is the legal minimum altitude. They were flying very slowly, maybe about 30 miles an hour. They were flying north to northwest. This was the exact opposite direction from the last time I saw them seven days earlier on 5.12.2011.
During the 53 years my family has lived here I have never seen these choppers before. Was this some kind of sign warning of an imminent military operation in the USA in another seven days? While I was writing this at 11:00PM, I just heard on the news that Obama wanted Israel to return to the borders prior to the 1967 War.