Kathy (8 Apr 2011)
"Barry & Michael [speaking n tongues]"

I am behind a few days in reading the letters.  Today I read the many responses to Michael's letter asking for help and/or advise on how to speak in tongues.
I have prayed a long time for God to bless me with this gift.  even as an older chld/teenager about 30+ yrs ago, I had prayed for this gift of speaking in tongues.   When I was a child,  I was told to continue thanking Jesus and it would come out at some point. well, it never did.  this was when I would go to a penecostal church with my much older married sister as a child on the weekends.  I was raised southern baptist.  so it didn't mean much to have this gift over the years becoming as adult since as baptist, we don't speak tongues in service.  but, in the last year I have had such a hunger to grow closer to God in my relationship and gain more knowledge of His word.  I suffer with severe chronic pain and stay in the bed 70 to 90% of my days.  Reading Christain websites and His word keeps my mind off the horrorable pain during the day while I'm awake.
anyways, after spending a long while praying for this gift I too assumed it must not be God's will for me to have this gift.  but, still continued asking to recieve it.  well, early this morning before day light...my hubby left for work and I started reading the letters to try and catch up to date.  I started reading the different responses being addressed to Michael giving advice, suggestions and experiences with speaking in tongues.  Many of you had great letters!  When I read 'Barry's' letter saying he was out on the ranch working on a fence and wasn't around anyone to hear him, he thought he would try outloud praying and speaking in tongues as someone had suggested to him and see IF his tongue would take off on it's own.  PRAISE GOD.....IT DID FOR ME THIS MORNING!!!  It only took one little word of uttereance and it went flying out 90 miles an hour.  I was sooo overcome with JOY!!  My hands and arms were like flying in the air.  and they felt different.  Like light and fluffy feeling.  as I was praying in tongues, I was giggling a little and tears flowing from joy.  I had to be telling God thankyou, thankyou, thankyou.  I was sooo overcome with joy.
I have had both jaw joints replaced two times in 13 yrs.  I can not have much movement from talking alot.  or singing.  for 20+ yrs I haven't been able to 'sing' during worship time at church because I can't have that constant movement with the jaws.  I had to stop about 6 yrs ago teaching adult SS.  so,  after praying a bit out loud this morning...I was getting concerned about pain being bad from the movement of the jaw joint.  I wondered IF I could speak in tongues in my head and NOT have the mouth movement.  It took a little bit, but I was able to.  It wasn't the same feeling or experience as being able to speak out the language though.  well, I continue to do this while I was reading until I went to sleep with meds.
this afternoon, satan tried to tell me that I was making the words up and it wasn't the Holy Spirit speaking thru me.  that I was blasphemy each time i did it.  I started to feel bad then.  and I tried speaking again and I kept saying the same few words over and over.  well, I opened a thread on the forum I'm on; stating "I'm speaking in tongues".  and told about my experience today.  Everyone that responded which was about 4 or 5 said that they had it before and was only able to speak in tongues once or twice and that was all. They had lost the ability  and they were left with remembering only 2 words.  at that time of reading the post, I thought I was the same because after trying this afternoon, I repeated  the same few words.  I was soooo disappointed!  I thought I had the gift to speak it anytime.  when the posters were stating they haven't been able to speak it anymore, I was heartbroken and thought IF I had known that I wouldn't be able to speak it again...I would have kept on going this morning regardless of the pain I would have suffered from jaw movement.
Well, tonight I took my doggie outside to potty and I begin to pray and told God I thought I was given 'the GIFT' to speak any time, but if He didn't give that ability to me, it must of been His will to do it the way He did.  I continued to pray and praising God and wanted to try again.  and low and behold it took off 90 miles an hour again.  NOT saying the same ole' few words again.  I began walking around my yard in my PJ's with my hands raised speaking in tongues with my doggie following me.  After a while I noticed it begin going back to a few same words again.  So, I'm guessing the Holy Spirit will intercede thru the tongue and when it is done with what it wants to say...it winds down to repeating the same words over and over???  Is this true?
I don't know much of anything about speaking in tongues.  other than it's the HS speaking directly to God for you.  Which is the very reason why I have been asking God to recieve it.  It seems for a long while my prayers aren't going past the ceiling.  My health has been getting worser and worser.  and I already spend most my time in the bed and have NO quality of life.  for the last 6 yrs I have had to take a bag chair to church to sit in.  becuase I can't sit in a pew or a regular chair for long without having to constantly shift and move around.
anyways, I looked up the book someone suggested by roberson?  It is not available to order yet.  I went on a book site and entered it, but they didn't have it.  does anyone know of any other info out there that is really good explaining about speaking in tongues??
also, is there a way to find out what the few words that I repeat at times mean?  I spelled them out the best I could in our language.  could you please send me the website?  Or tell me about your experience of recieving or having the speaking in tongue gift?  Is there something I should or need to be doing that God expects of me?  Is there a purpose for this gift other than the HS interceding for us?  this gift will be used for home use.  enhansing my prayer time.  Which was exactly my prayer request.  I'm just NOT good with words
I am soooo thankful to God for answering MY prayer request.  HE really loves MMMEEEE!  this means sooooo much, that He blest me with this gift.  It's just sooo amazing that something inside of you can speak thru your tongue to the Almighty God in heaven.  just totally amazes me!!  This just makes me feel special in God's eyes that He feels like I'm good enough in His eyes to have this gift.  
Even though being a born and raised southern baptist, I just didn't feel complete.  like something was missing.  I didn't have the closeness I wanted in my relationship with God.  Today I feel more complete in my walk with God.  But, I am no where complete.  or platued.  I want to grow and grow and grow closer to Him each day of my life here on this earth.  My goal as a Child of God has always been to one day hear "well done, thy good and faithful servant".
Thank YOU Michael for asking for help.  and THANK YOU SO MUCH Barry for giving your experience to help ME to know how or what to do to recieve this wonderful gift from God!  I sooo hope today is the beginning of a NEW LIFE for me!!
One prayer request I have been asking for - for a long while too ; is being able to have visions and/or dreams.  Or to have the scales taken off my eyes to be able to see angels around.  It would be sooooo wonderful to be able to see heaven.  Or seeing the spirit world thru the HS.  If you have read this far....would you stop right now and ask God IF it is HIS WILL for me to be able to have these experiences...that HE will bless me with them.  whatever His will is.  I want to have 'THE' ultimate spiritual relationship with Jesus while we are awaiting to be called up in the rapture.  and, as we all believe it won't be long either.  PRAISE GOD!!  I just can't hardly wait to recieve my NEW GLORIFIED body.  NO MORE PAIN 24/7!!!  It's been 20+ yrs since I haven't lived with pain.  I don't know what life is without being debilitated with it.  the last 5 yrs my ability to serve or be active in church has been taken away from me.  I have been asking God for years what had I done wrong.  I must had been teaching His word wrong.  I must had been leading others wrong in my positions at church.  It is sooo hard when I'm NOT even able to be a 'pew sitter'.
thank you John for this minstry. you have a vessel that has touched sooo many lives!  One day soon you will know just how much your work has impacted others.  and, you will reap a vast amount of rewards for your service to God and to others.  may God bless you for your faithfulness in Him.  and, thank you to every person that sends in 'letters'. I truly believe God lead me here. This is only my third time writing in.  So, IF you don't get a reply to what you wrote.  Just know there are many people like ME that reads and doesn't respond to them.  But, they do touch or effect our lives.  It is such an inspiration to come each day and see what God has for the day thru the letters.  and, I miss when I don't get to read any in a day.  As now, I'm behind.
One day soon we will be able to meet each other face to face after we meet our Saviour, Jesus Christ!!!  what a day that will be !!
Thanks, Kathy!