Jan Mikael (16 Apr 2011)
"a fresh up on my letter from yesterday, about the twins born in the Royal Danish family, who was baptized yesterday !"


It became an almost private event. Even a lot of royal persons have been invited, they have delayed, because of calendar or other problems etc. f.ex. UK, who plan a wedding soon, and other royal familys have their own problems to, 
I feel it confirm my feeling's about the symbolic meaning with this event.
Remember the letter about the twins, who was born in the Royal Danish family, on a Saturday 8.o1.2o11 - they were given birth on a Sabbath day !!!
Thursday 14.o4.2o11, 15,30 hour, they was baptized in Copenhagen. a old church from 5.sept.1619 called Holmen Kirke. they were Baptized on a ordinary day, - a Thursday ???
Danmark is a protestant nation's, have been for over 1000 years, so the twins were baptized because of faith in Jesus Christ, and baptized in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit !
and then a litle jump back.

When the 33 miner's from Sct. Joseph mine in Chile, was 'taken up and out of the
Earth's 'Womb' into  the Day-Light' - it reminded me of Joseph, taken up and out of the Egyptian (world) prison, and placed in the Light, close to Faraoh's throne.
Praise to our Great Lord. - now we have to see, what it symbolic means to us ???

Saturday 8.1.2o11, I have a special experience when our Crown-princess Mary,
that 'Saturday' (sabbath) gave birth to twins, a son and a daughter.
our Crown-prince called it - 'the Two Miracles' - and the staf on Hospital, called it a 'Dream-Delivery'

First 10.30 am, a Male-child. - 26 min. later, 10.56 am, a Female-child.
1. - a Male-Child (a Prince, could mean: ('the first taken away' Rev.12:5.v.) 
     today 14.o4.2o11 baptized Vincent, who means: "the Victorious" !
2. - a Female-Child (a Princess, could mean: ('soon rapture of the Bride')
     today 14.o4.2o11 baptized Josephine, who in fact means: "Joseph" ! 

I always have seen the parable 'Ten Virgins' as One Event, - like FRIEND'S of
a bridegroom, the night before the Wedding/Coronation, the five are ready to Light Him into he's tent, when he comes at the midnight before, and then they always staying with Him.
in my thought's it's soon followed by the Second Event, Rapture of the Bride. 
I believe in it's a Two Event's - situation's, but closely tied together in time !

In the love of Jesus Christ, Maranatha, ybic, Jan Mikael - jami@paradis.dk