Elliot Hong (8 Jan 2011)

Dear Doves:
We all know well that satan will use all the possible means to deceive left behind people after the Rapture.
What is the answer of G-d for this?
As the Lord told Amanda, G-d will make it obvious with the undeniable evidences so that they will know the truth.
In my opinion, the 33 Chile miners rescue was the most memorable incident that the whole world watched last year.
And I remember there were a few posts analogizing the parallel between the rescue mission and the Rapture as below.
1) It's discovered that they're alive on the 17th day from the disaster, and 17 represents Victory.
2) They kept their faith all the way and were overcomers.
3) They're rescued one by one through the narrow hole(path).
4) The Capsule was called Phoenix which represents the immortality.
5) When they reached the surface, they're welcomed by the President, family members, friends and the citizens.
6) They received a lot of gifts(rewards).
Once this parallel is estabilished, it's not difficult to convince that the 8.8 Concepcion earthquake represents the conception
of a man child.
The 4.4 LA earthquake at 4:04AM of Nisan 1 was another convincing sign, since the Resurrection(Firstfruits)day was 4/4
and the current US Presidency is the 44th.
It's the principle of G-d to allow the maximum time possible, and if the maximum period of human gestation, 44 weeks, is
applied, the delivery day should be Jan.1/2, 2011.
Amazingly there was the 7.1 earthquake in Bio Bio, Chile on Jan.2, and to me, that was the confirmation of the birth of a man child.
Thus, just like Jesus was presented at the temple on the 8th day after the birth, the Brides(temples) should be presented at the
Throne of G-d on the 8th day from the birth, and it arrives at Jan.9/10.
In Israel, Jan.11 begins at the sunset of the 10th day, and 11 represents the Judgment.
Also, the magnitude 8.8 of Concepcion quake plus 8 days makes a triple 8.
Amazingly, from the completion day(the 70th day) of the miners resuce mission to Jan.10 is 88 days.(exclusive day count)
According to Calvin's post at RITA, the moon will be passing Jupiter, the "King" planet on 1/9-10, and then between the "fishes" on 1/11.
It was the King Star, Jupiter that appeared above Bethlehem on Dec.25, 2BC, and Pisces is pictured that one fish is for heavenly calling
while the other is remaining on the earth.
Kevin at RFTH also mentioned that the phenomenon of dead fishes around the world is somehow pointing towards this celestial events.
In conclusion, I believe that 44 weeks plus 8 days from the Concepcion quake along with the miracle of the Chile miners rescue is the
best card, and G-d is not going to throw it away.
See you soon,