Inasmuch (11 Apr 2011)
"Strange gibberish/brain malfunctions? - earthquake waves"

Strange gibberish/brain malfunctions?
Suzi (9 Apr 2011)
"Strange gibberish/brain malfunctions?"

I saw a youtube video, I think it was from Patrioticspace, saying that he'd been feeling 'fuzzy headed', and having a sense of something not right at about the time of the Japan earthquake. I found that interesting, since I actually thought 'we're having an earthquake', looked at the clock and around the room...when I could see nothing moving, I figured it must have been a small one somewhere. I was going to look it up later, but the news reported it before I did. Since I'd noted the time, I had, indeed 'felt' the earthquake.  ...snip
There are seismic waves produced by an earthquake.  The first is a P-Wave and there is a Theoretical P-Wave map produced by USGS for all large quakes.  This is the one for the last Japanese quake, a M7.4 --  -- The next wave is an S-Wave.

Watch the P103 and P140 lines.  Read the info at the links.  The P103 and P140 correlate to the mass of the core of the earth.  See this link:  P-wave shadow zone.   The next quakes may occur on the P103 line or there may have been a previous quake on that line somewhere in the world where it crosses an earthquake fault that produced the one you are looking at.  Because you look forward and back, it is not reliable for prediction. 

People feel waves from quakes all the time and even report them on earthquake boards.  Some feel them more than others.  I have felt them many times and don't claim to be a Sensitive.  Some people are made ill by them.  I know a Christian lady South of Seattle who can accurately predict quakes because of feeling ill and can even point in the direction of where it will occur.  Years ago when there was a big quake, she would wake her teenage sons up and say, "See I told you so!"  In my experience, she is 100% accurate.  She is an Earthquake Sensitive (google that term) and doesn't necessarily relish the gift because she really does get quite ill. 

A well known Sensitive is Charlotte King (click here for her website).