John Tng (31 May 2005)
"The God of Light of Genesis 1:1 (Part One)"

Only God has the sum total of the knowledge and wisdom concealed in the opening verse of the Bible. Genesis 1:1 had intrigued countless students of the Word in the past and will no doubt continue to tease us intellectually. I am indebted to many researchers whose shoulders on which I stand, without whom I would not have been able to see beyond my own limited vision.

In this article, any sincere seeker with an open mind can verify for himself that the Creator of Genesis 1:1 is none other than the God of the Hebrews and the Christians. His name is YHVH (Yahweh or Jehovah). The fingerprint of God is all over Genesis 1:1.

To recognize God's signature, what better place to start than his name YHVH since a person's signature is his name signed in his own handwriting. Just as light possesses dual properties -- particle and wave, even so the God of Light (1 John 1:5) has dual signatures -- the Trinity (123) and Shaddai (314 -- Hebrew gematria of Shaddai, the Almighty) signatures. Both signatures are evident upon scrutiny of the name YHVH.

We will devote a fair amount of space to the name YHVH before Genesis 1:1. This is essential introduction to the dual signatures.

The Trinity Signature in the Name YHVH

The Trinity signature (123) is the primary signature. God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Persons of the triune Godhead. The Trinity notion is best represented by a triangle or the Triangle series (1, 3, 6, 10, 15, .....). The first three members of the Triangle series are particularly illuminating -- 1, 3 & 6.

The number 1 points to the One True God. The number 3 represents the Trinity. Mathematicians call the number 6 a perfect number -- defined as an integer which is the sum of its proper positive divisors, excluding itself. The number 6 is the first perfect number (6=1+2+3). Its perfection stands out since it is possibly the only perfect number that is also the product of its divisors (6=1x2x3). It is a perfect representation of the Trinity! On top of that, it is the 3rd Triangular number! (Figure 1)

Figure 1: The First Three Triangles point to the Triune God

Is YHVH a triune God? Ian Mallett discovered the following enigmatic triangulation in the name YHVH (Figure 2). He also discovered the same phenomenon in the Hebrew word for God -- Elohim. When YHVH is combined with Elohim -- YHVH Elohim (translated "The Lord God"), triangulation again occurs. When all 79,976 Hebrew words in the Torah were tested, it was found that only 'Elohim' displays this unique property (presumably 'YHVH', too).

Figure 2: The Four Triangles in the Name YHVH


The triangulation produces four (1+3) triangles that correspond to the first two Triangular numbers -- 1 and 3, which are perfect representations of the monotheistic God (1) in the Trinity (3). These two digits encapsulate the 3-in-1 notion of the triune God, supported by very strong evidence found in the gematria of a few Hebrew words.

The first word is EL, which means God in Hebrew (the plural form is ELohim). Its gematria is 31 -- composed entirely of the Trinity digits 1 & 3. Its ordinal value is 13 (aleph 1 + lamed 12) -- the mirror of 31, which also consists of the Trinity digits 1 & 3. The number 13 is the gematria of two very illuminating Hebrew words -- one (echad) and love (see link) -- the former pointing to the monotheistic God (1); the latter existing in a multi-person (3) relationship.

The phrase 'one God' -- EL ECHAD (Mal 2:10) is most revealing. EL ECHAD (31+13) sums up the entire paragraph above. Thus, the Trinity signature is made abundantly clear by the four Triangles latent in the name YHVH, which declares that God is One (1) yet Three (3).

The Enigmatic Missing Digit

The digit 2 is ostensibly missing from EL ECHAD (31+13), the Trinity signature. Is the signature complete without the 2nd Person, God the Son? The question is rhetorical of course. The Son, "in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge" (Col 2:3) is very much a member of the Trinity.

The 2nd Person is implicit in the digit 3 since 3 is 1+1+1. The digit 2 is explicit as the order number of the digit 3 -- the 2nd Triangle. The order and counter numbers of the two Triangles (1 & 3) give rise to an intriguing self-resurrecting phenomenon (Figure 3).

Figure 3: The Invariant Trinity Signature

The original counters (1, 3) and the order numbers (1, 2) are used to form two new Triangles. The Trinity signature (13) is preserved (resurrected) in the transformation. The digit 2 (yellow counters) once again becomes hidden in the number 3 after the transformation!

If the above steps are reiterated, the invariance is locked in an infinite loop between the second and third transformations! (Figure 4)

Figure 4: The Invariant Trinity Signature in an Infinite Loop

The missing digit 2 in EL ECHAD (31+13) mysteriously helps to generate 3 successive Trinity signatures -- each more complex than the previous, yet with the basic signature (13) preserved! The 3 Trinity signatures are beautiful illustration of the Trinity -- 13 (one/love), 13 (one/love) & 13 (one/love). Confirmation of this triplet comes from within the pattern itself -- there are 39 (13+13+13) order and counter numbers in Figure 4! (39=7+11+21)

The number 39 is a familiar number. There are 39 books in the Old Testament. It is also the Hebrew gematria of One Lord (YHVH Echad) -- 26 + 13! The number 26 (13+13!) is the gematria of the holy personal name of God, YHVH.

Thus, we have come full circle! We started out with the name YHVH and detected intriguing triangulation. The four Triangles (1+3) in YHVH led us to insightful notions of the Trinity, summed up in the phrase EL ECHAD (31+13) -- One God. By noticing the absence of the digit 2 in EL ECHAD, further investigation caused us to stumble upon the enigmatic self-resurrecting phenomenon (Figure 4) which confirms the Trinity with a triple emphasis -- 13+13+13. The sum of these 3 Trinity signatures (13) brings us back to YHVH -- our starting point, since the gematria of YHVH ECHAD (One Lord) is precisely the sum, 39.

This is the first of the dual signatures of God, hidden in his name YHVH.


The Shaddai Signature in the Name YHVH

The Shaddai signature (314) is the secondary signature. It manifests in YHVH as its gematria value 26 (10+5+6+5 -- the letter values of YHVH). The number 314 is the Hebrew gematria of Shaddai, the Almighty: 314 = 300 (shin) + 4 (dalet) + 10 (yod). The sum of the squares of the Shaddai digits is precisely YHVH: 26 = 32 + 12 + 42.

Thus, in one simple equation we have solid evidence of the Shaddai signature in the name YHVH. The evidence becomes incontrovertible when we realize that by swapping the power index and number, the sum remains the same: 26 = 32 + 12 + 42 = 23+ 21 + 24 ! It is easily proven that the number 26 is the only number that displays this symmetry using the formula: sum = 3n + 1n + 4n = n3+ n1 + n4 where n = 1, 2, 3, ..... The first ten pairs in the table below show divergence between the two number series, thus proving the uniqueness of the number 26.

3n + 1n + 4n
n3+ n1 + n4

The amazing property of the number 26 would have been sufficient in showing the Shaddai-YHVH connection. However, the light of glory of the Shaddai signature shines in its full splendor in the complete gematria of YHVH.

There are five possible ways of calculating the gematria of YHVH. The standard gematria value of YHVH has just been calculated (26=10+5+6+5). The reduced (Katan) gematria value of YHVH is 17 (1+5+6+5). Of the four letters of YHVH, only the first letter yod is reduced in value from 10 to 1. Amazingly, the number 17 is also a Shaddai signature! (Figure 5)

Figure 5: YHVH expressed as Shaddai Figurate Numbers

Many researchers have shown the integral role played by figurate numbers in God's creation. (see Creation Holograph) Figure 5 is proof positive of the significance of figurate numbers in God's mathematics. It also demonstrates beyond a shadow of doubt the Shaddai signatures hidden in the name YHVH.

This is not all. Both the Sofit and Ordinal values of YHVH are 26 -- the same as the Standard value (Table 1).

Gematria Class
Reduction (Katan)

Table 1: Four Gematria Classes and associated Gematria Values of YHVH

[Note: We will resist the temptation of going into the Trinity signature (13) clearly displayed by the four Gematria classes (1+3) in Table 1.]

The final class -- the Full (Milo) Gematria class, is the most interesting as there are 27 possible full values of the name YHVH! The large number is due to the different full spellings of the letters heh and vav (Table 2).


1st Spelling
2nd Spelling
3rd Spelling
yod (Y)
20 (yod, vav, dalet)    
heh (H)
6 (heh, aleph) 10 (heh, heh) 15 (heh, yod)
vav (V)
12 (vav, vav) 13 (vav, aleph, vav) 22 (vav, yod, vav)

Table 2: Different Spellings of YHVH letters in Full Value

Table 2 is a small wonder in itself. There are altogether 17 letters. The number 17 is the reduced gematria of YHVH. The gematria sum of the 14 letters associated with YHVH (yod, heh, vav) is 92 (33 + 13 + 43) -- a Shaddai signature!

The 27 full values of YHVH are tabulated below (Table 3). The total gematria sum is 39x39 (1521)! Here we encounter the two numbers of the Testaments -- 39 (OT) and 27 (NT).

= 44
= 48
= 53
= 48
= 52
= 57
= 53
= 57
= 62
= 45
= 49
= 54
= 49
= 53
= 58
= 54
= 58
= 63
= 54
= 58
= 63
= 58
= 62
= 67
= 63
= 67
= 72

Table 3: The 27 Full Values of YHVH

More intriguingly, the number 39 is also a Shaddai figurate number, just as 17 and 26 are!

Figure 6: YHVH (Full) as a product of
two Shaddai Centered Square Numbers (39x39)

This is beyond belief! There is a unifying code in the five Gematria classes of YHVH. Figurate numbers combined with the Shaddai motif explain them all!

Gematria Class
Shaddai Figurate Number
Reduced (Katan)
Shaddai Triangle
Shaddai Square
Shaddai Square
Shaddai Square
(Shaddai Centered Square)2

Table 4: Five Gematria Classes and associated Gematria Values of YHVH

The gematria sum of all possible values of YHVH is 1616 (17+26+26+26+39x39). This number may be expressed as a Shaddai sum of Shaddai Numbers! (Figure 7)

Figure 7: The Shaddai Signature in YHVH (1616) expressed as 43 Numbers

It is remarkable the number 1616 is composed of 43 numbers -- 26 + 17 -- the two fundamental gematrias of YHVH! There are 26 numbers in the first product:  3x338 = 26 x 39 (YHVH x One Lord). The remaining products are composed of 17 numbers: 1x26 + 4x144 = 13 x 39 (One x One Lord) + 1 x 17 + 3 x 26.

The Shaddai sum (1616) is self-corroborating. The digit sum of the Shaddai Numbers, 130 (3x20 + 1x14 + 4x14) plus the 43 numbers (26+17) is 173 -- precisely the sum of 17+26+26+26+39+39, the YHVH gematria factors that add up to 1616 -- the Shaddai sum! The number 173 is significant in the context as it is the gematria of the first words of God at the giving of the Law: 173 = I am the LORD your God (Ex 20.2). [Note: The LORD is YHVH (26) and God is EL (31).]

The Shaddai signatures hidden in the gematrias of YHVH have been breathtaking. Each of the five Gematria classes of YHVH exhibits a Shaddai figurate pattern. The total gematria (1616) is a Shaddai sum (8) of Shaddai Numbers (338, 26, 144).


The Dual Signatures of Light

The Trinity signature showed up at one point in the foregoing search for Shaddai signatures (Table 1). The dual signatures are so deeply integrated that one signature would often show up in surprising ways in the other signature. This phenomenon has its parallel in light which behaves sometimes particle-like, other times wave-like. Duality implies one fundamental phenomenon or source, but two manifestations. One can expect a certain degree of blurring of the two due to the famed Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle that governs the wave-particle properties of light.

To demonstrate this duality, we continue with the gematria total of YHVH, 1616. Strictly speaking, 1616 is the sum of 31 gematrias of YHVH -- 17, 26, 26, 26 & 27 full values (39x39). The 31 (EL=God) gematrias of YHVH appear to be a Trinity signature on the surface. However, by expressing 31 as a Shaddai sum of Triangles, the incredible beauty of the dual signatures unfolds before our eyes (Figure 8).

Figure 8: The Dual Signatures in the 31 Gematrias of YHVH (1616)

First, the number 31 may be expressed as a Shaddai sum of 8 Triangles -- (1+3+6) + 1 + (1+3+6+10). The Shaddai signature manifests as an overarching design while each constituent triangle is a Trinity signature. This is a classic case of duality. The phenomenon repeats itself in the order numbers of the 8 Triangles. The order numbers when regrouped result in another set of dual signatures! The first set of dual signatures, arising from the number 31 (El=God), spawned another set of dual signatures comprising of 17 counters. The number 17 is the reduced gematria of YHVH!

Truly, the God of Light of Genesis is YHVH (17), the Almighty (Shaddai=314) and the triune God (31).


More Intriguing Signatures hidden in YHVH (1616)

The above two patterns (Figures 7 & 8) are derived from the gematria total of YHVH (1616) expressed as 43 and 31 numbers.

[Note: Eric Casagrande noted a few significant gematrias with these two numbers, e.g. 'the King of the Jews' (3413) and 'I am the light of the world' (4313).]

Coupled with two more intriguing Trinity signatures (Figures 9 & 10), derived from the gematria total of YHVH (1616) expressed as 13 and 3x13 numbers, one is left without doubt that God stamped upon his name the Shaddai (314) and Trinity (31-13) signatures.

Figure 9: The Trinity Signature in YHVH (1616) expressed as 13 Numbers

Figure 10: The Trinity Signature in YHVH (1616) expressed as 39 Numbers

The harmony and oneness of the above two Trinity signatures is something to behold. The love-unity (gematria of these two Hebrew words is 13) theme is exploited to the fullest. The Trinity signatures are shouting this recurring theme -- "Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God is one LORD" -- the Shema (1118)! The three basic factors in the 2nd Star (13 counters) patterns above are saying the same thing -- 39 (One Lord), 44 (One God) and 1118 (One x God). The Shema, occupying the 13th position (Figure 7), amplifies the oneness of the triune God.


The Amazing Second Star Number (13)

The 2nd Star is the perfect vehicle to convey the Trinity notion. There are 13 (Echad=One) figures hidden in a star -- 8 Triangles, 3 Rhombi, 1 Centered Hexagon and 1 Star. There are 31 (EL=God) features in a star -- 13 figures, 6 vertices, 6 lines and 6 intersections.

To top it all, the 2nd Star conceals one unbelievable secret! I learned of it from Dr. Peter Bluer's book, "373 -- A Proof Set in Stone." There are 479 million (factorial 12) ways of arranging the first twelve numbers (1 to 12) on the 6 intersections and 6 vertices of the 2nd Star. However, according to the discoverer Bill Bullen, only one arrangement yields this magical property -- there exists 12 possible ways of adding to 26 -- the gematria of the holy personal name of God, YHVH! (Figure 11)

Figure 11: YHVH (26) hidden 12 times in the 2nd Star (13)

The center counter (the 13th) is not used at all when YHVH (or Lord) is computed 12 times. It can be combined with YHVH in forming 'One Lord' (39=13+26) twelve times. The 2nd Star is saturated with Trinity notions. But since the number 26 (32 + 12 + 42) appears 12 (31 x 11 x 41) times in it, the Shaddai signature is concealed there as well. The 13 counters of the 2nd Star are stacked up this way: 1 4 3 4 1 -- more intimation of the Shaddai signature!

Looking Ahead

The dual signatures of the God of Light of Genesis 1:1 are introduced in this article. Without this introduction, readers will not be able to appreciate the complex code that is built into the number 2701 -- the gematria total of Genesis 1:1 -- the subject matter of Part Two of this series.