Psalm 91 - The Provocation of Iraq

Notice that the title is not The Invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. Like I say the focus is upon Israel. In the Invasion of Kuwait, Iraq tried to provoke Israel into the fight without success. Please read Psalm 91 together with the notes below.

Iraq is not mentioned by name nor is Scud missiles. Astonishingly, both can be found here. The underlying theme is God's PROTECTION,

Israel did not jump into the fight in the Gulf War eventhough she was provoked. Israel was protected throughout by God and she simply

Let us confirm the SCUD missiles,

I saw a recent movie, "Broken Arrow" by John Travolta, which is about a stolen missile. In the military codeword, the arrow is the missile. Am I right? I am not a military man and I would just have to accept what Hollywood is telling me which in this case should correspond to reality. In any case, God is pretty poetic to have described the SCUDs as arrows that fly by day. What is more, I think we can find the potential dangers of Iraq using chemical warfare on Israel,

My friend Paul observed that Israel seems to have been protected from the Gulf war Syndrome that the American soldiers were suffering from after the war due to the exposure of this deadly pestilence.