John Tng (22 Oct 1997)
"Psalm 78 & the Camp David Accord"

Dear Friends,

The more I look into the Psalms, the more I am convinced that J.R. Church was right about the hidden prophecies in the Psalms. In this article, I wish to establish the link between Ps78 and 1978. Once you realise that in 1978, the one single important event that happened in the history of Israel, was the Camp David Accord, anyone could verify the clues that are hidden in Ps78 pointing to this event.

First, let me briefly describe the Camp David Accord. This was a peace treaty signed on Sep 17th 1978 between Egypt and Israel, brokered by the then US President, Jimmy Carter. One year earlier, the Egyptian President, Anwar Sadat, paid a historic visit to Israel. He was the first leader from the Arab world to make diplomatic contact with Israel after about 30 years since 1948. Hence the significance of the Camp David Accord cannot be overstated. As a result of this peace effort, Menachem Begin, Israel's Prime Minister, and Anwar Sadat, both received their Nobel Peace Prize in 1979.

Amazingly, the key components of the Camp David Accord are all there in Ps78, hidden for millennia by the awesome wisdom of God.

#1 DAVID AND EGYPT. What are the chances that the names "DAVID" and "EGYPT" be found in a single psalm? The staggering thing is Ps78 is the only psalm besides Ps68 to contain both the references "David" and "Egypt". What is more, in Ps68, "David" occurs as part of the superscription, i.e. title of this psalm, not part of a verse as in Ps78.

Bear in mind that the Camp David Accord was Sadat's initiative. Egypt had undoubtedly played a key role in this peace treaty. In his book, "Egypt's Road to Jerusalem", published in 1997, Boutros Boutros-Ghali, the ex-UN Secretary General, who was the Foreign Minister of Egypt at that time, one of the key delegates to Camp David, wrote the following,

"David" is of course synonymous to Israel. How appropriate it is that the two main parties are found in this psalm! "Egypt" occurs 3 times while "David" only once.

#2 CAMP. The remarkable thing about this word "CAMP" is that it only occurs two times in the Psalms -- once in Ps78 and once in Ps106!!

The NIV translation is interesting as far as the concept of "camp" is concerned,

#3 TREATY OR ACCORD. The entire Ps78 is a recounting of God's faithfulness and His people's unfaithfulness when He led them out of Egypt into the promise land. The word "COVENANT" is a kind of treaty.

Other related verses are

CONCLUSION. Clearly, the Camp David Accord signed in 1978 between Egypt and Israel, is hidden in Ps78 all these while.