John Tng (26 Oct 1997)
"Psalm 39 & the MacDonald White Paper(1939)"

To find the hidden clues in Ps39 that point to 1939 in the history of Israel, one has to know the significance of the "MacDonald White Paper" issued by the British government on May 17, 1939. Quoting from the book, "Who Owns the Land?" by Dr. Stanley A. Ellisen (of whom John F. Walvoord commented -- "You have done a massive piece of work here....For anyone interested in knowing the background of the Arab-Israeli conflict, this is must reading."), on p71,

Let us turn to Ps39 to see if there are indeed hidden clues pointing to the "MacDonald White Paper".

#1 FOR I DWELL WITH YOU AS AN ALIEN, A STRANGER (Ps39:12). Aliens are immigrants -- strangers in a foreign land. The issue of immigraton has to do with people moving from one place to another for "DWELLing" purpose.

#2 MAN IS A MERE PHANTOM AS HE GOES TO AND FRO: HE BUSTLES ABOUT (Ps39:6). Dr. Stanley A. Ellisen continues on p72 in his book,

Indeed, the Jews were being tossed to and fro in those tumultuous years!

#3 LET ME KNOW HOW FLEETING IS MY LIFE (Ps39:4). On the eve of WWII, and indeed throughout the war, the Jews were not just immigrants, they were refugees, ravaged by Hitler and his war machine. Under such a circumstance, it is understandable that the Jews were full of anguish and very mindful of the transience of life.

CONCLUSION. The plight of the Jews in 1939 is captured accurately in Ps39.