John Tng (19 Nov 2005)
"The Magic That Is Jesus"

If Jesus were the Creator of the heavens and the earth, it would be extraordinary He left no trace of His awesome creative acts. One should be able to find His signature in all of creation, be it a far-flung star at the end of the universe or one of the 10 to 100 trillion cells in each of us. Or the whole spectrum in between (Rom 1:19, 20). Should we not expect to find Him also in mathematics, the Queen of Science?

Believers squirm at the mention of Bible Numerics as though it belongs to the domain of the evil one. True, numbers can be manipulated to support any false doctrine, but the same is true with the Word of God. Ever wonder why the Creator ordained two alphanumeric languanges, Hebrew and Greek, to transmit His thoughts to mere mortals? Can it be possible the name JESUS just happens to have a value of 888 in Greek?

I have found an intriguing trace of JESUS -- the Wonderful Numberer, in a piece of recreational mathematics known as the Magic Square. The first non-trivial magic square is of order 3 shown below.

The magic constant of 15 occurs eight times in the summing of the numbers on the square thrice horizontally & vertically, and twice diagonally.

The magic square the Creator chose to reveal Himself in, is special. It consists of prime numbers. It is the first non-trivial Prime Magic Square, having the smallest possible magic constant of 111 (Dudeney 1917).

The sum of the eight combinations that add to the magic constant of 111 is precisely the value of JESUS in Greek -- 888! This, by itself, may be considered happenstance if not for the fact that there are exactly 8 combinations that add to 111, out of the total of 8x8x8 (29=512) possible combinations! These 8 combinations define the magic square -- three horizontals, three verticals and two diagonals that add to the magic constant. This is remarkable since there are 84 possible combinations of 3 numbers selectable from a collection of 9 numbers and out of these only 8 combinations add to 111, and they are the exact 8 combinations that define the first Prime Magic Square!

The intrigue has just begun.

The Greek value for CHRIST is 1480 or 10 times 148. Again, scanning the number 148 from the set of 8x8x8 possible combinations yields exactly 10 counts! A simple logical deduction tells us CHRIST (1480) must be an integral part of the design. Thus, putting the two codes together, a startling message begins to emerge from the first Prime Magic Square. JESUS CHRIST (2368 = 888+1480) appears to be the Intelligent Designer.

Greek value for CHRIST (148x10)

JESUS CHRIST (2368) is the sum of 18 combinations of primes -- eight 3-number combinations and ten 4-number combinations. Even the number of combinations not selected in these two categories points to the obvious -- that JESUS (888) is the Encoder -- (84+126 - 8 - 10) = (8+8+8) + (8+8+8) + (8+8+8) + (8+8+8) + (8+8+8) + (8+8+8) + (8+8+8) + (8+8+8) -- EIGHT TIMES JESUS (888)!

As is usual with God, He never fails to provide multiple witness. There are 8 ways the nine prime numbers may be placed on the first Prime Magic Square due to rotation and reflection -- a known fact. The number 37 stands out for attention. It is invariant while the other 8 prime numbers spin around it, each occupying four different tile positions on the prime magic square twice.

The importance of the number 37 cannot be overstated in Bible Numerics. It is the key number used by the Creator to conduct His first math lesson in the opening verse of the Bible, "In the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth." The total value of the seven Hebrew words in Genesis 1:1 is 2701, or 37 x 73! This unique product of prime numbers, 37 and its mirror number 73, has filled volumes and its mystery is only beginning to deepen as more is uncovered by Bible numericists.

What is the secret of the above 8 patterns?

The sum of the 8x8 numbers orbiting around the invariant number 37 is 2368 (888 + 1480) -- JESUS CHRIST!

If the invariant number 37 is included in the summation, the total of the (8+8+8) + (8+8+8) + (8+8+8) numbers is JESUS (888) + JESUS (888) + JESUS (888)!


That the Intelligent Designer of the first Prime Magic Square is JESUS CHRIST is beyond dispute given the foregoing startling multiple confirmations. The logical question to ask next is: What is the message?

It appears JESUS is using the first Prime Magic Square to declare that He is God and that He is the Creator according to Genesis 1:1. The first proof lies in the following self-evident sum:

2701 = 2368 + 333

2701 = Total value of Genesis 1:1 in Hebrew
= JESUS CHRIST (888 + 1480) in Greek
333 = Sum of the 9 prime numbers of the first Prime Magic Square

The 9 prime numbers of the first Prime Magic Square that conceal two JESUS CHIRST (2368) codes and three JESUS codes (888), when added with JESUS CHRIST (2368) is precisely 2701 -- the total value of Genesis 1:1!

Does this not authenticate the fact that JESUS CHRIST is God and that He is indeed the Creator of the Heaven and the earth according to Genesis 1:1?

And yet the intrigue goes on.

If one were to examine the 9 prime numbers as a collection of numbers, one would be utterly amazed by its purpose and design. First, arrange them in ascending order.

1    7     13    31     37   43     61     67     73

37 = median (middle number)
= mean (average)
2701 = 1 x 37 x 73 (Genesis 1:1 total)

It is abundantly clear the prime number 37 is of prime importance, no pun intended, since it is both the median and mean of the 9 prime numbers of the first Prime Magic Square, and one of the two prime factors of 2701 (the other bearing its reflection 73).

Next, observe that the Genesis 1:1 total, 2701, besides being a product of two prime numbers, 37 x 73, is also the sum of all numbers from 1 to 73. This looks suspiciously an intended part of the design. The 9 prime numbers arranged in ascending order from 1 to 73 with 37 at the dead centre, point to the Genesis 1:1 total, 2701, all too clearly.

73 appears to be the Omega number in the encoding. It is the last number in the set of 73 numbers (1 to 73) that add to 2701. It is the highest prime number in that set, being the 22nd prime. The order number 22 matches the 22 Hebrew alphanumeric letters that provide the computation basis for the total value of Genesis 1:1.

The prime number after 73 is 79, which is outside of the encoding scheme since by its inclusion 73 would have ceased to be the Omega prime number. However, 78, a composite number (non-prime), is very much within the range encompassed by 73. Is it surprising then the sum of all composite numbers up to 78 inclusive is 2368 -- the Greek value of JESUS CHRIST?!

2368 = 3081 - 713

2368 = JESUS CHRIST (888 + 1480)
2368 = Sum of all composite numbers from 1 to 78
3081 = Sum of all natural numbers from 1 to 78
713   = Sum of all prime numbers from 1 to 78 (or 73)

Is this really happening? The Creator, JESUS CHRIST (2368) appears the third time in the encoding! Surely He is the Mind behind the first Prime Magic Square, the One who weaved in the magic in the square. To find the numbers, 888 (JESUS) and 2368 (JESUS CHRIST) THREE TIMES in such a compelling manner in a piece of recreational mathematics can hardly be attributed to blind chance. One has to be blind not to see the tell-tale signature left by the Wonderful Numberer.

As if to dazzle us with His divine wisdom, the Master Mathematician took the prime magic math one level higher. Isn't it a stroke of genius while the number 2368 is the standard Greek value for JESUS CHRIST (888 + 1480), the number 713, the sum of all primes from 1 to 78 (or 73), is the 'prime-numbered' Greek gematria for JESUS CHRIST?!

This is how the number 713 is derived. Since prime numbers are integral to the riddle, is it possible to find a meaningful code based on some prime number scheme? There are 22 Hebrew letters and 24 Greek letters. These two Biblical languages are like the two strands of the DNA, inexplicably intertwined. Note the total of 46 letters of the two languages matches the 46 chromosomes of the DNA. This is not overactive imagination. The 46 chromosomes come in 23 matching pairs. There are 22 pairs of autosomes and 1 pair of sex chromosomes (XX in females and XY in males). Thus it is legitimate to correlate the 22 Hebrew letters with half of the 22 pairs of autosomes, while the other half when added with the pair of sex chromosomes matches precisely in number the 24 Greek letters.

13 Greek letters are used to spell the name JESUS CHRIST.

Examine the 24 Greek letters shown in the left table below. The letters from which JESUS CHRIST (2368) is composed are shaded purple.

Next, line up the Greek letters with the Hebrew letters and prime numbers as shown in the table on the right above. Note too the multiplier, x, indicates the number of times a particlar letter is used in composing JESUS CHRIST in Greek. There are good reasons for transposing the Greek values to the Hebrew values. The last letter, Chi, used in the Greek alphabet to spell JESUS CHRIST occupies
the 22nd position which corresponds to the 22 Hebrew letters whereas the last Hebrew letter occupies the 24th position which corresponds to the 24 Greek letters -- a parallel to the 46 chromosomes. The interlocking is perfect as even pictorially the two interlocked columns appear like the double helix of DNA!

The sum of the corresponding primes to the transposed Hebrew values is 713 -- the sum of all primes from 1 to 78 -- the number range of the Omega number, 73 -- the key number that revealed JESUS CHRIST (2368)! The number 73 is truly the key to wisdom since that is the value in Hebrew for wisdom! (see

With consummate skill and wisdom, the Infinite Mind designed a riddle so intricate yet can be easily understood even by a child. When the key to wisdom, the number 73, is used to unlock the riddle, the conclusion is inescapable -- that JESUS CHRIST (2368 & 713) is the Creator (2701) of everything.

2701 = Creation (Genesis 1:1)
2701 = 37 x 73
2701 = 1 + 2 + .... + 73

2368 = Jesus Christ (Greek)
2368 = Sum of all composite numbers from 1 to 78
            (number range covered by 73)

713 = Jesus Christ (Prime-numbered Greek)

713 = Sum of all prime numbers from 1 to 78 (or 73)

2368 + 713 = Sum of all numbers from 1 to 78
(number range covered by 73)

One undeniable proof that the number 73 is central to the design lies hidden in plain view in the table with the double helix of DNA. Add the place value of the shaded cells of the Greek, Hebrew and Prime columns and be amazed by the sum, 657 (205+226+226), which is NINE TIMES 73! For each of the THREE columns, there is a TRIPLE witness of 73.

The sum of the shaded cells of the three columns should blow you away. The number 5449 (2368+2368+713), observed Bonnie Gaunt (page 214, The Bible's Awesome Number Code!), is the height of the Great Pyramid in Pyramid inches. The author discovered by dividing the perimeter of the square formed by the height, 5448.96 x 4, with the Greek value of JESUS (688, alternate spelling to 888), the quotient is precisely 31.68 -- the Greek value for LORD JESUS CHRIST (800+888+1480)!

The implication is astounding!

4 x 5449 (DNA total) =
4 x (2368 + 2368 + 713) =
 31.68 x 688
4 x Pyramid height =
    4 x (JC  +  JC  +  JC)  =
  LJC  x   J

2368 = JESUS CHRIST (888 + 1480; Greek)
713  = JESUS CHRIST (Prime-numbered Greek)
3168 = LORD JESUS CHRIST (800 + 888 + 1480; Greek)
688 = JESUS (Greek)

Notice the DNA table must have been designed by JESUS (888) since the idea of the DNA is His anyway. Doesn't the double helical structure reminds us of the shape of the digit 8 or the infinity symbol, ? The 'eightness' of the entire table is hard to miss even by a casual reader. There is a triplet of 8 shaded cells, representing 8 unique numbers -- 888. Each of the three columns consists of 8 repeated numbers as indicated by the multipliers, pointing to another 888. Each column consists of (8+8+8) cells, a consequence of the (8+8+8) letters of the Greek language.

Consider the pair of 8 shaded cells in the double helix columns. Each octet is the value for LORD JESUS (1688 = 800+888) in Greek. The total of the octet pair can be broken down to 8 constituent numbers: 1688 + 1688 = 800 + 800 + 80 + 8 + 800 + 800 + 80 + 8.

JESUS (888) is everywhere!

Another Bible numericist, Bob Ware, confirmed the importance of the number 713 in an intriguing phenomenon he discovered known as the Prime Cube :

Substitute prime numbers sequentially for the Hebrew, or Greek, letter gematrias to get the 'prime numbered' gematria of a word. There are 22 letters in the original Hebrew language. The sum of the first 22 prime numbers, leading up to the 'Prime Cube', total 713. When you substitute the corresponding prime numbers for the 13 Greek letters that spell 'Jesus Christ' the sum is 713.



The verdict is out. JESUS CHRIST is the Creator of the Heaven and the earth according to Genesis 1:1. He is the Wonderful Numberer behind the first Prime Magic Square that declares His divinity and spells out clearly His Name that is above every name over and over again. Is it any wonder people were drawn to the King of the universe like a magnet when He walked the earth 2,000 years ago in the flesh, seeing that He worked magic in all that He did? His is not the magic of the banal kind. The fact that deep mysteries of life, universe and everything exist everywhere suggests that the Fount of All Mysteries is the Prime Cause of it all.

This article is concluded with one irrefutable math found by Professor Ian Mallett. The numeric values of the seven incomparable Hebrew words in Genesis 1:1 are as follows: 913, 203, 86, 401, 395, 407, 296. Arrange each number in ascending order: 139, 023, 68, 014, 359, 047, 269. Concatenate all the digits as a string and watch the MAGIC that is JESUS unfold before your eyes!


The sum of the digit positions in the string above for JESUS CHRIST (2368) is YHVH (26=5+6+7+8) -- the awesome holy personal name of God! How appropriate too the name JESUS CHRIST occupies the 2nd and 3rd words: created (203) and God (86) -- a substantial evidence that JESUS CHRIST (2368) is the Creator God!

The MAGIC of JESUS is simply irresistible.