John Tng (11 Nov 2004)
"Part 7: The Triangle, the Circle & the Square"

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Part 7: The Triangle, the Circle & the Square
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We pause at this point to take a closer look at the three geometric shapes that Clay Cantrell witnessed in a vision which point to the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Father (see, before we go on to more intriguing patterns.

First, observe that the Triangle is made up of THREE circles. The Square is composed of TWO figures -- the Triangle and the Circle. Lastly, the Circle is simply ONE figure -- the basic building block of the Triangle, the Square and the big triangle of 66 books. Watch these relationships.

I stumbled upon similar startling relationships in my study on 'The Four Temples' at The same pattern is observed in the relationships between the First and Second Temples:

The illustration below shows that the two sets of relationships exhibit the same pattern.

Think of the Trinity as three numbers: 1, 2 and 3. There are only THREE ways of pairing these numbers: 1-2, 1-3 and 2-3. These three pairs are the exact relationships of the patterns above. This shows complete harmony and perfect unity within the Trinity. All Three Persons work harmoniously One with Another.


The Signature Triangle

It turns out the characteristics of the above patterns are the same characteristics displayed by the Signature Triangle of 6 circles -- the Triangle that contains the message "The Almighty is the Triune God" (see Part 3). There are only two Signature Triangles in the big triangle of 66 books.


In order to show that the Signature Triangle display the Trinitarian characteristics, line up the 6 circles of the Signature Triangle sequentially as follows:

The Signature Triangle is transformed into two vertical triplets that exhibit the same Trinitarian characteristics. The Transformed Signature Triangle (TST) features prominently in the three Grand Octets to be considered later.


Internal Witness from Geometry

Even pure consideration of geometry leads us to the PI constant 3.14. Are there not THREE different types of regular triangles? Are there not FOUR different types of regular 4-sided figures, i.e. quadrilaterals? And the Circle is invariant, i.e. it only has ONE variation.


Another obvious fact is this: A triangle is made up of THREE lines; a quadrilateral is made up of FOUR lines; a circle is drawn with ONE line. The internal witness from Geometry on the PI constant is startling.

The Trinity can also be viewed from the line perspective, instead of the circle perspective. In the circle perspective, the Triangle is composed of three circles with one circle stacked on top of two circles; the Square is the combination of the Triangle and the Circle. To view from the line perspective, treat the Circle as a line. How can this be possible? A circle is indeed a line on a sphere. A person walking in a straight path on the Earth will eventually return to the original starting point. In other words, a straight line drawn on a sphere becomes a circle when it ends on where it started.

In the line perspective, the Triangle is made up of THREE lines. The Square is a FOUR-line figure and a result of combining 3 lines with 1 line. The Circle is drawn with ONE line. Whether viewed from the line or circle perspective, the Son (Triangle) and the Holy Spirit (Circle) are contained in the Father (Square).


Complete Set of Trinitarian Patterns

Using the circles as the basic building blocks, we saw in Part 6 there are 8 possible Trinitarian patterns.


The most intriguing feature of this set of 8 patterns, besides the PI design, is the three numbers: 1, 7 and 13. All three numbers are figurate numbers. The number 7 is the 2nd Centered Hexagonal Number and the number 13 is the 2nd Star Number (see The number 1 is the first number in both series.

The illustration below shows that the number 1 is contained in the number 7 which in turn is contained in the number 13. This is amazing since the Holy Spirit is contained in the Son (triangle composed of 3 circles) and both the Holy Spirit and the Son are contained in the Father (square composed of triangle and circle).

Quoting from Richard McGough's site at

Centered Hexagonal and Star Numbers all come in pairs. This is extremely significant because the Creation Holograph and Logos Star are built off such pairs.


The Star figure exhibits many surprising features. First, this is the Star of David. Second, the number PI is built into the design 18 TIMES (6+6+6)!


If the Star of David contains 18 PI codes, what about the lone Circle and the Centered Hexagon? Together they form 3 PI patterns.

These 3 patterns are most interesting. Since the Son is prominent in this design (6 yellow circles), the number 888 -- the Greek gematria of Jesus, is hidden in the 3 patterns! Furthermore, there is no mistaking the Cross of the Lord Jesus is part of the design! Each of the three patterns contains the digit 8 and a pair of crosses shown below:


Is this wonder going to stop? There are 21 PI codes in the 21 circles. The 21 circles contain all possible Trinitarian patterns (3 Son patterns, 1 Holy Spirit pattern & 4 Father patterns). Examine all the patterns generated in the 21 patterns above and you will be pleasantly surprised that another set of 8 patterns is contained therein. And the 8 patterns is designed with a double PI motif!


The 21 Circles (Red, Yellow & Blue) with 21 PI codes naturally reminds us of the 21 Circles (Red, Yellow & Blue) of the three Bible Wheels. The 22nd Circle of each wheel, which is the White Circle, contains a PI code itself (3-color, 1-color, 4-color). The consequence is truly astounding! The 22 Circles of each Bible Wheel are designed with 22 PI codes! Furthermore, from this set of 22 PI codes, there exists 8 unique Trinitarian patterns which are designed with a double PI motif!

This result is rather unexpected and surprising. We started by considering all possible Trinitarian patterns from first principles. We saw how the three basic geometric shapes -- Circle, Triangle and Square, evolved and generated three more derived shapes. We observed a PI octet is formed by adding two White Circles to the set of 6 patterns. There are 21 circles in this PI octet with this division: 3 Son patterns (7 circles), 1 Holy Spirit pattern (1 circle) and 4 Father patterns (13 circles). The numbers 1, 7 & 13 are figurate numbers. Moreover, the numbers 7 & 13 are Centered Hexagonal and Star Number pair. An explosion of PI designs occured in the 13 circles that make up the Star of David. As a result, we discovered that there are 22 PI codes buried in each Bible Wheel!



It is now time to move on from the big triangle of 66 books to the smaller Bible Wheel of 22 books each. Despite the incredible patterns that have been uncovered so far, and despite the smaller set of 22 books, we shall encounter discoveries no less exciting, if not more, which still lie ahead!

To Him be the glory!

John Tng