John Tng (8 Nov 2004)
"Part 6: Eight Intriguing Patterns (3)"

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In Part 5, we postulated that there exists an octet of octets -- 3 Square octets, 1 Circle octet and 4 Triangle octets. In this post the 3 Square octets -- the remaining octets not covered thus far, will be explained. The first Square octet is illustrated below:


The choice of these 8 figures that compose the octet set is explained in the table below:
This figure is the only 1-color rhombus. The blue and yellow rhombi do not exist. Since the symbol of the Father is rhombus/square, and since the primary color of the Father is red, the red rhombus/square stands out in this Square octet.
This is the signature rhombus/square since the message "The Almighty is the Triune God" is hidden two times in it.
As red is the prominent color in this Square octet, these rhombi are chosen because each rhombus is the combination of a 3-color triangle and a red circle.
This is the only line figure in this set. The rest of the figures are rhombi. The elements of the signature rhombi are present in this line figure, i.e. red, yellow, blue, white circles.


The second Square octet is illustrated below:

We encounter a new figure in this octet -- the banner. (The banner pops up in another context.) The banner is grouped under the rhombus/square category because it is formed by combining a triangle and a circle. The banner signifies the Kingdom of God. That the banner is associated with the symbol of the Father should not be surprising since the Kingdom of God is the Father's Kingdom (1 Cor 15:24).

Note also the huge rhombus formed by the four lines, accentuating the rhombus/square theme of this octet set.

[ASIDE: Three patterns can be formed with 4 circles: rombus/square, banner and straight line. Two patterns can be formed with 3 circles: triangle and straight line. With only a circle, only one pattern can be formed. This is summarized below:

Notice how the patterns evolve. It appears there are SIX possible patterns. However, as noted in Part 2, the white circle can appear as 1-color, 3-color and 4-color circles. Thus, the set of six patterns can be expanded to an octet by including the 3-color and 4-color white circles. Amazingly, the PI motif is now visible in the expanded set: 3 Triangle patterns, 1 Circle pattern and 4 Square patterns. This octet contains the set of all possible Trinitarian patterns! This exciting ASIDE will be revisited later.]

The third and final Square octet is illustrated below:

The Grand Octet (Octet of Octets)

The Grand Octet is also designed with the PI motif -- 3 Square octets, 1 Circle octet and 4 Triangle octets.

The Octet of octets is impressive enough. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the supernatural pattern hidden in the 66 books of the Bible is designed with the Shaddai or PI motif. The number 314 appears at least 9 times -- 8 times in the 8 octets and 1 time in the Grand Octet. This is not counting other appearances, for example, there is a sub-octet in the Circle octet alone.

If this is still not enough, there exists THREE MORE Grand Octets yet to be considered! And there is yet more beyond that!

To Him be the glory!

John Tng