John Tng (8 Nov 2004)
"Part 5: Eight Intriguing Patterns (2)"

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Part 2: The Number PI
Part 3: The Triune God
Part 4: Eight Intriguing Patterns (1)
Part 5: Eight Intriguing Patterns (2)
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Part 8: Symmetries on the Bible Wheel
Part 9: The Three Themes: Temple, Light & Water (1)

In Part 4, we were able to find 4 sets of 8 triplets based on the Shaddai or PI motif. These 4 sets are summarized below:

The 4 sets of 8 triplets are divided into two pairs -- 1-color and 3-color triplet pairs. These 4 sets point to the Lord Jesus whose symbol is the Triangle.


The Circle

The next set of patterns consists of 8 circles. How do we select 8 unique circles out of the big triangle of 66 books? Without question, the three white circles must be included in this set. What other circles are unique besides these three white circles? A logical choice is the outermost and innermost triplets shown below:


These 8 circles are the most intriguing set as from this one set it is possible to further generate 8 sets of 8 circles based on the PI design! This is amazing beyond description! Surely it is the fingerprint of the Almighty Himself. First notice that the big triangle of 66 books is made up of 4 layers of triangles.


The 8 unique circles that we have chosen 'happen' to lie on the 3rd, 1st and 4th triangles! These 8 unique circles form an intriguing set of patterns designed with a double PI motif!


From this original set of 8 unique circles, seven more sets of 8 circles can be generated as shown below!


The second set of 8 circles is the original set of 8 circles re-arranged in natural groupings. The last six sets of 8 circles are formed around the innermost triangle. Each dotted circle forms two sets of 8 circles as illustrated below:



So far we have discussed FIVE sets of PI or Shaddai octets -- 4 sets based on the Triangle theme and 1 set based on the Circle theme. There remains three sets of octets based on the Square theme to be considered in the next post. Together, the 8 sets of patterns form a complete octet of octets! And this grand octet also exhibits the PI design! (3 Square octets, 1 Circle octet and 4 Triangle octets)

To Him be the glory!

John Tng