John Tng (8 Nov 2004)
"Part 4: Eight Intriguing Patterns (1)"

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Part 4: Eight Intriguing Patterns (1)
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There are eight sets of intriguing patterns hidden in the triangle of 66 books. Consider the pattern below:



There are exactly EIGHT triangles, no more no less. The three yellow triangles form a group and point to digit 3 of the number 314 -- the Hebrew gematria of Shaddai, the Almighty. The remaining five triangles are grouped naturally into 1 triangle and 4 triangles shown below:


Examine another set of 8 triplets below.



Once again there are EXACTLY 8 triplets and once again the Shaddai (314) motif is clearly visible.

Examine yet another set of 8 triplets below.


[Note: Distinct from the above two sets of 8 triplets, there exists another set of 16 triplets, i.e. 8+8 triplets, out of the big triangle of 66 circles, with each triplet consisting of a horizontal row of red, yellow and blue circles. This set will not be considered since it is not a set of 8 triplets.]

The final set of 8 triplets is shown below. This set is generated by first isolating the independent colored circles. For example, an independent red circle is one that is not connected to another red circle. (There are 4 red, 5 yellow and 3 blue independent circles.) Next, form small triangles of red, yellow and blue circles with at least one independent circle in each triplet.


The 'coincidence' is getting errie! Not only are we able to find four sets of 8 triplets, but each set is also designed according to the Shaddai or PI motif! Surely this is by design!


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to suspect that if indeed the patterns are not random and that there is a higher intelligence who designed such supernatural patterns, the seeker should be able to find four more sets of patterns to complete the PI design.

The four sets of patterns just considered are based on the Triangle theme (triplets). The next four sets of patterns which I shall cover in another post will be based on the Circle and the Square themes.

John Tng