John Tng (5 Nov 2004)
"Part 3: The Triune God"

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Of all geometric shapes, the triangle naturally comes to mind when we think of the Trinity. To associate the Lord Jesus -- the Second Person of the Trinity, with the symbol of a triangle, seems inappropriate and unnatural. If indeed the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Father are represented by a triangle, a circle and a square respectively, how are we to understand such associations?

Let me begin by considering the 66 books of the Bible arranged in a triangle shown below. Each book is represented by a colored circle. The number 66 is a figurate number. It is in fact the 11th Triangular Number. (See

The Triangle

Although the triangle appears to be a natural symbol for the Trinity, it does not enjoy sole monopoly. Can we detect any hint of the Trinity in the circle and the square? We would expect a positive answer if our God is the Triune God of the Bible. But first let us take a closer look at the triangle.

Take the first six books of the Bible and consider the small triangle sitting on top at the apex of  the big triangle of 66 books. This small triangle is unique because it is designed based on the number PI (3.14) or the number 314 --the Hebrew gematria of Shaddai, the Almighty.

The capstone triangle generates 8 triplets exactly. Each triplet is a representation of the Trinity since it consists of a set of yellow, blue and red circles. The Son, the Holy Spirit and the Father are represented by the yellow, blue and red circles respectively.  The PI design is unmistakable since the 8 triplets are grouped naturally into 3 lines, 1 big triangle and 4 small triangles. Thus, microscopically, the Trinity is represented by each triplet. Macroscopically, the 8 triplets are grouped according to the Shaddai or PI motif. Taken together, the capstone triangle proclaims that the Almighty (314) is the Triune (triplet)God!

The Circle

It takes some ingenuity to represent the Trinity with the circle. But our God is wondrously creative! As I mentioned earlier, there are only three themes in the 66 books of the Bible. However, the three 22nd books (Song, Acts, Revelation) are unique in that they contain all three themes. These three books are represented by three white circles since by combining all the three primary colors, the white color is resulted. Since white is the resultant color when all three primary colors are combined, it is a perfect representation of the Trinity since the Triune God is One yet Three. Furthermore the PI motif is also hidden in the white circle shown below!    

The manifestation of the white circle as 3-color, 1-color and 4-color circles is found in a set of 8 patterns to be considered later.

As with the capstone triangle, the white circle also proclaims that the Almighty is the Triune God!

The Square

We now come to the square, the geometric shape that points to the Father. The Father is the First Person of the Godhead. Is it appropriate to assign the number 4 to the First Person? For that matter, how could the number 3 be assigned to the Second Person and the number 1 to the Third Person? We shall address this anomaly more fully later. For now, a simple reason can be given in the form of an illustration below:

The four circles that have been chosen are unique. There are only two such sets among the 66 circles. You can verify this for yourself in the picture above with the 66 circles. Notice the Son and the Holy Spirit are contained in the Father! The Square (Father) can be represented by combining the Triangle (Son) and the Circle (Holy Spirit). This is truly astounding!

The Square proclaims that the Almighty is the Triune God two times!

Concept First Time Second Time
Trinity Inverted Triangle (3 colors) White Circle (3 colors)
Almighty (314) White Circle (3+1+4) Son+Spirit+Father (3+1+4)


What I have done in this post is merely to lay the foundation. This simple analysis is insufficient to convince anyone that the pattern hidden in the 66 books of the Bible is supernatural and no human could have designed it. As we consider more patterns centered around the number PI (3.14), you will be utterly amazed by the wisdom of God.

To Him be the glory!

John Tng