John Tng (2 Nov 2004)
"Part 2: The Number PI"

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Part 2: The Number PI
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The number pi is the most intriguing constant. It has a value of 3.14. This number is the key that unlocks the secrets of the pattern hidden in the 66 books of the Bible shown below:

PI must be God's most favourite number since it exists throughout His creation. Where there is a circle, there is PI. The preeminent position of PI among all numbers is eternally sealed when God spoke the creation into existence with this number!

                               Genesis 1:1
         The number of letters X  the product of the letters
PI = ---------------------------------------------------------------  =  3.141554508... 
         The number of words X  the product of the words

3.141554508 is close to true value of 3.141592654....

(taken from

Why did God encode the number PI in the very first verse of the Bible? Why did He design the supernatural pattern of the 66 books of the Bible using the number PI? Why is this number so special besides its mysterious mathematical properties? According to this article at, 206 billion decimal digits of PI had been generated using powerful computers as of 1999. The decimal digits of PI appear to go on forever.

A byproduct of this study is the answer to the question why the value of PI is 3.14!

A short answer to this intriguing question is because the Hebrew gematria of Shaddai (the Almighty) is 314! (see A slightly longer answer is because the number 314 represents the Triune God, with digit 3 pointing to the Son, digit 1 pointing to the Holy Spirit and digit 4 pointing to the Father.

Clay was right when he said the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Father are represented by a triangle, a circle and a square respectively. (see Clay could not have dreamed up these associations. I could not have suspected such analogies with human logic. Amazingly, such associations can be shown to be absolutely true from the pattern hidden in the 66 books of the Bible.

To Him be the glory!