John Tng (18 Apr 2005)
"The El Shaddai on the Cross!"

No greater irony can exceed this statement -- God died for us! This is best captured in the first stanza of that great hymn penned by Charles Wesley, "AND CAN IT BE THAT I SHOULD GAIN?"

And can it be that I should gain
An interest in the Savior’s blood?
Died He for me, who caused His pain—
For me, who Him to death pursued?
Amazing love! How can it be,
That Thou, my God, shouldst die for me?
Amazing love! How can it be,
That Thou, my God, shouldst die for me?

How can it be, that El Shaddai -- the Almighty God, died for you and me!?

You will be SHOCKED by the insights the Lord has shown me in this article. They are incontrovertible proofs of the divinity of Jesus and a host of other implications. Ironically, the proofs reside in every man and woman -- for we are fearfully and wonderfully made! (Ps 139:14)

Keep in mind these two numbers before we plunge into the deepest of mysteries. 1) The number 314 -- the Hebrew gematria of SHADDAI -- the Almighty. 2) The number 888 -- the Greek gematria of JESUS.

The first shocking fact is this: EIGHT parts of the body of Jesus were visibly bruised at the crucifixion -- two nailed hands and two nailed feet, a thorn-bruised crown, a whipped back and a pierced side (two halves of the rib cage). These injuries cut deep into the flesh and bones of the Lord. Intriguingly, these eight wounds on Jesus' bones obey the Shaddai rule!

Eight Wounds on
Jesus' Skeletal System
Shaddai Number
1 Veterbral Column &
halves of the Rib Cage
1 Crown
2 Hands & 2 Feet

Table 1: Eight Wounds on Jesus' Skeletal System

The human skeleton consists of 206 bones. These bones can be grouped in two divisions: axial skeleton and appendicular skeleton. The axial skeleton is further divided into 1-3 division: skull and trunk (veterbral column and two halves of the rib cage). There are two pairs (4) of limbs in the appendicular skeleton. (see Figure 1)

Figure 1: The Human Skeletal System

The second shocking fact is this: The number of bones in these eight wounds are VERY SPECIAL numbers. They ALL belong to the Shaddai family of numbers! There are 8 cranial bones on the crown. There are 8 carpal bones on each wrist where the nails went through. These are the ONLY octets found on the human skeleton! The THREE octets point to JESUS (888) on the cross!

Jesus' feet were nailed together with one nail. There are 26 bones on each foot. One other skeletal group with 26 bones is the vertebral column. There are only THREE groups of 26 bones in the skeletal system. ALL three groups of bones were injured at the crucifixion!

The rib cage that was pierced by the spear consists of 12 rib bones in each half. Only TWO groups of bones have the number 12 in them and both groups of bones were injured at the crucifixion!

Amazingly, these THREE numbers -- 8, 12, 26, belong to the Shaddai family of numbers!

  8 = 31  +  11  +  41             (additive)
26 = 32  +  12  +  42             (additive)
12 = 31  x   11  x  41

Consider this AWESOME fact: The first ten numbers from the Shaddai family (up to the fourth power) add up to 23088, which is 26 multiplied by 888! The number 23088 is the gematria of John 1:2-5, the four verses of the Divine Prologue. Not only is 26 a number from the Shaddai family, it is the gematria of the Tetragammaton -- the holy personal name of God! Surely this product (26 x 888), obtained by summing the first ten numbers of the Shaddai family, testifies to the divinity of Jesus -- the El Shaddai!

26 x 888 = 3          (30  +  10  +  40)          (additive)
         +      8          (31  +  11  +  41)          (additive)
         +      26        (32  +  12  +  42)          (additive)
         +      92        (33  +  13  +  43)          (additive)
         +      338      (34  +  14  +  44)          (additive)
         +      1          (30  x  10  x   40)          (multiplicative)
         +      12        (31  x  11  x   41)          (multiplicative)
         +      144      (32  x  12  x   42)          (multiplicative)
         +      1728     (33  x  13  x   43)          (multiplicative)
         +      20736   (34  x  14  x   44)          (multiplicative)

Jesus' bones were injured at EIGHT different parts of the body (Hebrew gematria of 'his bones' is 206 -- the total number of skeletal bones! Ps 34:20). The EIGHT bone numbers are ALL Shaddai family numbers! Should we be surprised these EIGHT numbers also obey the Shaddai rule?

8 Bone Groups
Shaddai Number
, 12

Spear &
Whip with lead balls
Back & Ribs
Thorns (non-metal)
8, 8
26, 26
Nails (metal)
Hands & Feet

Table 2: Eight Groups of Injured Bones

The third shocking fact is this: The eight groups of injured bones divide the 206 bones into two divisions: explicit and implicit Shaddai skeletons!

Explicit Shaddai Skeleton
(injured bones)
Implicit Shaddai Skeleton
(non-injured bones)
12, 12
8, 8, 8
8, 8
26, 26, 26
26, 26

Table 3: Explicit and Implicit Shaddai Skeletons

The explicit Shaddai skeleton consists of the 8 groups of injured bones of Jesus. The three Shaddai family numbers (8, 26, 12) are explicit since they arise due to natural groupings of bones -- 8 cranial bones, 8 left wrist carpal bones, 8 right wrist carpal bones, 26 vertebral column bones, 26 left foot bones, 26 right foot bones, 12 left ribs and 12 right ribs. It is amazing that Jesus was injured PRECISELY at these parts of the body.

There are 126 bones in the explicit Shaddai skeleton. The remaining 80 bones form the implicit Shaddai skeleton with five groups of bones -- 12, 8, 8, 26, 26. This two-fold division is by design. a) Both skeletons are composed of the three Shaddai family numbers (8, 26, 12). b) The digits of the numbers 126 and 80 are present in the three Shaddai family numbers (8, 26, 12). The number 126 is the union of 12 and 26. c) The distance between the numbers 126 and 80 are PRECISELY the sum of the three Shaddai family numbers! (126 - 80 = 8+26+12)

The wonders do not stop here. The number of injured bones, 126, is also the number of bones in the appendicular skeleton! Likewise, the number of non-injured bones, 80, is the number of bones in the axial skeleton. It appears the El Shaddai planted intriguing clues at his death on the cross to teach us how to number the 206 bones of the human skeleton!

While the axial and appendicular skeletons are well known, no one realizes that the fundamental units of the human skeletal system are these three Shaddai numbers -- 8, 26, 12!

Thus, the 206 bones are composed of 13 Shaddai units (8+5): appendicular skeleton (12, 12, 8, 8, 8, 26, 26, 26) and axial skeleton (12, 8, 8, 26, 26). A Shaddai code (Table 2) has already been found in the appendicular skeleton, which is also Jesus' injured skeleton. Overall another Shaddai code lies hidden in the 13 Shaddai units. (see Table 4)

8 Bone Groups
Shaddai Number

8, 26

(additive Shaddai numbers)
(multiplicative Shaddai number)
8, 8
26, 26
(additive Shaddai numbers)

Table 4: Shaddai code hidden in the 206 bones

In Table 4, the appendicular skeleton consists of three units (8, 26, 92) instead of the original eight. The number 92 (12+12+8+8+26+26) is also a Shaddai family number!

92    =   (33  +  13  +  43)          (additive)

This is amazing beyond description! Undoubtedly the Shaddai numbers are the fundamental units of the human skeletal system. The 126 injured bones of Jesus is the sum of THREE additive Shaddai family numbers -- 8, 26 and 92!

126    =       8        (31  +  11  +  41)          (additive)
         +      26        (32  +  12  +  42)          (additive)
         +      92        (33  +  13  +  43)          (additive)

Amazingly, the Shaddai Number (314) is raised to the power of the Trinity numbers (1, 2, 3)! Truly, the Almighty is the Triune God!

The digits of the three Shaddai family numbers (8, 26, 92) is another wonder to behold. They are the precise digits of this number, 2869 -- the Greek gematria of the BODY OF JESUS (To Soma tou Iesou)! This phrase, which occurs EIGHT TIMES in Scripture (NT), is used exclusively to refer to the crucified BODY OF JESUS!

Is there any wonder these EIGHT occurrences are patterned on the Shaddai Number, 314?

8 occurrences of
'the Body of Jesus' (2
in Scripture
Shaddai Number

Matt 27:58
Mark 15:43
Luke 23:52

Synoptic Gospels
Heb 10:10
Pauline Epistle
John 19:28
John 19:38
John 19:40
John 20:12
Johanine Gospel

Table 5: The 8 occurrences of 'the Body of Jesus' in Scripture

Jesus is the One "whom they have pierced". Intriguingly, the Hebrew gematria of these words in Zec 12:10 is precisely 2869 -- "and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn."


Thus, the El Shaddai "whom they have pierced" left us many intriguing clues on the cross that provide precious insights into the secrets of the Almighty. The 206 bones of Jesus can be viewed either as a set of 8 Shaddai numbers (8, 26, 92, 12, 8, 8, 26, 26) or a set of 13 Shaddai numbers (12, 12, 8, 8, 8, 26, 26, 26, 12, 8, 8, 26, 26). In the former, FOUR Shaddai numbers are used -- ONE multiplicative (12) and THREE additive (8, 26, 92). Even this small detail is designed with the Shaddai pattern (314= THREE ONE FOUR).

The number 13 is fundamental to the Shaddai phenomenon. It is the Hebrew gematria of 'love' and 'unity' -- pointing to the God of love and the One True God. It is composed of two Trinity digits -- ONE and THREE -- the first two numbers of the Shaddai family!

3      =    (30  +  10  +  40)          (additive)  
1      =    (30  x  10  x   40)          (multiplicative)

Indeed, they are the same digits that compose the Hebrew gematria of EL (God) -- 31.

The notions of the Trinity (encapsulated in the digits 3 & 1) and the El Shaddai (encapsulated in the digits 3, 1 & 4 ) are entwined intimately since the digit 4 is the sum of 1 & 3. Are there not 3 digits in the Shaddai Number, 314?

The simplicity of the following train of thought that ties in the two notions approaches the divine. Truly it pleases the Lord to reveal His secrest to babes (Mat 11:25).

Begin with the Hebrew gematria of EL(God) -- 31. The two digits of EL point to the 3rd Person of the Godhead -- the Holy Spirit, as the One True God (1). Next, divide the number 3 into 1 and 2 -- thus revealing the 2nd Person of the Godhead, Jesus, as the One True God (1). Lastly, divide the number 2 into 1 and 1 -- showing the Father (1) as the One True God (1).

At every division, each Person of the Godhead is revealed as the One True God (1).

Revealed as the ONE True God
EL (31)  =>  ONE   THREE
3rd Person of the Godhead
2nd Person of the Godhead
TWO     =>   ONE   ONE
1st Person of the Godhead

Table 6: The word EL reveals the Triune God

The Hebrew word for God -- EL (gematria 31), reveals the TRINITY in THREE successive divisions -- THREE, TWO, ONE! At each division, the notion of the ONE True God is emphasized -- ONE, ONE, ONE.

The THREE Trinity numbers (ONE, TWO, THREE) manifest EIGHT times (patterned on the Shaddai design!) in the THREE divisions -- thus cementing the intimate ties between the Shaddai and Trinity notions. (see Table 7)

8 manifestations of EL (God)
Shaddai Number


The Triune God
The Father
The Son &
the Holy Spirit

Table 7: The Shaddai code hidden in the 8 manifestations of EL (God)

The total value of the EIGHT manifestations is 14 (1+1+1+1+2+2+3+3). The number 14 speaks too of the Trinity!

14    =   (12  +  22  +  32)

Our God is an AWESOME God!


The Psalmist declares, "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works;" (Ps 139:14a) How true are these words! Consider this UNBELIEVABLE FACT:

888 = 206 BONES + 32 TEETH + 650 MUSCLES !!!!!

JESUS (Greek gematria 888) -- our Creator, stamps His Name on every man and woman He created! What an awesome privilege to be a human being!

Time does not permit us to fully explore the wonders of this equation. Suffice to say even the 32 teeth (4x8) contain FOUR Shaddai codes!

Eight Teeth
Shaddai Number
Two Incisors & Canine
Cut & Tear
Wisdom Tooth (3rd Molar)
Two Premolars & Two Molars

Table 8: FOUR Shaddai codes hidden in the 32 teeth

It appears there are LOADS OF SHADDAI CODES built into us!

Just as there are 8 parts to the skeletal system (see Figure 1), there are 8 parts to the human body.

The 8 Parts of the Human Body
Shaddai Number
Neck, Thorax, Abdomen
Axial (Trunk)
Axial (Head)
2 Hands & 2 Legs
Appendicular (Limbs)

Table 9: The EIGHT Parts of the Human Body

Satan defeated at the Cross!

The EL SHADDAI on the Cross proves the divinity of Jesus (888). God has full control yesterday, today and forever more. Even the design of the Cross testifies to the El Shaddai theme. View the Cross as FOUR sections -- ONE long and THREE short. Thus a Shaddai code is hidden in the Cross! (314= THREE ONE FOUR)

Another Shaddai code is hidden in the FOUR instruments that caused the EIGHT wounds on Jesus at the Crucifixion -- THREE metallic (nails, spear, whip with lead balls) and ONE non-metallic (thorns). (314= THREE ONE FOUR)

The Lord JESUS triumphed over His foes gloriously on the Cross, declaring Himself El Shaddai -- the Almighty God even at His death -- caused by both evil men and demons, demonstrating absolute control over every single detail in the most momentous time in history!

To GOD be the glory!