John Tng (28 Mar 2005)
"The EIGHT Authors of the New Testament!"

EIGHT authors wrote the 27 books of the New Testament -- Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, James, Peter, Jude. In view of my recent discovery of the Shaddai code (314), it is no surprise that a book authored by the Almighty should bear His signature. (see

The 27 books of the New Testament may be divided into three groups: 1) Gospels & Acts. 2) Fourteen Pauline Epistles. 3) Eight Epistles of the Elders. The number of authors in these three groups is precisely the Shaddai Number, 314! (8=3+1+4)

In the first group, there are four Gospel authors -- Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Luke is also the author of the Book of Acts. Since the majority of John's writings are found in the third group, John will not be included in the first group. Hence, there are altogether THREE authors in the first group. THREE is the first digit of the Shaddai Number, 314.

The 14 Pauleen Epistles in the second group were solely written by the Apostle Paul. There is only ONE author in this group, thus pointing to the second digit of the Shaddai Number, 314.

The third group consists of the last eight books of the Bible, written by the FOUR elders -- James, Peter, John and Jude. The number FOUR corresponds to the last digit of the Shaddai Number, 314.

Amazingly, the number of authors in these three groups is precisely the Shaddai Number, 314! (8=3+1+4) This proves the Author of the New Testament is none other than God the Almighty!

New Testament Books
Shaddai Number
4 Gospels & Acts
Matthew, Mark, Luke
14 Pauline Epistles
8 Epistles of the Elders
James, Jude, Peter, John



A Shaddai code is also hidden in the third group -- the EIGHT Epistles of the Elders. The Johanine Epistles (1, 2, 3 John) clearly form a TRIPLET -- pointing to the digit THREE of the Shaddai Number, 314. The Book of Revelation is definitely ONE unique book in the Bible. It points to the digit ONE of the Shaddai Number.

The remaining FOUR books consist of TWO PAIRS -- the Petrine Epistles (1, 2 Peter) and the two Epistles penned by the brothers of Jesus (James, Jude). Thus, the digit FOUR of the Shaddai Number is represented by this group.

Epistles of the Elders
Shaddai Number
1, 2, 3 John
3 books
1 book
1, 2 Peter, James, Jude
4 books

Another Shaddai code is also hidden in the four authors. The FOUR Elders consist of TWO PAIRS -- Peter & John (Inner Two Acts 8:14) and James & Jude (Jesus' brothers). Of these four Elders, THREE (James, Peter, John) are pillars! (Gal 2:9)

The Four Elders
Shaddai Number
Pillars (James, Peter, John)
Non-pillar (Jude)
Inner Two & Jesus' Two Brothers

This group of Elders are very close to Jesus. James and Jude are Jesus' blood brothers while Peter and John are the Inner Two of Jesus' inner circle.


Intriguingly, even the names of the EIGHT authors of the New Testament exhibit the Shaddai signature!

Names of the EIGHT NT Authors
Shaddai Number
James, Jude, John
Peter & Matthew
Paul & Mark

The above categorization is interesting for a few reasons. 1) James, Jude & John are 'family' members of Jesus. John is thought to be a cousin of Jesus by some. In any case, John was asked by Jesus to take care of Mary. 2) Luke is the only Gentile among the EIGHT authors. 3) Peter & Matthew are Apostles to the Jews. Paul & Mark are missionaries to the Gentiles. (Gal 2:9)

Categorized further, the EIGHT initials display another Shaddai code! There are FOUR distinct initials -- L, J, P and M. The FOUR initials can be divided into ONE initial (Luke the Gentile) and THREE initials (James, Jude, John, Peter, Paul, Matthew & Mark are Jews).

FOUR distinct Initials
Shaddai Number
J, P & M (Jews)
L (Gentile)
L, J, P and M

Truly, the Lord God Almighty is the Author of the New Testament!