John Tng (11 Jun 2023)
"The Palmoni Code"

Dear Doves,

Part 1: Palmoni's Secret Numbers
Part 2: Palmoni's Secret Numbers (Part 2)

If Jesus were the Creator of the universe, He would know all things from the beginning. "... for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, v10 Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:" (Isa 46:9,10)

"It is the glory of God to conceal a thing: but the honour of kings is to search out a matter." (Pro 25:2)

In this post, I am honoured to search out a hidden code gloriously concealed by Palmoni, the Numberer of Secrets. The Hebrew gematria of Palmoni (פלמוני; Strong's 6422), is 216. This is manifested as the perimeter surrounding the Creation Pyramid (2701; Genesis 1:1 gematria), the outermost layer, comprising 216 stones in green.

The simplicity of the Palmoni Code is a powerful confirmation that Jesus is the Creator of Genesis.

The Palmoni Code may well be a proto-code that opens up a series of hidden codes in the triangle family of figurates of which the Genesis Pyramid is a member, being the 73rd triangle (T73).

I am going to show that the current year, 2023, is hidden by Palmoni in a series of infinite series.

It is ripe for fulfillment!

Palmoni and the 2023 Series

Jesus (Palmoni) appears to point to the year 2023 as a year with great prophetic significance. It beats me why 2023 and not 2022 or 2024. As you will soon find out, the hidden series of numbers is centered on 2023 and can be derived without jumping through mathematical hoops.

Piqued by the Palmoni proto-pattern, I began to wonder, which triangle has a perimeter of 666? This is an important research question worthy of investigation. Have we not been challenged by Palmoni to solve the greatest riddle of all time -- the identity of the 666 beast of Rev 13:18?

My wondering mind was stunned momentarily when I discovered that the 223rd member of the triangle family (T223; 223 circles at the base layer) is the triangle with 666 stones (or circles) on its perimeter. It is relatively easy to calculate. Take the Palmoni (216) pattern as an illustration: 216 is (73 - 1) x 3 for T73. Hence, the perimeter of T223 is (223-1) x 3 = 666.

Is T223 pointing to the unveiling of the 666 Antichrist in the year 2023?

Perhaps one coincidence is inconclusive, but readers will be confronted with a mountain of evidence laid out in this post, centered around 2023 and 666.

By extending the pattern starting with T223, an intriguing infinite series can be found:

Triangle (Perimeter) Infinite Series

T223 (666), T2023 (6066), T20023 (
60066), .........

Only the 223 series will produce the beast number 666 (6066, 60066, ...) on the perimeters of triangles in the infinite series.

Is this a flat out no-frills clue to the rise of the Antichrist in 2023 given by Palmoni (216=6x6x6)?

Read on and you can decide later.

The 75 Connection

In recent weeks, fellow doves such as Neil Lipken and Bruce Kessler (and perhaps other doves as well), brought to my attention the significance of the number 75. Abraham was born 1948 after Creation or Anno Mundi (see link). When he DEPARTED for the Promised Land (Gen 12:4), he was 75 years old.
"So Abram departed, as the LORD had spoken unto him; and Lot went with him: and Abram was seventy and five years old when he departed out of Haran." (Gen 12:4)
The year of Abraham's DEPARTURE was 2023 (1948+75) after Creation !!!!!!

If Abraham's birth year 1948 points to the re-birth of Israel, a BORN AGAIN nation, perhaps Abraham's departure in 2023 may signify the Departure of BORN AGAIN believers in Christ (see my old post, "God was Born Again!", at this link) !!!

The parallel is apt -- Abraham is the father of faith; both Israel and the Church are Abraham's seed and heirs according to the promise (Gal 3:29).

How is 75 connected to the Palmoni Code?

T223 is the 75th triangle taking 1 as T1 at the center core !!!!!!

[Note: The Palmoni Triangle is the 25th triangle.]

Intriguingly, another infinite series may be formed by the indices of the 223 series !!!!!!

Index (Triangle)

75th (T223), 675th (T2023),  6675th (T20023), 66675th (T200023), .........

I understand most folks find numbers and math mentally challenging. Let me make it more palatable by categorizing the numbers in the series according to themes:

Cat 1:     75, 75, 75, 75, .....
Cat 2:     223, 2023, 20023, 200023, ......
Cat 3:     0, 6, 66, 666, ......

The Cat 1 number, 75, is linked to the Cat 2 key number, 2023 (1948+75). Abraham departed out of Haran, which means parched, 75 years after his birth in 1948 AM (Anno Mundi). The father of Jews and Gentiles LEFT BEHIND a parched, dry land and headed to the Promised Land, a land flowing with milk and honey, get this right, in the year 2023 !!!!!!

Cat 3 number is the number of the beast -- 666. Year 2023 looks set to go down in history as a watershed year of epic proportions if things pan out as anticipated by many. It is Year One of the Great Reset, possibly the year of the Great Divorce, or the Year of the Great Gathering of the saints.

Somehow, year 2023 is deeply connected with 666:

223 + 600 + 600 + 600 = 2023
2023 + 6000 + 6000 + 6000 = 20023
+ 60000 + 60000 + 60000 = 200023

The indices of T223, T2023, T20023, and T200023 are 75th, 675th, 6675th, and 66675th. Notice the 666 pattern is also integral to the numeric design:

75 + 600 = 675
675 + 6000 = 6675
6675 + 60000 = 66675

2023 is a surprising number to be deeply connected to 666. To the natural mind, the year 2022 is more likely to show affinity to 666 (=222+222+222).

The illustration below lists the first four triangles of the infinite perimeter series.

The Infinite Triangle Series

Another infinite series may be formed by considering the total number of stones (or circles) in the triangles instead of just the perimeters. Clearly the totals are astronomical. However, by expressing the total number as a product and a remainder, a few infinite series of numbers can be obtained. Thus, a family of infinite series is resulted based on the original infinite triangle series.

T223 = 24,976 = 37 x 666 + 334
T2023 = 2,047,276 = 3
37 x 6066 + 3034
T20023 = 200,470,
276 = 3337 x 60066 + 30034
T200023 = 20,004,700,276 = 33337 x 600066 + 300034

The first two categories are old series:

Cat 1:     223, 2023, 20023, 200023, ......
Cat 2:     666, 6066, 60066, 600066, ......

The next two categories conceal the signature of JESUS CHRIST (Greek gematria 2368):

Cat 3:     37, 37, 37, 37, ......  (JESUS=37x24, CHRIST=37x40, JESUS CHRIST=37x64)
Cat 4:     334, 3034, 30034, 300034, ......
                 From Genesis Pyramid: Blue stone 334 = Red stone 2368 ; Red stone 334 = Blue stone 2368
s the sum of 163 (Barack Hussein Obama; ordinal) and 171 (Barry Soetoro; ordinal)

                 3034     = 2368     + 666
                 30034   = 20368   + 9666
                 300034 = 200368 + 99666

The final series starts from T2023 onwards:

Cat 5:    2047, 200470, 20004700, ......  (English gematria of ANTICHRIST is 670=200+470)

Two numbers from T2023 are extremely interesting.

T2023 = 2,047,276 = 337 x 6066 + 3034

The number 3034 is 2368 (Jesus Christ) plus 666 (beast); it is also 793 (Barack Hussein Obama) plus 1458 (Barry Soetoro) plus 783 (Hebrew year for 2023).

Here's the kicker -- the sum of 6066 and 3034 is 7782 (verse order of Rev 13:18) plus 1318 !!!!!!

Thus, T2023 conceals all the key numbers hidden in the 666 beast scripture: 2368, 666, 793, 7782, and 1318.

This makes one wonders, will 2023 be the year of the unveiling of the Antichrist?

The End is In Sight

Palmoni (216) left us a proto-code in the outermost layer of the Genesis Pyramid. This led to a series of infinite series that generated a family of numbers clustered around a few key hidden codes: 1) The year 2023; 2) The 666 beast number; 3) The hidden Rapture (Abraham departed in year 2023); and 4) The identity of the Antichrist (793 BHO, 1458 BS, 163 BHO, 171 BS).

Doves, we are mere seconds away from our rendezvous with Palmoni.

I sure hope this is it !

See you in the AIR !!!



This is supposed to be another post but with things heating up on all fronts, I thought I had better pen it down before it's too late. :)

Content wise, it belongs to the Palmoni Code. My original intention of writing a separate post is to avoid overloading you with numbers. Conventional wisdom says Less is More. But extraordinary times calls for extraordinary measures and numbering ;)

Recall the above illustration that lists the first four triangles of the 223 infinite series.

If T223 is regarded as an index, that is, instead of the 75th perimeter from the center, is there any significance to the 223rd perimeter from the center?

It turns out another intriguing infinite series may be formed!

The 223rd triangle is T667 with perimeter 666+666+666. The 2023rd triangle is T6067 with perimeter 6066+6066+6066 and so on (see below).

To cut to the chase, for obvious reason, we will focus on the 2023rd triangle, T6067; its total is very revealing.

T6067 = 18,407,278 = 3034 x 6067
3034 = 2368 + 666
    2368 = Jesus Christ (Greek)
    666 = beast number

= 793 + 1458 + 783
    793 = Barack Hussein Obama (English)
    1458 = Barry Soetoro (English)
    783 = Hebrew year for 2023

The AC is hidden in the 2023rd Triangle

(A) The Signature of the AC

Our brother Steve K wrote a fascinating article, “Mr. 666” … Please Sign In (see link). The Antichrist declares his identity to the world in plain sight each time he signs his name, Barack Obama.

The "O" appears as the Greek letter phi, . This is also the symbol for the Golden Ratio, 1.618. "Mr 666" is the man of sin according to Scripture. Convert this into a mathematical function, sin(666°); its value of -0.8090169943749474241 is the same as negative phi divided by 2.

Take a close look at Obama's signature. The negative symbol, '-', is the extended part of the letter "B"; the letter "O" appears as phi,; the division symbol '/' is the vertical line that split the letter "O"; and finally, the digit '2' is part of the letter "b" somewhat stretched.

Hence, the right half of Obama's signature cleverly conceals "-/2", which is -1.6180339887498948482 divided by 2 = -0.8090169943749474241 = sin(666°) !!!!!!


But even more astounding is the fact that this devious signature is hidden in the 2023rd triangle!

The sum of 2023 and 6067 is 8090, the first four decimal digits of sin(666°) = -0.8090169943749474241 !!!!!!

(B) The Man of Sin in Year 2023

The "man of sin" is recorded in 2 Thess 2:3.

Is Palmoni hiding in plain sight the year of the revealing of the son of perdition in the book, chapter and verse numbers of 2 Thess 2:3?

2 Thess 2:3 <=> 2023 (Year of the Unveiling of the Man of Sin)

(C) The Birth Year of the AC

Obama was born in 1961.

Watch the division below; round to the nearest decimal place to have a quotient with SIX digits:

6067 ÷ 666 = 9.10961

The quotient consists purely of digits from Obama's birth year, "1", "9", "6", and "1".

The year 1961 appears in the decimal part of the quotient, "10961".

(D) The Birth Date of the AC

Obama was born on Aug 4.

(6067 - 2023) ÷ 666 = SIX TIMES 666 + 48

48 is 4th of Aug.

(E) The Birth Time of the AC

Obama was born at 7:24 pm or 444 minutes past mid-day.

(6067 - 2023) = 4044     <=>     444


Coincidence is not a kosher word.