John Tng (15 Jan 2017)
"The Dividing of Israel in 2017!"

Dear Doves,

Events happening in the world right now should excite every watcher waiting for the coming of the LORD Jesus for His bride at the rapture. It appears that the year 2017 is the year of the rapture.

As I am writing this very day, 15 Jan 2017, the Paris peace conference on the dividing of Israel by the nations of the world will soon take place. This historic UN-led conference could well be the trigger for WW3. Doves, our escape from this world and the great tribulation is any moment now.

I want to share with you an exciting discovery the LORD has led me to that confirms that the dividing of the land of Israel will take place this year!

This huge prophetic event is recorded in the Book of Daniel chapter 11 verse 39, "Thus shall he do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory: and he shall cause them to rule over many, and shall divide the land for gain."

The Hebrew word for 'divide', CHALAQ, only appears once in the Book of Daniel. The pronoun 'he' in Dan 11:39 refers to the antichrist. Will the antichrist divide Israel and Jerusalem this year? Does the Bible somehow conceal the year 2017 in the Book of Daniel chapter 11?

The answer is YES! But we need to first understand the three-fold structure of the Bible. One way of looking at the 66 books of the Bible is by dividing them into three groups of 22 books each: Genesis to Songs (22 books), Isaiah to Acts (22 books), and Romans to Revelation (22 books).

We will focus on the second group of 22 books since the book of Daniel is found in this group. There are 367 chapters in the second group of 22 books, from the first chapter (Isaiah 1) to the last chapter (Acts 28). In order to arrive at 2017, we basically need to go through the second scroll of 22 books a few times:

2017 = 367 + 367 + 367 + 367 + 367 + 182

Chapter 182 is chapter 11 of the Book of Daniel if we count Isaiah 1 as the first chapter of the second scroll of 22 books.

In other words, Daniel 11 is chapter 2017 upon the sixth reading of the second scroll of 22 books!

This cannot be a coincidence. God hides the year 2017 in Dan 11:39, the very verse that talks about the dividing of the land.

And today at the Paris peace conference, the dividing of the land of Israel will most likely be confirmed on the 15th day of the year 2017.

Surely, our redemption could be any moment now.

Come LORD Jesus!