John Tng (17 Aug 2010)
"I've Got My One Way Ticket To The Sky"

Dear Doves,

Jesus spoke to me more than a week ago that Obama is the antichrist and that our departure is soon (possibly this year)!

I did not hear an audible voice, nor see in a vision or dream. The Lord chose His usual means to communicate His message to me, that is, via numbers. As I will show you shortly, the message is so clear that it is as if Jesus was speaking to me face to face. The best part about the message is that IT IS VERIFIABLE from Scripture. There is no way I could have cooked up the numbers to come up with my own message.

The message also confirms the discovery made by both Bob Ware and myself in the Genesis 1:1 Pyramid. This means a lot to me personally as it signifies that our work has just received a divine seal of approval from the Lord Jesus Christ. We were not thinking vain thoughts and dabbling in unbiblical studies. We were guided by the Holy Spirit.

I want to present the message in the clearest possible way without getting too much into numbers. But since the numbers is the message, we will have to deal with the numbers. Jesus spoke to me so that all watchers may know that Obama is the antichrist and that our departure is soon. It would be a shame if you could not follow the message because of the numbers.

There are 2701 stones in the Genesis 1:1 Pyramid (Hebrew gematria of Genesis 1:1 is 2701; see link). Bob and I devised three counting schemes to number each stone. I started counting the stones from the base up, left to right row-wise and color-coded these stones blue. Bob counted from the apex of the Pyramid, right to left row-wise and he used the red color to denote these stones. I then came up with the third way of counting, which was done column-wise from the base up; these stones are color-coded black.

Thus, every stone can be represented by three colors, triangulated by the three ways of counting as it were; for example, the leftmost stone at the base is blue stone 1, red stone 2701, and black stone 1; this stone has a total value of 2703 (1+2701+1) -- the lowest possible sum. The rightmost stone at the base is blue stone 73, red stone 2629 and black stone 2701; this stone has a total value of 5403 (73+2629+2701) -- the highest possible sum.

The sum of each stone is a unique number ranging between the lowest and highest values: 2703, 2704, 2705, ........, 5403. You may now forget about all numbers mentioned above as there is only one sum I want to highlight here -- the number 3368 -- the Greek gematria of LORD JESUS CHRIST -- the One who imparted the message.

This is the number I saw on Aug 6 that leads to the conclusion that Obama is the antichrist and that our departure is soon, possibly this year. The stone that has a sum of 3368 (Lord Jesus Christ) is black stone 666 !!!!!!

3368 (LJC) = black stone 666 + blue stone 1766 + red stone 936

Only one stone has a combined total value that is the equivalent of the Greek gematria of LORD JESUS CHRIST and that stone is black stone 666!!!

What is the Lord trying to tell us?

Of course, seeing the number 3368 per se proves nothing. How does it link to Obama the antichrist and our departure at the rapture?

I am glad you asked!

I was watching a love story when I saw the number 3368 on my computer screen. I had to pause the video and leaned forward to take a closer look to confirm what I saw as the number shown on the computer screen was not very clear.

Given the poor resolution of the above picture, one is never quite sure of the license plate number. But my doubt evaporated half a minute later when I saw the number 3368 with great clarity. The man in the picture hailed a taxi for his ex-girl friend who was about to DEPART for good. Notice that the two letters on the license plate, DP, could stand for DEPART. Below is a series of snapshots taken from the time the taxi appeared to the time the taxi left as the man watched on with sadness.

The license plate, DP 3368, appeared precisely at 6:46 (6 min 46 sec) into the video clip with the DEPART (DP) message from the LORD JESUS CHRIST (3368). The time of the message, 6:46, is linked to a famous Greek word listed as Strong's number 646. Guess what that is? Incredibly, it is APOSTASIA -- the controversial Greek word translated as 'a falling away' in the KJV but could mean DEPARTURE too.

The Lord further hinted that this DEPARTURE is our long awaited HARPAZO (Strong's 726) -- the catching away of the bride, since when the girl DEPARTED the man looked on with sadness at 7:26 into the video clip! Intriguingly, this Chinese love drama was first broadcast on 7-26 this year (see link)!

Fact #1: I do not have the wherewithal nor power to influence Hunan Satellite Television to begin broadcasting the series on July 26 last month. Fact #2: To plant the licence plate number, DP 3368, into an appropriate departure scene in the story, I would have to be the director himself directing the shooting. Fact #3: To engineer a rapture message, as director I would have to ensure that my post-production team edit the two key frames precisely at 6:46 and 7:26!

Ignore the three laughable facts above. It must have been the Lord's doing!

The 41-second revelation given by the LORD JESUS CHRIST from 6:46 to 7:26 is framed between APOSTASIA (Strong's 646) and HARPAZO (Strong's 726). The footage captures the DEPARTURE of a girl whose name in Chinese, 天儿, literally means CHILD OF HEAVEN!

The 41-second video segment's mid point is 7:06, or six minutes sixty-six seconds -- another link between APOSTASIA and the man of sin !!!!!!

A key shooting location for the entire drama series is PIAO Cafe, owned by the man and operated by his friend in the story. The Chinese character for Piao is -- which means 'to float' (see link). The character is further composed of two constituent characters: for ticket and  for wind. Taken together, PIAO may be interpreted as A TICKET FOR FLOATING / FLYING IN THE AIR!

Combined with APOSTASIA & HARPAZO, the rapture message is crystal clear.

The encouraging message above given by the Lord calls for a jubilant outburst of song and praise. Can you doves join me in singing,  'I've Got My One Way Ticket To The Sky' by Hank Williams (link)?

Obama the Antichrist

The Lord Jesus clearly communicated the rapture message with His purposeful use of these two Greek words -- APOSTASIA & HARPAZO. Everyone knows the rapture can only happen around the time when the antichrist rises and takes the reign of world power. If we know with certainty who the antichrist is, then our confidence for a soon departure will receive a big boost. This is exactly what is happening here I hope. If Obama turns out to be the antichrist, the worst case scenario for our escape can be no later than 2017 assuming he serves two terms.

Just as many doves  (me included) are growing weary in waiting, Jesus sent this confidence booster to keep our blessed hope alive.

Jesus sent me the message in the morning of Aug 6, 2010. Out of curiosity, I backed 646 days (Strong's 646: APOSTASIA) from this date to see which day in history it falls on. Be prepared to let your jaws hit the floor. This is the day the 30-minute Obamamercial was aired on Oct 29, 2008, the day many believe the beast was revealed to the world, promising CHANGE!

The Apostle Paul links APOSTASIA with the REVEALING of the MAN OF SIN (2 Thess 2:3). Jesus links APOSTASIA with the REVEALING of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!

The number 646 positively identifies BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA as the MAN OF SIN when we put two and two together!

But there is more.

An entire article may be devoted to linking Obama with black stone 666. But there is no need to get too bogged down with more numbers. Jesus sent the license plate number, DP 3368, which contains two key pieces of information: Obama the antichrist and the soon rapture. Because Jesus sent the number 3368 to me, I know it is the sum of the three colored values of black stone 666 in the Genesis 1:1 Pyramid:

3368 (LJC) = black stone 666 + blue stone 1766 + red stone 936

Is it coincidence that I received the message on Aug 6 (8-06) and the number 806 is the 666th composite, or non-prime number?

On the Jewish calendar, Aug 5 is Av 25 (Aug 6 in Singapore is Aug 5 in America where Obama resides), or the 11th month 25th day on the Hebrew civil calendar. Is it another coincidence, then, that the amalgam of month-day numbers, 1125, is the 936th composite, linking with red stone 936 -- confirming yet again the 666 beast?

For a message to be valid, double witness is a must. How much more impressive the message came with triple double witnesses!

Double Witness #1: Strong's 646 APOSTASIA (646 days between Obamamercial 10.29.2008 & date of rapture message 8.06.2010 and time of rapture message at 6:46).

Double Witness #2: Strong's 726 HARPAZO (7-26 July 26 drama broadcast date and time of departure at 7:26)

Double Witness #3: Black stone 666 (666th composite is 806, i.e. 8-06 or Aug 6 on day of rapture message) and red stone 936 (936th composite is 1125, i.e. 11-25 or Av 25).

Morning has broken

Is there a hint from the Lord as to the timing of the rapture? Maybe yes. Maybe no. You be the judge.

The man in the movie has an interesting Chinese name; it consists of a single character, 晨, which means 'morning', 'dawn', or 'daybreak'.

The psalm that conceals the hidden prophecy pointing to year 2010 is Psalm 110; verse 3 of this psalm is interesting to say the least: "Thy people shall be willing in the day of thy power, in the beauties of holiness from the womb of the morning: thou hast the dew of thy youth."

The Hebrew for the word, 'morning', used in this scripture is 'mishchar'. It appears NO WHERE ELSE in the Bible, making it an unusually rare word, don't you think?

Will the Bright Morning Star come for His bride this year? Will we be soon singing 'Morning has broken" (link) and 'Beyond the sunset' (link) with the saints in glory when the day is finally done?

May it be so!