John Tng (30 March 2009)
"Beauty and the Beast"

Dear Doves,

I continue to be amazed by the antichrist's audacity in openly flaunting the symbol of the beast before the world. He did it in your face on the day he became the world's most powerful king, watched on by an estimated 2 billion or more television viewers worldwide. He did it with such class and taste that you have to hand it to him for his panache -- a must-have attribute for a budding antichrist.

The message is subliminal despite the fact that the symbol is cleverly concealed. It must have left an imprint on the subconscious of the unsuspecting masses, conditioning them to receive the mark of the beast, that is, the number of his name (Rev 13:17). But more importantly, the antichrist appears to know who he is, and the destiny that beckons him to fulfill; plus, he demonstrated knowledge in Hebrew gematria.

The evidence lies not in the man himself, but a Victorian brooch from the Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection. The brooch took on the appearance of a necklace as the First Lady wore it close to the collar. The hitherto dark secret kept close to the antichrist's chest is beginning to see the light of day bit by bit, in a sustained release fashion I suspect.

The two SIXES spread out across the above brooch are impossible to miss even with a cursory glance. To see the fuller sinister design, one has to look closer. When I first looked at the design, while I can clearly make out the two SIXES, I was somewhat distracted by the wriggly worm-like segments that seem to dilute the 'sixness' of the two SIXES. Then it dawned on me the same mischief was at work in Obama's campaign logo (below), through distortion and misplacement --  the name of the game in steganography.

Observe the three SIXES in Obama's campaign logo (above) and compare them to the three SIXES on the left half of the brooch (below) after we reversed the misplacement process by moving the odd-one-out segment 'back into the fold'. The striking similarity of the two designs suggests that whoever came up with them must be a close associate of the beast, steeped in the dark art of hiding and versed in Hebrew gematria (to be explained shortly). The designer may even be the beast himself!

With a slight horizontal translation of the odd-one-out segment, voila, the number of the beast materializes before our eyes with crystal clarity! As a matter of fact, the number 666 appears twice -- once on the left and once on the right.

To help you see clearer, I unpacked the wriggly worm to reveal the three SIXES below:

It could have been an object of beauty if not for the diabolical presence of the number of the beast!

Maybe my mind has gone wild in imagination so that anything remotely curvy may be whipped into shape to resemble the dreaded SIX.  A typical reaction of the skeptics may go something like this, "Oh, come off it! It is nothing more than just an innocuous vintage Victorian brooch with a little curl here and a little curl there."

Or is it?

Observe that each '666' design is composed of 6x6 = 36 diamonds. Could it be pure coincidence that the 36th triangular number is 666?! Also, the eight triangular hollows found in the brooch dovetail perfectly with the design since the 8th triangular number is 36 and the 36th triangular number is 666!

Thus, the triangular theme of 666 is palpable: 666 <= 36 <= 8. Coincidentally, the sum of the latter two numbers points to the 44th (36+8) president of the United States. Why this is so I have no idea! One thing is for sure: the First Lady truly dressed for the occasion.

Even the rectangle framing the brooch is meticulously designed in congruence with the beast theme. There are 6+6+6 diamonds at the top and 6+6+6 diamonds forming the base! The two sides are made up of 6 diamonds each!

Thus, the total number of diamonds used is 6 + 6 + 6x6 + 6x6 + 6+6+6 + 6+6+6 = 120, itself a triangular number! But more astonishingly, the total is a direct reference to the inauguration day, Jan 20 of the current year (1-20 = 120 with hyphen removed) !

I want to end this article with the number 55, the Hebrew gematria of 'Obama'. This number is a most intriguing number that I have had to work with. Its link with 666 is unquestioned. To tell the whole story on this number, I will need the space of a whole article devoted to it. Long story short: The number 55 is a triangular number; it is a palindromic triangular number; it is a repdigit (repetitive digit) palindromic triangular number; it is the first repdigit palindromic triangular number.

It turns out there are only three repdigit triangular numbers in existence: 55, 66, 666. (Note: A repdigit number is also a palindromic number since it reads the same forwards as it does backwards.) The number 55 is the first member of this extremely rare triplet in the entire number space. The beast number 666 is the last member of this triplet. Can you see the solid connection between Obama (55) and 666? The fact that the Hebrew gematria value of Obama shares such an intimate link with the number of the beast, speaks volumes about his identity. Mind you, of the infinite numbers out there, only three are found to be repetitive (digit wise) and triangular, and Obama has the dubious distinction of heading this very special triplet!

Apparently the 'powers that be' appear to possess knowledge of this fraternity of numbers. The stimulus package signed into law by President Obama on Feb 17, 2009, came with a price tag of 787 billions. Believe it or not, this figure is the sum of ALL REPDIGIT TRIANGULAR NUMBERS IN EXISTENCE, bookended by Obama (55) and the number of the beast (666)!

[Note: Look at the official seal of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (stimulus package) and tell me how many instances of 666 you can find there. See link.]

I am digressing a little here. Back to the Obama (55) theme and take one more look at the 6x6 diamonds that conceal the beast number 666. Rotate the brooch to a vertical position (below) for better viewing.

This time we leave the 'odd-one-out' segment intact without repositioning. Concentrate on the upper half of the vertically-aligned brooch and see if you agree with me that the Hebrew gematria of 'Obama' -- the enigmatic number 55, is hidden there in plain sight!

There is a touch of dark genious to the design!

Am I reading too much into an exquisite piece of jewellery, made famous by the First Lady on the day of inauguration of her husband -- the most powerful king on earth -- the antichrist of the Apocalypse?

Or is it a none-too-subtle subliminal message to the world that the beast has arrived and that you had better brace yourself because the countdown has begun?

Judge for yourself.

Rejoice! The end is nigh. Look up, your redemption is at the doors!