John Tng (7 Sep 2009)
"JESUS CHRIST reveals the identity of the Antichrist!"

Dear Doves,

There is nothing wrong in asking Jesus who the antichrist is. I am sure the Lord is willing to tell us if we are prepared to receive it. But why this preoccupation with the antichrist? Shouldn't we be more passionate about looking for Jesus?

Prior to end of 2008, I showed very little interest in the beast even though the AC speculation had been ongoing for years. Then all of a sudden insight after insight came to me like waves flooding my mind and continued unabated to this day. It is as if I was hit by a spiritual tsunami. Of course the antichrist is not yet fully revealed so that we can say with certainty who he is. But by the time we are dead certain it will be too late since the beast is going to come out in the open only after the rapture. Right now the excitement is mounting precisely because the possibility is so real that the beast has already taken his place as the most powerful king on Earth and this implies that the rapture is extremely close.

The amount of antichrist evidence concealed in the Bible is breathtaking. Once the 666 code is broken, it is easy to find the beast hiding all over the Bible. Take for example the Greek word thumiama (incense) with Strong's number 2368 (Greek gematria of JESUS CHRIST). Its gematria value of 501 is also the Hebrew gematria of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!

ברק  חוסיין  אובאמה
5      40    1    2     6    1        50  10 10 60   6   8        100  200   2               (link)
               'O' (55)             +          'H' (144)           +      'B' (302)     =   501

It appears JESUS CHRIST (2368) conceals the identity of the antichrist in the Greek word G2368.

Is it that simple?

In Re 5:8, the word thumiama is translated as odours. If BO is who he is, then the translation is apropos since the antichrist is a stench in the Lord's nostrils; but more astoundingly, the in-text value of thumiama found in this scripture is 1651 -- the Greek gematria of ANTICHRIST found in 1 John 2:18 !!!!!!

Strong's number Concordance value In-text value
G2368 (Re 5:8)

The Lord Jesus never fails to leave us a second witness. The confirmation of the above hidden code comes from a rather surprising source -- the Genesis 1:1 Pyramid.

For background, read the paragraph below from my previous article (link):

The G11 Pyramid holds the clues to our escape and the second coming of Jesus. More than a year ago I was prompted by the Spirit to number the 2701 stones of Genesis 1:1 (gematria 2701). I started numbering from the base and was intrigued by the 37th row beginning with stone 1999. With a stroke of luck (or Providence?) I decided to join the stones marked by JESUS (888), CHRIST (1480) and JESUS CHRIST (2368). I was overjoyed that the line joining 1480 (CHRIST) and 2368 (JESUS CHRIST) cuts through 2009! Bob Ware decided to number the stones from the capstone at the stop towards the base, just the opposite of the direction I counted. Bob's red stones 888 (JESUS) and 2368 (JESUS CHRIST), when joined projected a line that ends on the year 2008. Clearly the triangulation indicates that between 2008 and 2009, a momentous historic event is bound to happen. I believe it has happened and is still happening, namely, the rise of the 666 beast and our soon departure. The small window is fast disappearing.

Due to the two ways of counting (top and bottom), each stone may have two values. Take the blue stone 2368 counted from the base; it is also the red stone 334 (2701 - 2368 + 1) counted from the capstone. The stone difference is also important: 2368 - 334 = 2034. When the stone difference is 2368, the corresponding red and blue stones are 2535 and 167 (2368 = 2535 - 167).

Blue Stone Red Stone Stone Difference
2368 (JC) 334 2034
167 2535 2368 (JC)

Observe the four numbers hand picked by JESUS CHRIST (2368): 334, 2034, 167, 2535. The sum of the dark grey cells is 334 + 167 = 501, the Hebrew gematria of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA !!! The difference of the light grey cells is 2535 - 2034 = 501 -- again the Hebrew gematria of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA !!!

This evidence agrees with G2368, whose gematria is 501 -- the Hebrew gematria of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.

The Son of Perdition

Jim Bramlett posted in July this year concerning December 21, 2012, the end of the Mayan calendar:

Tom Horn is a distinguished scholar and has a new book coming out soon.  I can't wait to read it.  It is Apollyon Rising 2012: The Final Mystery of the Great Seal Revealed.  (Not yet released.)

Where did he get the name Apollyon?  It is the name of the antichrist.  The word "perdition" in the following verse is the Greek word apoleia (GR: 684): "That day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition" (2 Thess. 2:3).

The Greek word Apollyon (G623) is an active participle of apollumi (G622); and apoleia (G684) is from a presumed derivative of apollumi (G622). All three words share the same prefix, apo (G575), for DEPARTURE!

What are the chances that we find the antichrist (both Apollyon & apoleia) in the stones that are numbered by JESUS (888) and JESUS CHRIST (2368) in the G11 Pyramid?

Practically none.

Blue Stone Red Stone Stone Difference
2368 (JC) 334 2034
1795 907 888 (Jesus)

Yet the Lord concealed both Apollyon & apoleia in the stones sealed by His name. The Greek gematria of Apollyon, 1461, is the difference of the dark gray cells: 1795 - 334 = 1461! The in-text Greek gematria value (link) of apoleia, 1127, is the difference of the light gray cells: 2034 - 907 = 1127!

But who exactly is Apollyon? According to Tom Horn, he is "the beast [that] shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition [apoleia]" (Rev 17:8). In other words, Apollyon literally goes into the son of perdition just as Satan went into Judas Iscariot (Jn 13:27). Tom Horn believes that the antichrist will be possessed by the devil in 2012 when Apollyon rises.

JESUS could not be clearer in pointing to Apollyon (1461) and apoleia (1127) in the G11 Pyramid stones. The values are PRECISE and SPOT ON; they leave no room for interpretation.

Now comes the exciting part.

Recall that the G11 Pyramid stones numbered by JESUS CHRIST (2368) pointed TWICE to 501 (BHO in Hebrew): 334 + 167 = 501 and 2535 - 2034 = 501. What happens if we subtract TWICE 501 from the sum of Apollyon (1461) and apoleia (1127)?

The difference is TWICE 793 -- the English gematria of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA !!!!!!

B A R A C K    H U S S E I N   O B A M A
2    1   90    1    3   20        8   300 100 100 5   9  50      60   2    1    40    1
             (117)              +               (572)                  +            (104)  =  793 

Thus, the sum of Apollyon (1461) and apoleia (1127) is TWICE 501 (BHO Hebrew) and TWICE 793 (BHO English) !

Observe also that the number 793 may be obtained this way: 2034 - 334 - 907 = 793!

The match is perfect. The double witness is unreal. It must be the Lord's doing!

The Antichrist & the G11 Pyramid

JESUS CHRIST (2368) was very clear who the antichrist is as we have seen in the table below:

Strong's number Concordance value In-text value
G2368 (Re 5:8)

The Greek word for antichrist, antichristos (G500) appears in the New Testament with these in-text values: 1651 (1 Jn 2:18), 1841 (1 Jn 2:18, 2:22; 2 Jn 1:7), and 2041 (1 Jn 4:3). Amazingly, the sum of the red stones marked by JESUS (888), CHRIST (1480), and JESUS CHRIST (2368) is equal to the sum of the three ANTICHRIST gematrias: 907 + 2091 + 2535165118412041 !!!!!!

Blue Stone Red Stone Stone Difference
907 888 (Jesus)
611 2091 1480 (Christ)
167 2535 2368 (Jesus Christ)

It appears the Lord Jesus has every intention to let us in to His secret concerning the antichrist; or He wouldn't go to this length to encode the identity of the antichrist in so many places in the Bible.

The scripture numbers of the five occurrences of antichristos add to 1218 + 1218 + 1222 + 217 + 143 = 2009 + 2009  -- the year of the rising of the antichrist !!!!


I have not even mentioned 1795 (BHO in ASCII) discovered by Bob Ware. It is one of two stones marked by JESUS (888).

Blue Stone Red Stone Stone Difference
1795 (BHO) 907 888 (Jesus)

The sum of all three stones marked by JESUS (888) is 1795 + 907 + 888 = 3590; this number is the gematria total of Gen 25:7 -- the 666th verse of the Bible. The Hebrew gematria of SATAN is 359; this is also the distance between these two blue stones (see G11 Pyramid illustration above): 2368 - 2009 = 359. The Hebrew word for SATAN (gematria 359) appears four times in Ps 109 -- the hidden prophecy psalm pointing to 2009!