John Tng (21 May 2009)
"Revelation 13:18 Decoded: The 666 riddle solved!"

Dear Doves,

The end must be extremely near! God is gracious to reveal to me insights hidden for the last two thousand years so that the 666 riddle of Rev 13:18 is finally solved! All glory goes to Him!

The thing that stumbles untold number of Bible students and scholars is the notion that the gematria value of the name of the beast must add to 666. Once you get past this mental block and begin to count his name in connection with 666, the riddle cracks open and the mystery dissolves.

Paul Black was the first person who stumbled upon one such connection nearly three years ago. At the time, Paul could not have known the identity of the beast -- a then unknown before his meteoric rise. I saw the connection end of last year and have since written article after article exposing the beast.

Paul's counting is ingeniously simple. He counted all four scriptural references to 666 in the bible and discovered to his astonishment the presence of an amazingly high common factor -- 793 -- which I found to be the English gematria value of 'Barack Hussein Obama'! (see link) As you can imagine, I would not have paid any attention at all had I not remembered Paul's counting. No researcher would have paid any attention to 793 unless he knew about the 666 connection.

Paul wrote (see link):

"There are four references to 666 in the bible, three in the OT, one in the NT. The three OT references are, 1 Kings 10:14 at 9,094 (verse order number), 2 Chronicles 9:13 at 11,378, and Ezra 2:13 at 12,041. The total is 32,513 or 41 x 793.
Revelation 13:18 is 30,927, or 39 x 793. All four verses are therefore 80 x 793. This amazingly high common factor is the eleventh figurate hexagram, or star of David, which is made up of twelve triangles of 66, the eleventh triangular number. .... The total number of letters in the four verses is 216, or 6 x 6 x 6."

It is inconceivable that these '666' verses were ordered by men. God has to be the One behind the phenomenon. The most dazzling display of God's wisdom is seen in Rev 13:18; its verse order number, 30,927, may be expressed as (13793) + (13793) + (13793) -- that is, Barack Hussein Obama (793), the Renegade(13)-in-Chief  triply emphasized!

My complete solution to Rev 13:18 takes into account the verse order (30,927), the scripture number (1318), and the beast (793). I have worked out exactly how God came up with the number 1318, and how it ties inextricably to 30,927 and 793.

The reason for my confidence lies in an iron-clad double witness provided by Ecc 7:12 -- a verse that is found in chapter 666 (Ecc 7), and that contains the Hebrew word, yithrown (Strong's 3504; profit, advantage) -- the only Hebrew word with  gematria value 666.

I have also worked out exactly how God came up with the number 712. The mathematical evidence is unassailable and challenge-proof. If you have the patience, and are able to add 1+1, you will find the riddle opens up to you and you end up with a smile on your face, marveling at God's awesome wisdom. :)

The best part is: Both 1318 and 712 can be shown, without a shadow of a doubt, to point to Obama as the antichrist!

How God computes 712

The key to the 666 riddle is the triangular number series. Triangular numbers are numbers that appear triangular figurately. The first four triangular numbers are shown below:

The next number in the series, i.e. the 5th triangle, is 1+2+3+4+5 = 15. Both the order (5th in this example) and the triangular number (15) play a crucial role in breaking the 666 code. The triangle is the most logical and natural means to crack the 666 code. Indeed, as I will show, the beast number 666 is the most triangular of all triangular numbers!

To see how God came up with 712, we construct a list of all triangular numbers from 1 to 666. Examine their order numbers to see if they, too, are triangular. From the reduced set of numbers that are basically order numbers of the original set, further examine their order numbers to pick out all triangular numbers. Iterate the steps until no further triangular number can be found. This process essentially flushes out all triangular numbers and their associated order numbers from the base set of 36 triangles from 1 to 666 (table below).

1 1 1 1 1 1
3 2            
6 3 2         
10 4        
15 5        
21 6 3 2    
28 7        
36 8        
45 9        
55 10 4      
66 11        
78 12        
91 13        
105 14        
120 15 5      
136 16        
153 17        
171 18        
190 19        
210 20        
231 21 6 3 2  
253 22        
276 23        
300 24        
325 25        
351 26        
378 27        
406 28 7      
435 29        
465 30        
496 31        
528 32        
561 33        
595 34        
630 35        
666 36 8      

The table above consists of 6 columns. The base column (leftmost) is made up of 36 triangular numbers from 1 to 666. The second column lists the order numbers of this base set. The third column lists the order numbers of the triangular numbers in the second column. And so on. The process continues until it comes to a standstill at the 6th column when only one number is left, which is 1.

Add up all the order numbers derived from the base set, in columns 2 to 6, without the base set itself. The sum, 712, points EXACTLY to the verse number (with colon removed) of Ecc 7:12 -- the verse that contains the '666' word in chapter 666 !!!!!!

How God computes 1318

The exact formulation of 712 is nothing short of spectacular. What is even more amazing is the exact formulation of 1318 using exactly the same means, i.e. the triangular number series.

Pardon my irreverence, but there is divine madness in the method!

We will still work with the set of 36 triangular numbers capped by 666. However, now our focus is only on 10 very special triangular numbers from this set. The beast number 666 is a perfect exemplification of this special class of triangles which exhibits a unique property --  truncating the number at each digit yields a triangular number without fail!

6     = 3rd triangle
66   = 11th triangle
666 = 36th triangle

The fish number 153 also displays this special property:

1     = 1st triangle
15   = 5th triangle
153 = 17th triangle

It turns out there are only 10 such triangular numbers in the number space! Let us call this special class of numbers truncatable triangular numbers. Below is a tabulation of all truncatable triangular numbers and their order numbers.

[Note: The first three members of the truncatable triangle set, 1, 3, 6, are special truncatable triangular numbers since they are single-digit triangular numbers and therefore can only be 'truncated' once.]

1 1              
3 2              
6 3 2            
10 4   1 1        
15 5   1 1        
36 8   3 2        
66 11   6 3 2      
105 14   10 4   1 1  
153 17   15 5   1 1  
666 36 8 66 11   6 3 2

The leftmost highlighted column above lists the ten truncatable triangular numbers. The corresponding derived truncatable triangular numbers are listed in the other two highlighted columns. Each truncatable triangle's order number is placed to its right in the unhighlighted columns; in the case where the order number is also a triangular number, place the order number of the order number further to the right.

Worthy of note is the triangular shape of the table which signifies increasing triangularity as we move down the table. A truncatable triangular number is more triangular than another if it generates more derived truncatable triangles and associated order numbers. The number 666, at the base of the table, is the most triangular of all triangular numbers! It is the largest truncatable triangular number! (It is also the largest repdigit triangular number!) Without question, 666 is a 'watershed' number of apocalyptic proportions. Of all the numbers created by God, it is the most triangular in attribute, unsurpassed in triangularity.

With that said, the numerical feat previously seen in Ecc 7:12 is now repeated here in Rev 13:18! The sum of the set of truncatable triangular numbers and associated order numbers (table above) is PRECISELY 1318 -- the verse number (with colon removed) of Rev 13:18 !!!!!!

Surely this incredible match, coupled with the magic of Ecc 7:12, prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the triangle (and its order) is the principal mathematical device used by God to encode His most famous riddle. The certainty of knowledge provided by the triangles in Ecc 7:12 and Rev 13:18 almost pierced the dark glass of reality and laid bare God's higher math hitherto unseen.

The perfect order and symmetry is quite a spectacle to behold.

The Beast of Rev 13:18

With a perfect understanding of the origin of 1318, we are now one step closer to the solution of the 666 riddle. The table below shows two ways of summing to 30927 -- the verse order of Rev 13:18. The upper portion of the table is Paul Black's discovery, showing all too clearly Barack Hussein Obama (793) in three rows of 13 numbers.

The lower portion of the above table consists of two rows of numbers: 131061 and 131318. The latter is the scripture number of Rev 13:18, or the sum of the 10 truncatable triangular numbers and derived truncatable triangles and order numbers. The first number, 1061, is precisely the sum of 1 + 3 + 6 + 10 + 15 + 36 + 66 + 105+ 153 + 666 -- the 10 truncatable triangular numbers !!!!!!

1 1               1
3 2               3
6 3 2             6
10 4   1 1         10
15 5   1 1         15
36 8   3 2         36
66 11   6 3 2       66
105 14   10 4   1 1   105
153 17   15 5   1 1   153
666 36 8 66 11   6 3 2 666
Total = 1318 1061

In the table above, we have added the 10 truncatable triangles (rightmost column) to the '1318' table, so that it becomes an expanded table. Multiply the expanded '1318' table 13 times and you arrive exactly at verse 30,927 --  Rev 13:18 !!!!!! In other words, God placed the beast scripture at the precise verse location that is a multiple of the 10 truncatable triangles and order numbers!

There are 54 numbers in the expanded '1318' table. (The Hebrew gematria value of 'Obama' is 54!) Thus, the number of truncatable triangles and order numbers that sum to 30,927 is 13  54, or (1318) + (1318) + (1318) -- the verse number of Rev 13:18 triply emphasized !!!!!!

More significantly, the expanded '1318' table is equal to THREE TIMES 793 -- the English gematria value of 'Barack Hussein Obama' !

There is indeed divine madness in the method! The number 1318 is not a random number. It is the sum of a collection of 44 numbers that are the most triangular of all numbers. (Note: 44 is also the total of the order numbers of 666: 36+8 = 44. Maybe that is why Obama is the 44th president!) The beast verse number 30,927 is not a random number either. It is thirteen times the expanded '1318' table of numbers which is the sum of 1318 and 1061 (the 10 truncatable triangular numbers).

To put it simply, the verse order 30,927 is a function of 1318, which in turn is a function of 793! But ultimately all three numbers are linked with 666 since 1318 is derived from all truncatable triangles up to 666 -- the largest of them all.

The 666 riddle is almost solved given the equation below:

Expanded '1318' table = triple 793 ('Barack Hussein Obama')

It is only fully solved when both the '666' verse numbers, 712 and 1318, are considered together.

The secret that reveals the beast!

In the course of my antichrist research, I stumbled upon a secret of Freemasonry, so dark and ingeniously sinister that little did I know it leads to the complete solution of the 666 riddle! This secret makes perfect sense of the two '666' verse numbers, 712 and 1318.

I discovered that the Freemasonic sacred time is 11:06 -- the 666th minute! I have documented two compelling instances in which the time 11:06 is used subliminally to condition the masses: during the G-20 Summit (link) and in the ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) seal (link).

Each leg of the masonic compass is opened at 27 degrees -- the exact angle between 11:06 (666th minute) and 12 o'clock! There is inconsistency in the literature concerning the internal angle of the masonic compass. However, I discovered a spectacular proof, cast in stone as it were, (the work of a Grand Master Mason no doubt), in the skybridge linking the Petronas Twin Towers, with its supporting legs parted at 27 degrees precisely on each side! (link)

The left leg of the Inverted Compass aligns with the hour hand at 11:06 -- the 666th minute.

The skybridge structure (the compass) spans between levels 29 and 43. The compass consists of two double legs (below), making an angle of 90−27 = 63 with the horizontal axis on each side. This is also the angle between the hour and minute hands (27+36=63) at 11:06, the 666th minute!

The number of the beast is visible on each tower when we add the level numbers spanned by the skybridge structure and the two angles the compass legs make with the bridge : 29 + 30 + 31 + 32 + 33 + 34 + 35 + 36 + 37 + 38 + 39 + 40 + 41 + 42 + 43 + 63+ 63 = 666 !!!

Why is the beast so fixated on the time 11:06 -- the 666th minute? Maybe it's because his time has come. But maybe the secret lies much deeper. There are indications that the antichrist himself has cracked the antichrist code buried in the Bible before anyone else! Talk about extreme irony!

During the White House Correspondents Dinner this year, Obama remarked, "I strongly believe my next 100 days will be so successful I will finish them in 72 days -- and on the 73rd day I will rest."  This is blasphemy! He thinks he is the God of Genesis 1:1 who rested on the 7th day after creation. The day Obama chose to rest on, happens to correspond to the 73rd triangular number, 2701 -- the Hebrew gematria value of Genesis 1:1 !

I don't believe it was a random remark with no premeditation.

Obama appears to know the key that unlocks the secrets of the first five words of Genesis 1:1 whose Hebrew gematria value is 1998 or triple 666. It is this same key that will lead us to the complete solution of the 666 riddle. The key consists of two clock times: 11:06 (666th minute modern reckoning) and 5:06 (666th minute Jewish reckoning, counting from 6pm sundown the previous day).

The smoking gun evidence that the man has in his possession the knowledge of the 666 sacred time, is found in the two gears on the ARRA seal -- presumably designed or at least approved by him. The angle of engagement between the cogs of the two gears (left below) coincides PRECISELY with the hour hand when the clock strikes 11:06 -- the 666th minute!

Given that there are two wheels, another possible clock time (right above) is 5:06 -- the 666th minute from 6pm sundown the day before, according to Jewish reckoning. The clock strikes these two times twice daily: once in the morning and once in the evening; thus giving rise to four 666th minutes in a day. Incredibly, the four 666th minutes completely account for the gematria values of the first five Hebrew words (standard and reversed word values)!

The intriguing link between the 666th minutes and the first five words of Genesis 1:1 was mentioned in an article I wrote documenting the amazing antichrist evidence concealed in the reversed word values of Genesis 1:1 (see link). Briefly, word two reversed is 'Barack' (302) in Hebrew; word four reversed is 'Obama' (104) in English; word two to word four reversed is 'Barack Obama' in Greek (302+68+104=474); finally, the sum of the first four words reversed is 'Barack Hussein Obama' in English (319+302+68+104=793). Notice also the number 1026 (see above) -- the 666th minute in the second half of a Jewish day is 'Barry Soetoro' in English, multiple-6 gematria value (A=6; B=12....).

Fueling the above intrigue, come 11-6-2012 -- the next US Election Day, Obama will have completed 1386 days in office. Note that the month-day number of the election day, 11-6, corresponds to 11:06 pm -- the 1386th minute of the day (or 666th minute pm). The number, 1386, is the number of days for Obama's first term in office; it is also the reversed word total of the first five words of Genesis 1:1 !!!!!!

The 666th minute is the dark secret of Freemasonry that reveals the beast --  the key to the complete solution of the 666 riddle. As we shall see, at this exact moment in the clock, the two 666 verse numbers, 712 and 1318, are in complete agreement with each other as to the identity of the antichrist.

It is now time to reveal the beast  .......

The 11th hour!

Friends, listen to the amazing words of the Apostle John, "Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time." (1 John 2:18)

After what seems like eons to us earthlings -- six thousand years to be precise, we have finally reached the last time! This is literally the 11th hour ........ plus 6 minutes if you don't mind. The rapture will happen any day now because the son of perdition has been revealed! His time is 11:06 -- the 666th minute. At this very instant, the two '666' scripture numbers -- 712 and 1318 -- together with the first five word values of Genesis 1:1 (standard and reversed), are fully revealed on the clock face!

Herein lies the most damning evidence against Obama as his Hebrew name is clearly spelt out in 712 and 1318 in a classic 'double-witness' fashion!

The time in the clock below reads 11:06 -- the 666th minute in the morning or the 1386th minute in the evening. By a leap of intuition (this is a critical step), I assigned a value of 666 to the clock radius, and watched with utter amazement an astounding set of numbers emerged before my eyes. What knocked me over instantly were these three numbers (underlined numbers in the clock illustration below) -- straight out from the first five words of the Bible --  302 (word 2 reversed), 593 (word 5 reversed), 1386 (reversed word total of 5 words)!

Not to mention that the triple 666 -- the standard value total of the first five words of Genesis 1:1 -- is also accounted for by the 666 clock radius and the two 666th minutes!

I knew I hit pay dirt!

When I further discovered that even the reversed word values of word 1 and 3 are also represented in the clock sector bounded between 11:06 and 12:00 hours (yellow 'pizza' slice), I gave glory to God for His infinite wisdom! The sum of the sector arc (314) and the shorter line segment on the vertical radius (73) is equal to 319 (word 1 reversed) + 68 (word 3 reversed)!

Thus, almost all five reversed word values are found on the yellow 'pizza' slice! The exception is word four, which has a reversed value of 104 --  the English gematria value of OBAMA! The omission is telling. If we were to add the reversed word values from word 1 to word 4 (where the omission is), the sum is 793 -- the English gematria value of 'Barack Hussein Obama'!

What was God thinking when He wrote the first five words of the Bible, "In the beginning God created the Heaven"? Did He factor in the numbers that appear in the '666' pizza slice?

The answer appears to be YES; the numbers speak for themselves.

How else can we explain these supernatural connections:

OK, Lord, you have our attention. But, where are the two '666' verse numbers, 712 and 1318 -- the ultimate evidence that nails the antichrist?

Look at the clock again and notice that the antichrist is hidden in plain sight: 302 (Barack in Hebrew) and 54 (Obama in Hebrew)! But since there are two '666' clock sectors ('pizza' slices), one in the morning and one in the night, what happens when we add the numbers twice? It is 302 (Barack) + 54 (Obama) + 302 (Barack) + 54 (Obama) = 712 -- the '666' scripture number of Ecc 7:12 we have been looking for !!!!!!

Another Hebrew gematria value of 'Obama' is 55 (54 is the more common value; see link); this number is hidden in the 666th minute -- for it is the 55th minute to twelve o'clock. By using 55 (inclusive reckoning) instead of 54 (exclusive reckoning), the Hebrew gematria value of 'Barack Obama' is 302+55 = 357. Add twice to account for the two '666' clock sectors:  302 (Barack) + 357 (Barack Obama) + 302 (Barack) +357 (Barack Obama) = 1318 -- the '666' scripture number of Rev 13:18 -- the second number we have been looking for !!!!!!

The double witness doubled up becomes quadruple witness!

God knew the two Hebrew spellings of 'Barack Hussein Obama' (below) long before he was born. It took omniscience and infinite wisdom to encode Obama in two triangle sums derived from 666 -- 712 and 1318 -- using the two Hebrew spellings of 'Obama' -- 54 in the former, and 55 in the latter.

Thus, the mystery of 1318 is FULLY decoded!

The 666 riddle is COMPLETELY solved!

The element of 'double witness' is exploited to the full -- two Hebrew spellings in two '666' triangle sums --  two names repeated twice in each '666' triangle sum.

Consider another double witness. The word wisdom (Hebrew value 73), found in both '666' verses -- twice in Ecc 7:12 and once in Rev 13:18 -- is also found twice in the two '666' clock sectors as the shorter line segment on the vertical radius!

Job, inspired by God, wrote these words, "And that he would shew thee the secrets of wisdom [Hebrew value 73], that they are double to that which is!"

Job's words -- secrets, wisdom and double -- are perfect descriptions of the numbers on the '666' clock sector. But, you may not be prepared for this: Job's verse is taken from the (6+6+6)th book of the Bible, chapter 11 verse 6 -- a sure reference to 11:06, the 666th minute  !!!!!!

God may have inspired Job to write this verse specifically for the '666' clock riddle!

Consider yet another double witness. The verse before Rev 13:18 that contains the word 'wisdom' is Rev 7:12 -- a verse that shares the same scripture number with Ecc 7:12 !!!!!!

Putting all the numbers together, we get a startling picture of the dark secret of the beast! The wisdom of God is fully revealed in all its glory in the top segment of the '666' clock sector (below). Occupying about 1% of the entire clock area, this small segment unravels the mystery of Rev 13:18.

Truly, the wisdom of God knows no bounds. Stay with this small little 'wisdom' (73) segment a while longer and be totally blown away. Consider the two sets of numbers found on the segment: 302+54+73 =  429 and 302+314+73 = 689. How odd both numbers, (as number of chapters in the Old Testament and the Bible), land spot on 'Barack Hussein Obama' (500 and 501) when measured from the end of the OT/Bible !!!!!!

The 'wisdom' segment is full of the wisdom of God. No wonder God prefixes the 666 riddle with these words, "Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast."
The question can now be reasonably asked: Have we not found the complete solution to the 666 riddle?

The 666 Pizza Slice

Here is one piece of morsel you wouldn't want to sink your teeth into. It has the beast all over it! Its perimeter, 666+54+73+593 = 1386 (see below), besides being the 666th minute after 12 noon, is the reversed word total of the first five words of Genesis 1:1.

The last equation above is the sum of three numbers around the perimeter of the '666' pizza slice ending on the number 73 for 'wisdom'. The equation says 'wisdom' plus 'Obama' in Hebrew plus the 666 beast number is equal to 'Barack Hussein Obama' in English !

The perimeter is intriguing enough, but the line segment within the '666' pizza slice takes the cake! Its value, 302, is 'Barack' in Hebrew.

But there is much much more than meets the eyes in this number ........

The Number that ends All Speculations!

The tedium of cracking the 666 riddle is over. You may even stop reading beyond this point and mull over the implication of it all (Jesus is only a breath away!). But the fun has barely begun! You will be bowled over by the rest of the material I trust.

The numbers on the '666' clock sector are rounded numbers except for 666 itself. The number that ends all speculations hinges on the precise value of 302 (Barack in Hebrew) -- the shortest side of the below blue set square (Freemason's!) within the '666' clock sector.

The number 302 to the third decimal place is 666 sine(27) = 302.357........... This number alone is a double confirmation of the identity of the antichrist: 302 (Barack) + 357 (Barack Obama)! If we multiply the two numbers twice to account for the two 666th minutes, the sum is 302 (Barack) + 357 (Barack Obama) + 302 (Barack) + 357 (Barack Obama) = 1318 -- the scripture number of Rev 13:18  !!!!!!

This is simply another way of obtaining 1318 -- a more direct way at that. Continue with the precision of 302 until we reach the 54th digit (54 is 'Obama' in Hebrew).

This 54-digit string (54=Obama) is the number that ends all speculations as to the identity of the antichrist! It begins with 302 (Barack) and ends with 356 (Barack Obama)!

(consult big calculator at this link)

There are eighteen 3-digit numbers in the above string. The number eighteen is 6+6+6. The end of the string is terminated by the (6+6+6)th three-digit number, 356 -- 'Barack Obama' in Hebrew!

Thus, we have also found another confirmation of 712, which is twice 356! Together with 1318, the double witness reaches dizzying levels.

But that is not all.

The average of the 6+6+6 three-digit numbers in each 54-digit string is 9028  18 = 501.555555......... The integer number, 501, is the Hebrew gematria value of 'Barack Hussein Obama'! The recurring decimal digits, 55, is the Hebrew gematria value of 'Obama'!

Add the first four numbers of the average, 501.555555...... , and be shocked: 501 (BHO) + 55 (O) + 55 (O) + 55 (O) = the number of the beast 666 !!!!!!

This sum reveals startling figurate patterns relating Obama and his number 666 -- the 36th triangular number.

The gematria value of the antichrist does add to 666 (501 BHO + 55 O + 55 O + 55 O), if you are willing to receive it.

Examine the 54-digit string again and notice that it contains all four names that Obama is addressed with in public and in the print media: Barack (302), Barack Obama (356/357), Obama (55), and Barack Hussein Obama (501).

As if the quadruple witness of Ecc 7:12 and Rev 13:18 is not enough, God provides another quadruple witness from His Word!

Quadruple Witness of Four Biblical Numbers

You don't have to be Euler or Pascal to be curious enough to take notice of some numbers found in the New Testament. Besides the two well-known numbers, the fish number 153 and the beast number 666, there are two more three-digit numbers rarely written about: 120 and 276. Why are they there in the Bible to begin with? Why did John and Peter bother to count the number of fish caught and why did John bother to record the number for us as if the story is incomplete without this detail? The same puzzling question may be raised concerning the 276 saved persons on the ship Paul was in when it shipwrecked. Why 276 and not 275 or 277 or simply 'about three hundred people'? At least Luke did not burden us with precision when he recorded the number of disciples gathered before Pentecost in Acts 1:15, which he wrote was "about an hundred and twenty". However, the precision of 666 is non-negotiable since it is the key to a riddle.

These New Testament numbers impress Bible students with a sense that their numerical precision is calculated. Surprisingly (maybe not), the four numbers are not a random collection of unrelated numbers; they have something in common, a number property that binds them together!

All four New Testament 3-digit numbers are divisible by 3 and all are triangular numbers!

Did Luke and John conspire to fabricate the above piece of math for reasons known only to themselves? Or was it simply a coincidence that the numbers came out that way? Or perhaps, there is ryhme and reason afterall in the numbers.

Given the near zero probability (odds of 1 in 810,000!) that we should find four three-digit multiple-of-3 triangular numbers in the New Testament, imagine the utter impossiblity that the triangle sum is also the Hebrew gematria sum of four names of the antichrist!

55 (O) + 302 (B)  + 357 (BO) + 501 (BHO) =
        120 disciples + 153 fishes + 276 saved persons +
666 beast number

But I sense that some of you may raise the legitimate objection that you can almost come up with any combination of four numbers that matches a sum. True. But try adding four names of a person to come up with a predetermined number! You cannot simply fabricate the numbers. Moreover, these are not four random numbers plucked from the air; they are straight out from the number that ends all speculations!

To get our attention, God planted not just four numbers, but four triangular numbers, in the New Testament, whose sum is precisely the four names of Obama concealed in the '666' clock sector. Given the triangular roots of the two '666' verse numbers, 712 and 1318 -- two numbers that are derived from 666 (the most triangular number), the testimony of the four Biblical triangular numbers is of considerable weight.

Double Witness from the First Words of the First Two Scriptures

The mountain of Biblical evidence is mindnumbing. How much more evidence can a human mind take?

The number 302 (Barack in Hebrew) is HUGE. Its precise value on the '666' clock sector, as a 54-digit number, solves the mysteries of 712 and 1318, and the four New Testament triangular numbers. Perhaps the significance of 302 did not escape Barack, its name sake, who took pains to wear it on his watch on the front cover of Reader's Digest, February issue, 2009 (link).

Here is another reason why 302 is HUGE: Ted Porter discovered that if you raise the individual digits of the number to the 6th power and add them, the sum is unbelievably 793 (36+06+26) -- the English gematria value of 'Barack Hussein Obama'! To my pleasant surprise, I discovered that there are 666 numbers between 36 and 26!

Here is yet another reason why 302 is HUGE: Chapter 302 of the Bible is chapter 888 counting from the last chapter of the Book of Revelation; the Greek gematria value of JESUS is 888! 

Recall that 302 is also the reversed word value of word two of Genesis 1:1. I was totally floored when I learned that (thanks to Vernon Jenkins) the first word of Genesis 1:2, erets, translated as "And the earth", has a value of 302! In our search for the antichrist, we focused much attention on Genesis 1:1. However, had we read on after the first scripture, we would have encountered Barack (302) at the start of verse two!

But are we grasping at straws here?

Consider this: The first SIX words of Genesis 1:2 sum to 1586, which is TWICE 793 -- the English gematria value of 'Barack Hussein Obama'!

If you join the first two scriptures back to back (below), an awesome palindromic pattern is clearly in view: i) The two words joining Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 are one and the same -- erets for 'earth'; its second occurrence points to 'Barack' (302). ii) 'Barack Hussein Obama' (793) appears twice on both sides of the 'earth' divide! iii) 'Barack' heads the two BHO (793) word strings as a palindromic pair -- 203 & 302.

Consider the first words of Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 -- "in the beginning" (913) and "and the earth" (302). The sum is 913 + 302 = 1215. This is the same total as that of the four New Testament triangular numbers and that of the four names of the antichrist !!!!

It is impossible to find weightier words than the first words of the first two scriptures. Should we regard their testimony lightly?

The combined witness from the Word of God is awe-inspiring.

Yet, we have a fourth witness to seal the matter!

Double Witness from Two '666' Scriptures

The two '666' scriptures we are considering here are not Ecc 7:12 and Rev 13:18. So far, our research has revealed the monumental significance of the 666th minutes (modern and Jewish), without which the 666 riddle remains unsolved. God sees to their inclusion in the Holy Writ, by concealing their clock times in the first book of the Bible; their significance is underscored by the Law of First Mention.

These two '666' scriptures throw their weight behind the already unbelievable triple witness on 1215 to constitute the fourth witness against the man of sin!

The 666th minute of a Jewish day is 5:06. What can we find in chapter 5 verse 6 of Genesis? It is the number 357 -- 'Barack Obama' in Hebrew! (see link) The 666th minute of a modern day is 11:06. Click on this link here to go to Genesis 11:6 and satisfy yourself that the three remaining Hebrew names of the antichrist are found there!

The mountain of evidence is piling up skyhigh.

The witness from the Word of God seems to go on and on ......... We have seen witness upon witness upon witness from the Scriptures that Obama is the prophesied antichrist of the Apocalypse. We are truly at the last time spoken of by the Apostle John.

Welcome to the New World Order.

The antichrist is here.

Double Witness from the First Two Scriptures

But we are not done yet with Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. The standard and reversed word total of the first five words of Genesis 1:1 and the first six words of Genesis 1:2 is 666 + 666 + 666 + 666 + 793(BHO) + 793(BHO) + 793(BHO) + 793(BHO) !!!!!!

If you are still reading the article at this point, you are probably in a surreal state of mind with all the numbers floating about in the 3-pound universe between your ears. Take a deep breath and relax.

The math level is so far advanced that we find ourselves playing with numbers with no inhibition like a five-year old kid! The higher the math, the simpler it gets!

Don't believe me? Read on.

Double Witness from the First and Last Scriptures

The sum of the first and last scriptures is 2701 (Ge 1:1) + 8971 (Re 22:21) = 11672. This is an interesting number because the leading three digits correspond to 11 hours and 6 minutes, i.e. the 666th minute, and the last two digits, when reversed, point to the angle (27) between 11:06 and twelve o'clock.

The key thing is, the number 11672 is TWICE the standard and reversed word values of the 5+6 words of Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 !!!!!!

So, the total of the first and last scriptures is 666 + 666 + 666 + 666 + 666 + 666 + 666 + 666 + 793(BHO) + 793(BHO) + 793(BHO) + 793(BHO) + 793(BHO) + 793(BHO) + 793(BHO) + 793(BHO) !!!!!!!

As we have mentioned a number of times before, the first five words of the Bible sum to triple 666. The amount of antichrist evidence buried in these five words boggles the mind. Add the four 666th minutes and corresponding clock times to the triple 666 and reversed word values and get a jolt of current coursing through you!

666 + 666 + 666                     (standard value of five words of Ge 1:1)
+ 1386                                    (reversed value of five words of Ge 1:1=666th m)
+ 666 + 666 + 666 + 666        (four 666th minutes)
+ 1106 + 2306 + 506 + 1706  (four '666' clock times = 5624)


666 + 666 + 666 + 666 + 666 + 666 + 666 + 666 +       (beast)
793 + 793 + 793 + 793 + 793 + 793 + 793 + 793          (BHO)


2701 (Ge 1:1)  + 8971 (Re 22:21)        (First and Last Scriptures)

Note also that the four '666' clock times total, 5624, is the total number of Greek words used in the New Testament!

What is going on?

Is the Almighty making sport of mere mortals by hiding 'inconsequential' numerical oddities to tantalize the minds so that the whole phenomenon, enigmatic though it may be, is nothing more than interesting random collision of digits inherent in the nature of numbers?

Somehow there is a hollow ring to the above proposition.

The Ultimate Child's Play

I don't know how God did it, but He has a way with numbers and makes them fun despite the rigor. Let me end where we started -- the '1318' table.

1 1              
3 2              
6 3 2            
10 4   1 1        
15 5   1 1        
36 8   3 2        
66 11   6 3 2      
105 14   10 4   1 1  
153 17   15 5   1 1  
666 36 8 66 11   6 3 2

Looking at the above table again after our 'numbers' roller-coast ride, one cannot help but notice the two 666th minutes: 11:06 (modern; red digits) and 5:06 (Jewish; blue digits)!

Observe the three categories that divide the ten truncatable triangular numbers: single-digit (1, 3, 6), double-digit (10, 15, 36, 66) and triple-digit (105, 153, 666). Let us turn convention on its head and sum the digits vertically according to categories; for example, the first three rows (single-digit category) are added this way: 136 + 123 + 2. Continue with vertical addition to the end: 136 + 123 + 2 + 1136 + 0566 + 4581 + 1 + 1136 + 1123 + 2 + 116 + 56 + 536 + 113 + 476 + 8 + 116 + 56 + 451 + 1 + 116 + 113 + 2 = 10966.

The sum is totally unexpected. It is TWICE the standard and reversed word total of Genesis 1:1 !

If God is Who we think He is, the exact match above is not without reason. Most assuredly the antichrist is hidden there in the numbers (see below).

The two Hebrew gematria values of 'Barack Hussein Obama' from the above -- 501 and 1151 -- are intimately connected with the 666th minutes (modern and Jewish; see below). By merging the two '666' clock times (rightmost clock below), the two Hebrew names of the antichrist show up miraculously: 1151 is the amalgam of all three numbers (11, 5, 1) and 501 is the amalgam of 5 and 1 !

The sum of these four Hebrew gematria values of 'Barack Hussein Obama' -- 1151,  501, 11:51 (711m), 5:01 (301m) -- is  666666666666 !!!!!! Put another way, the four names of 'Barack Hussein Obama' average out to be 666 -- the number of the beast!

The Man marked with a Triangle

I saw on the Internet what appeared to be a geometric shape on Obama's head sometime ago but thought perhaps the photo was doctored. Until I saw it again in the Time Magazine, Feb 2, 2009 commemorative issue. See it for yourself.

Regardless of whether there is an actual imprint of an upright triangle on Obama's head, I will still go with what Nicholas Cage said poignantly in the movie, "Knowing" -- the key is in the numbers.

How much 'knowing' must we receive before we believe?

That is probably a moot question because time as we know it is fast running out. Soon everyone will know.

Jesus is almost here. Are you ready to meet Him?