John Tng (19 May 2009)
"John's Antichrist Puzzle"

Dear Doves,

I have startling new information on what Kevin discovered three days ago. He wrote:

As you know, I've written a few articles since January that make the claim that the 4 verses in the Bible that specifically use the word 'antichrist' have sums and products that add to the various Gematria values of Barack Hussein Obama's names (see John's Antichrist Puzzle).  Some of the calculations involving prime numbers do yield values that sum to his Gematrias.  However, I excluded 1 as a prime number, but rather considered it as unity. 
After reading some of the Five Dove's articles that make the claim that God considers 1 as a prime number, I decided to include it as the first prime number which consequently moves the ordered positions of all the remaining primes to the next position.  Using the numbers in the 'antichrist' verses as prime positions and their equivalent values, the simple sum of those numbers is 163!   As you know, the English Ordinal 1-1 value of Barack Hussein Obama is 163!  This cannot be accidental.  However, please check my numbers for accuracy to be sure.  God is truly sovereign!
1 John 2:18---------1, 2, 18------1+2+59=62
1 John 2:22---------1, 2, 22------1+2+73=76
1 John 4:3-----------1, 4, 3-------  1+5+3=  9
2 John 1:7-----------2, 1, 7------- 2+1+13=16
 Simple Sum of Primes-------------------- 163! 
Your Friend in Christ,
Kevin Heckle
Thanks, Kevin!

The sum of the four verse numbers is 218+222+43+17 = 500 -- the Hebrew gematria value of 'Barack Hussein Obama' !!!!!


The word, 'antichrist', is Johannine. It appears 5 times in four verses in John's Epistles. As shown above, when the four verse numbers are added, the sum is 218+222+43+17 = 500 -- the Hebrew gematria value of 'Barack Hussein Obama' !

I was dumbfounded when I realized that the Strong's number of the Greek word for antichrist -- antichristos, is 500 -- precisely the Hebrew gematria value of 'Barack Hussein Obama' !


I then proceeded to add the five occurrences in a more complete manner, taking into account the book number of each Epistle:

1 John 2:18 (antichrist)     = 1218
1 John 2:18 (antichrists)   = 1218
1 John 2:22 (antichrist)     = 1222
1 John 4:3   (antichrist)     = 143
2 John 1:7   (antichrist)     = 217

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw the display on my calculator showing the sum of 4018 -- which is TWICE 2009 !!!!!!

The Year of the Rise of the Antichrist and his identity are concealed by the Apostle John !!!

To the skeptics out there, consider another witness from John. In my article, "The Revelation of John" (link),  I documented multiple antichrist evidences based on two famous 'number' scriptures, both Johannine -- John 21:11 (153 fish number) and Rev 13:18 (666 beast number). This is what I wrote end of 2008:

The number of verses between John 21:11 (verse 26910) and Rev 13:18 (verse 30927), is 20092009 verses inclusive! A world renowned leader will be sworn in at the start of 2009, a man who recently made it to the front cover of Time Magazine as the Man of the Year!

What do we make of the double 'double witnesses' provided by the Apostle John pinpointing Barack Hussein Obama (500) in the year 2009 in his 'antichrist' verses?

I think the message is crystal clear.