John Tng (3 Apr 2009)
"Breaking News: The TIME is now!"

Dear Doves,

Obama appears to be extremely fond of the number of the beast -- the infamous 666. In my previous article, "Beauty and the Beast" (see link), I demonstrated that the total figure of his stimulus package, $787 billions, is deeply rooted in the number 666. It is the sum of all repdigit (repetitive digit) triangular numbers in existence: 55+66+666 = 787. This triangular number triplet is remarkable for two reasons: 1) The Hebrew gematria of 'Obama', 55, heads this list of very rare numbers. 2) The list ends with the number of the beast, 666.

Obama is so fond of 666 that he hid it surreptitiously in the official seal (below) of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (a.k.a. stimulus package). He hid the number 666 not just once, not twice, not thrice, but four times in each quadrant of the circular seal!

First, let me direct your attention to the eight stars. Look at the seal and notice the  recurring theme of the number eight: eight stars, an eight-letter word ('recovery'), and two sets of eight teeth on the wheels.

What is the significance of the number eight?

I want to suggest the number 8 has everything to do with the number 666. The intimate link between the two numbers are shown in the illustration below. The smaller triangle is the 8th triangle in the triangular number series; it has 8 counters at the base of the triangle. The total number of counters for this triangle is 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8 = 36. Why is the 8th triangle important? Because its total, 36, is the order number of the '666' triangle -- the bigger triangle that has 36 counters at the base! Another way of putting it, 666 is the 36th triangle.

Using mathematical notation, 36 can be written as T(8), i.e. the 8th triangle. [Note: More technically, the notation T(n) is defined as the sum of all natural numbers from 1 to n.] Similarly, 666 can be written as T(36). But since 36 is T(8), 666 can also be written as T(T(8)).

                666 = T(36) = T(T(8))

In other words, beginning with the number 8, with a double triangularization, we can obtain 666. It is, however, a bit of a stretch to infer 666 from just 8 alone. Look at the eight stars in the ARRA seal again.

Do you see 36 TRIANGLES in the 8 stars?!

The stars are five-pointed stars. However, the two stars that lie on the circumference of the seal's inner circle are drawn with three internal angles each, instead of five for a normal five-pointed star. The missing two internal angles are absorbed by the circumference if you will. As a result, there are altogether 36 INTERNAL ANGLES or TRIANGLES in the 8 stars! Furthermore, each internal angle is 36 degrees!

8 stars 666 = T(T(8))
36 internal angles of the 8 stars 666 = T(36)
36 internal angles with 36 degrees each 666 = T(36)

A five-pointed star is known as a pentagram. I would not even want to visit the satanic undertones of this geometrical shape in this article (too much symbolism!). The Pentagon of the United States is closely linked with the five-pointed star since it is the heart of a pentagram (see inverted pentagon below.)

Five pentagons are hidden snugly amongst the eight pentagrams in the seal (below). Unbelievably, the sum of the 36 internal angles of the 8 pentagrams and the total angle of the 5 pentagons is SIX TIMES SIX SIX SIX !!!!!!

36 x 36 + 5 x 540 = 666666 + 666 + 666 + 666 + 666 !!!!!!

It is hard to shrug off the above evidence. It will be even harder to ignore the cumulative weight of evidence that I will be piling on shortly.

The eight-letter word, RECOVERY, has a surprising link to the number of the beast. If we regard A=6, B=12, ....Z=156 (multiple-6 system), the gematria value of the word is 666 !!!!

RECOVERY = 108+30+18+90+132+30+108+150 = 666 !!!!!

Next, the little plant on the lower left corner of the seal, presumably signifying growth and recovery, looks suspiciously like the number of the beast. Think of each oval-shaped petal or leaf as the loop of the digit 6, you get a very close  representation of 666 (below).

Now take a look at the two wheels in the last quadrant of the seal; they contain the most cryptic code to crack yet. The two sets of eight teeth can be thought of as seed numbers to two veiled references to the number of the beast since 666 is T(T(8)). But to solely depend on this connection to hide the 'crowning' glory of the beast is not worthy of his megalomania.

Given Obama's obsession with time and watch (see link), it is not surprising that  he chose to hide the number of his name on the face of a clock. The angle of engagement between the cogs of the two gears coincides PRECISELY with the hour hand when the clock strikes the 666th minute (11:06)!

Without fail, we discovered a '666' code in every quadrant of the ARRA 2009 seal. The number of the beast is encoded not just once, or twice, or thrice, but four times in the four quadrants of the circular seal. Is this signifying the beast's sphere of domination in the four corners of the globe?

His TIME has come!

The 666th minute hidden in the larger wheel declares that his time has come. Thanks to this clue provided by Mr. 666 himself, I connected the dots and discovered that the first five words of the Bible reveal astonishing information about his identity! It seems Obama is adept at Hebrew gematria and understands dark sentences, besides having a stern face (Dan 8:23). He appears to have cracked the antichrist code hidden for the last few thousand years in these matchless words of God, "In the beginning God created the Heaven"; the gematria value of these five Hebrew words is 666 + 666 + 666 !

How ironic it took the antichrist to crack the antichrist code!

In a previous article, I have documented compelling evidence that Obama is hidden numerous times in Genesis 1:1 (see link). I have shown by reversing the word value of Genesis 1:1, the identity of the antichrist is revealed. For example, the mirrored word value for "create", 302, is the Hebrew value for 'Barack'. Interestingly, Obama set his watch to read 3:02 on the front cover of Reader's Digest February 2009 edition (see link). His obsession with time appears to have deep links with the secrets buried in Genesis 1:1.

The first shocking revelation is this: The sum of the mirrored word value of the first five words of Genesis 1:1 is 319+302+68+104+593 = 1386; this number when expressed as minutes of day is 11:06 PM -- the 666th minute from noon!

First 5 Hebrew words of Ge 1:1 = 666666666
Mirrored word values = 666th minute in the second half of the day

What is the smoking-gun evidence that Obama is aware of the above link? The clue lies in the smaller wheel. While the gears' line of engagement produces the time 11:06 on the larger wheel, the time reads 5:06 on the smaller wheel, exactly six hours apart (below). This is extremely interesting as it also proves that Obama is cognizant of how the Jews reckon the start of day, i.e., 6 pm sundown the day before. Thus, when the clock strikes 5:06 in the morning, 666 minutes will have elapsed from the start of a Jewish day, 6pm sundown the day before!

Both the clock times, 5:06 and 11:06, point to the number of the beast, being 666th minute (Jewish & modern reckonings). But the astonishing thing is this: The sum of the four clock times (both AM & PM) is the sum of the first five Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1 and their mirrorred word values!

Clock Time
Gematria Value of
First Five Words of Genesis 1:1
306m (5:06 AM) +
666m (11:06 AM) +
1026m (5:06 PM) +
1386m (11:06 PM)

1998 (Ge 1:1 standard) +
1386 (Ge 1:1 mirrorred)

This shocking revelation hits you like a ton of bricks when the realization finally sinks in that the four clock times in the left column above, each representing the 666th minute (modern and Jewish reckonings), are precisely matched by FOUR TIMES 666 in the right column -- gematria total of the first five words of Genesis 1:1, 666+666+666, and the 666th minute obtained from the corresponding mirrored word total!

Hmm..........  How did Obama come to possess the knowledge of the four '666' clock times?

Clearly, he did not align the two wheels in a random fashion.

Where is Obama?

Notwithstanding the impressive 666 connections, where is Obama in the clock times?

On a twelve-hour clock face, the hour hand crosses the 666th minute (modern and Jewish reckonings) four times: 5:06 am, 11:06 am, 5:06 pm and 11:06 pm. Add the total number of minutes of these four clock times counting from the start of the twelve-hour cycle: 306m + 666m + 306m + 666m = 1944 minutes.

Where have I seen this number before? I knew I have seen it somewhere in my EXCEL file. It did not take long for me to nail it down and what a number it is!

Ted Porter discovered an incredible equation not unlike E=MC2of Einstein. He found out that the English gematria value of 'Barack Hussein Obama', 793, is the sum of 26 (64) and 36 (729). I pointed out that there are 666 numbers between them: 729 - 64 + 1 = 666. Subsequently, I realized that beginning with the number 302, the Hebrew gematria value of 'Barack', if we raise each digit to the power of six and sum them, you too obtain 36 + 06 + 26 = 793. This incredible equation links Barack in Hebrew (302) and Barack Hussein Obama in English (793) with 666!

With this success I went on to explore 66 + 66 + 66 -- the beast number raised to the power of 6. I was utterly shocked by this discovery:  66 + 66 + 66 = 6 (6 + 6)  1944 !!!!!!!! Do you see what is happening? The four '666' clock times (1944 minutes) is directly linked to the '666' beast raised to the power of 6!

But still, where is Obama in all this? Get a grip on this: The four '666' clock times is the sum of the English and Hebrew gematria values of 'Barack Hussein Obama': 793 (Eng) + 1151 (Heb) = 1944 !!!!!!

Barack Hussein Obama is equal to the four '666' clock times!

Breaking News: The Beast is here! The time is NOW!

You can check this out in the news. Gordon Brown declared, "The New World Order is emerging". This is a shocking enough statement, but it pales in comparison to the message hidden in the open for the world to see.

I challenge you to prove me wrong.

Look at this picture below.

There are three 6-letter words: 'London', 'Summit', 'Growth', that is 6+6+6 letters. There are 6+6+6 unique letters in the SIX words: A, B, D, E, G, H, I, J, L, M, N, O, R, S, T, U, W, Y. In the photo above, Obama is the (6+6+6)th person counting from the right!

What takes the cake is the new funding pledges promised by the G20 countries.

Source: BBC (link)

The total funding pledged is to the tune of $1106 billions -- a totally naked reference to the 666th minute at 11:06 !!!!!

Can this be a coincidence? Not unless the sun rises from the west. Actually why don't we indulge our thinking along the lines of the NWO cabals who regard black as white, evil as good, crooked as straight, unnatural as natural, (the list goes on),  and yes, if it is within their powers, will they not reverse the globe's rotation from the west to the east?

I flipped the picture below (60+60+60) horizontally, and drew a red circle over the globe to locate its center. I then projected a radius from the center of this circle to the sun. If you think about it, this is the beast's perspective looking at London from the other side of the globe across the Pacific Ocean .

The radius coincides PRECISELY with the hour hand of a clock at 11:06 -- the 666th minute !!!!!!!!!!

The die is cast. The beast is here. The time to be ready is NOW! This is the ELEVENTH HOUR, doves! Wake up. Sleep no more. The world as we know it will change forever. It will change so fast that we will no longer recognize it a few years from now. This is their long-awaited New World Order.

The IMF is promised $500 bn worth of funding, the lion's share in this latest thievery. I want you to take note of the number 500. It is the Hebrew gematria value of 'Barack Hussein Obama' with 'Obama' assigned a value of 54 instead of 55. Barely three days ago, King Obama went to London with an entourage of 500 staff (another coincidence!?), an armour-plated limousine named 'The Beast', and a fleet of decoy helicopters (see link). He just about fell from heaven according to the media. With 500 staff behind him, isn't he the 501st person, another number of his name?

I want to leave you with one more numbing sensation because I don't think you can take it anymore (neither can I. :)). The IMF was created in the year 1944 !!!!!! Scroll up and review the significance of this number.

Doves, hang in there. We are almost home.


Just when I thought enough is enough, on BBC I happened to catch Air Force One land in Strasbourg shortly after 11 am local time. President Obama arrived here on Friday for a two-day summit of NATO member states. My antenna perked up immediately when I saw the time 11 shown on the upper left corner of the screen. My eyes glued to the screen for a good five minutes as Air Force One taxied on the runway and gradually came to a halt at PRECISELY 11:06 am -- the 666th minute !!!!!! THIS IS NO JOKE! (see link)

When I looked at the clock in my living room, I gave praise to the God of Heaven, the King of kings, the revealer of secrets, for the time on my clock showed 5:06 pm -- the 666th minute according to Jewish reckoning!