John Tng (22 Nov 2008)
"Has the Penny Finally Dropped?"

Dear Doves,

I believe I have solved the riddle of the angel money that Vincent Tan received -- two one-dollar bills, a quarter, a nickel, and four pennies -- exactly $2.34. (See Encounter #3 at link) For several years I had been trying to crack the mystery surrounding this number 234 to no avail. The breakthrough came when Obama was elected the President of the United States. Everything just seemed to click after that.

The angel appears to tell us three things: Obama, the rapture, and the year 2008. The solution to the riddle seems to suggest that Obama is the antichrist and that the rapture will take place in 2008!

How is it possible that the number 234 is able to foretell the future and point to our soon departure? One thing is clear. The angel knew about Obama winning the US Presidential race this year. If we can establish this prophecy with confidence, we can extend our confidence to a 2008 rapture projection.

I want to state from the outset that the method that I use in solving the riddle is Biblical. Let scoffers continue to scoff, but let the saints discern whether the angel was sent by God and gave us an endtime clue.

The man that caused the penny to drop

Given the number 234, what is a reasonable approach to unravel the mystery? The angel uttered a prayer to God, read six New Testament verses to Vincent and left him an intriguing amount of money. The exact amount of $2.34 is clearly a major clue. No human could possibly have predicted the exact amount of money that was required to fill Vincent's car fuel tank one day after his angel encounter when he visited the gas station. Only a supernatural being with foreknowledge is able to do that.

You know how many times I have tried to work with this number over the years. Some methods I employed are probably dubious and out in the left field. But in this article, I will stick very closely to the Bible and let the Book speak for itself. The main method that I will use is the Biblical science of Gematria. I am not precluding other methods as providing corroborative evidences, but the main weight of evidence rests on Gematria and Scripture.

After the US election, I decided to look up every word in the Bible that has a gematria value of 234. Using the excellent search tool provided by the Biblewheel site (arguably the best on the Web), I found 32 Hebrew words and 2 Greek words (table below) with gematria value 234.

Text Strong's First Occurrence
Record Count: 34 = 32 [Hb] + 2 [Gr]

Did you notice Barack Obama listed TWICE right at the top of the above listing? Get this right: the Hebrew word for bless, barak, is the first word in the Bible that has a gematria value of 234! It stands out in bas-relief as its prominence is doubly brought out by the Law of First Mention (first word in the list) and the Law of Double Witness (first two words in the list). It is also the first word in the first two scriptures! (See Gen 12:3 & Gen 14:20) As if this is not enough, it is the only word in the list that occurs THREE TIMES! The reason for the multiple (first) occurrences of the same word with the same gematria value is because sometimes a word is composed of a slight variation of letters in different scriptures.

What an intriguing word with its TRIPLE emphasis! Surely the angel knew something about Obama 15 years ago when he barely graduated two years from Harvard at a young age of 32. I understand the name Barack in Hebrew means 'lightning', not 'bless'. However, the association of Barack with Barak is not contrived; in fact, it is almost beyond dispute. WikiAnswers has an entry on the origin of the name Barack which basically equates Barack with Barak :

Barack Obama's first name is the anglicized version of Baraka, which means 'blessing' in Kiswahili (aka Swahili), a language spoken by Senator Obama's Kenyan father.

The word "Barack" is shared among several languages. First, it is a word in the ( Semitic family of languages. As such it has a root in Hebrew (but written baruch), a version in Aramaic (berek), a version in Arabic (baraka). (See Strong's Hebrew Bible Dictionary, entries 1288-1294.)

Finding the name Barack three times in the collection of Biblical words with gematria value 234 is in no way a major confirmation of Obama winning the US 2008 election. Ah ...... , but finding the year 2008 together with the name Barack is something else! Even more spectacularly, the year 2008 is tied to Obama THREE TIMES in the list! Can you say WOW!?

Obama-2008 Evidence #1

The word 'Barak' for bless (value 234) first appears in this famous scripture, "And I will bless [234] them that bless [292] thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed [284]." (Gen 12:3) What is remarkable is that the same word 'Barak' appears a total of THREE TIMES in this scripture alone even though only one occurrence has the gematria value of 234! The very first word in this scripture is 'Barak' and it is the one occurrence with value 234!

Hebrew Value
ואברכה Barak 234
מברכיך Barak  292
ומקללך 226
אאר 202
ונברכו Barak 284
בך 22
כל 50
משפחת 828

Let us go over the discovery once more to let its gravity sink in. There are 34 biblical words that have a value of 234. The FIRST TWO words on this list is the SAME WORD, 'Barak', with different spellings. The FIRST WORD on this list is also the FIRST WORD in the scripture (Gen 12:3) where it is found. In this scripture, the FIRST WORD appears THREE TIMES (although only once with value 234). The word, 'Barak', is THE ONLY WORD that appears THREE TIMES in the list, i.e. the only word that adds up to a gematria value of 234 with THREE DIFFERENT spellings!

Where is the 2008 connection? ABRAHAM! In Scripture, Genesis chapter 12 is the first record of the exploits of Abraham, the father of our faith; verse three is the most quoted Old Testament scripture in our day concerning Israel and Jerusalem. It appears the angel knows his Bible well. 

According to scholars, Abraham was born 2008 years after Adam! (See link1link2 & link3) The antichrist (Barack) appears on the world scene in 2008 promising to bring peace to the Middle East. He will eventually succeed to broker a false peace for the first half of the 70th week. He comes as Messiah to the Jews, a blessing ('barak') to the Jews and the world!

The Lord Jesus confirms the link between Barack's name and the false blessing that comes with it. Concerning the antichrist, Jesus said in John 5:43, "I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive." (see link) SEVEN DAYS BEFORE His resurrection on Palm Sunday, Jesus presented Himself as King of the Jews, riding on a donkey, humbly entering into the city of Jerusalem. The jubilant shouts of the people give the BARAK secret away for they "Took branches of palm trees, and went forth to meet him, and cried, Hosanna: Blessed is the King of Israel that cometh in the name of the Lord." (John 12:13) Despite the initial euphoria, how quickly the people rejected their Messiah and did not receive Him when Jesus was nailed to the cross. The Lord rose on Resurrection Sunday SEVEN DAYS LATER.

SEVEN DAYS BEFORE his election victory, Obama presented himself in his much-talked-about infomercial to America and the world, ending his 30-minute advertisement with these closing words, "And together, we will change this country and change the world!" The infomercial was aired nationwide in America (and the world) on Oct 29, 2008 -- the day Barack ('blessed') came in his own name. America and the world received him SEVEN DAYS LATER!

The angel knew about Obama's election victory way back in 1993. He even knew about the DATE (Oct 29, 2008) on which Obama would present himself to a worldwide audience promising to bring change to the world! Incredible? Impossible? With God all things are possible. In His omniscience, He foretold history before it came to pass. The scripture that contains THREE occurrences of the Hebrew word, 'barak' (bless) -- the promise given to Abraham -- Genesis 12:3, is verse 302 in the Bible (see link). A Jewish day begins 6pm sundown the day before. According to the Hebrew calendar, the day that the Obamamercial was aired actually began 6pm one day before, i.e. Oct 28, 2008. Guess what? This is day 302 in 2008!

With pinpoint accuracy, the angel pointed to THE MAN, THE YEAR & THE DATE!

If you still think this is pure coincidence, consider this INDISPUTABLE FACT: the Hebrew word for BARACK (Strong's H1300), which means lightning, has a gematria value of 302! HELLO? Is anyone paying attention to what the angel is pointing to? The angel led us to BARAK (meaning bless; gematria value 234) and the year 2008 (birth of Abraham) in Genesis 12:3, the 302nd verse of the Bible. With astonishing double confirmation, the verse number 302 points to Oct 29, 2008 -- the day Obama revealed himself; plus, it is also the gematria value of BARACK! So, what started out as a tentative lead, BARAK, solidified into the genuine article, BARACK!

What an appropriate name for the son of Lucifer, the LIGHT bearer! Indeed, in the Bible, the word BARACK has been used to describe the LIGHTNING appearance of the cherubim in Eze 1:13 and we know Satan was 'the anointed cherub' (Eze 28:14) who fell. Little wonder his right-hand henchman bears his name!

Obama-2008 Evidence #2

For this evidence, we look to the third spelling of BARAK (bless) that adds to a gematria value of 234, as found in 2 Sam 21:3. This is another intriguing scripture! We will establish its link to 2008 right away. Is it design or chance that 2 Sam 21  occupies PRECISELY a chapter position which is the sum of 2008 and its Hebrew equivalent 5768?

If you have followed my previous article on Psalm 108 (see link), this is reminiscent of the startling discovery of Psalm 108 being the 7776th chapter (7776=2008+5768) of the Bible counting in reverse. In the case of 2 Samuel 21, we also count in reverse albeit a bit differently.

Ps 108     = 1189 x SIX TIMES + 642 chapters (counting from end of NT)
2 Sam 21 = 1189 x SIX TIMES + 642 chapters (counting from end of OT)

There are 1189 chapters in the Bible. To count to chapter 7776, we need to count pass the Bible six times. The remaining 642 chapter are counted in reverse from the end of the Old Testament, Malachi chapter 4, which brings us to PRECISELY 2 Sam 21!

I believe God begins count of the Hebrew calendar starting from Nisan (April). Hence, we are still in the Hebrew year 5768 right up to the end of Dec 2008. The number 7776 (2008+5768) confirms that the angel was pointing to Obama in 2008.

The scripture 2 Sam 21:3 confirms the Obama connection: "Wherefore David said unto the Gibeonites, What shall I do for you? and wherewith shall I make the atonement, that ye may bless ('Barak') the inheritance of the LORD?" The origin of Obama is shrouded in controversy. I have neither desire to enter into nor add to it. I just want to point out that "the Gibeonites were not of the children of Israel, but of the remnant of the Amorites;" (2 Sam 21:2) The Amorite (Gen 10:15,16) is the fourth son of Canaan, who is Ham's son (Gen 9:18)! It is CRYSTAL CLEAR that Obama is the descendent of Ham, the progenitor of Africans! Will he, as President of US, "bless ('Barak') the inheritance of the LORD" (2 Sam 21:3), or, will he choose to curse Israel (Gen 12:3)? Time will tell.

So there you have it. Obama (Gibeonites) and the year 2008 (7776=2008+5768) come together in this one scripture (2 Sam 21:3) thanks to the angel number 234, the gematria of BARAK which means bless. The angel is right on once again!

Obama-2008 Evidence #3

The Strong's number for the word 'Barak' is H1288. This too is biblical evidence although some might dispute the validity of Strong's numbering system. How do we link Obama ('Barak') to the year 2008 using the Strong's number 1288? Is there a direct relationship between these two numbers that points to an Obama-2008 connection? I believe there is.

The unnamed angel Vincent encountered is most likely Gabriel, the archangel who stands in the presence of God! On Dec 23, 1993, the unnamed angel appeared as an old man to Vincent, stranded by the road side due to a vehicle breakdown. Earlier in the same year, March 26, an angel appeared as a young man to Vincent and identified himself as Gabriel (see Encounter #2 at link). [Note: These two dates are part of the solution to the riddle.]

Vincent is privileged to have experienced three angel encounters so far in his life (Read Encounters #2, #3, #4 in Jim Bramlett's report. Notice the number 234!). The first two encounters took place in the same year (1993), about nine months apart. The first angel appeared as a young man and identified himself as Gabriel. The second angel is unnamed and appeared as an old man. Both angels announced the soon coming of the Lord, but only the second angel left Vincent some numeric clues: the number 234 and six New Testament scriptures.

It stands to reason that both angels are one and the same angel -- Gabriel, whose job description in Scripture is that of a messenger, heralding the coming of Christ. According to Scripture, Gabriel visisted Earth only two times. Each time he announced the coming of Jesus. In the book of Daniel, he left us a masterful prophetic riddle that has teased untold number of serious Bible students for more than two thousand years. In the Gospel of Luke, he announced matter-of-factly the coming of baby Jesus. In both visitations, Gabriel was chiefly concerned with TIME, specifically, the TIME of Jesus' coming. It comes as no surprise that the number clue that he left for Vincent contains his TIME signature!

Read $2.34 as TIME of day, i.e. 2:34 hrs; the total number of minutes, 154, is the Greek gematria of GABRIEL!

Gabriel gave a number (234) that is also the gematria value of his name when converted into minutes of day. If Gabriel is hidden in the time 154 minutes, one wonders what does the time 2008 minutes conceal? Convert 2008 minutes as time of day, we end up on day two 9:28 AM; but this time shares the SAME hour & minute with 1288 minutes, which is day one 9:28 PM. Thus, on a 12-hour clock face, both 1288 and 2008 minutes are represented by the hour hand at 9 and minute hand at 28.

Given the first two SOLID BIBLICAL EVIDENCES for the Obama-2008 connection, it is not a stretch to take the Strong's number for BARAK (Obama), H1288, as pointing to 1288 minutes of a day, which shares the SAME TIME (9:28) with 2008 minutes! Hence, incredibly, Obama in 2008 is concealed yet again in the Hebrew word for bless, BARAK, whose Strong's number is H1288.

In Evidence #1 for the Obama-2008 connection, we saw how BARAK led us to BARACK, Obama's first name. The same phenomenon is repeated here in Evidence #3 using Strong's number! The clock time 20:08 hrs is 1208 minutes. The word represented by Strong's number H1208 is batsowr, which means vintage. This word is a hapax legomenon -- a word which occurs only once in the Bible (Zec 11:2). Its gematria value is 302, PRECISELY the same as that of BARACK!

The table below summarizes the DOUBLE confirmation linking BARACK with year 2008 using Strong's numbers.

=======> MAN
(Barack / Day 302=Oct 29)
Strong's Word Time Gematria
2008 min
(same time as 
1288 min)
(First occurrence in
verse 302 of Bible)
20:08 hrs
(1208 min)
(gematria of H1208)

The staggering revelation of the above table pointing to the MAN, the YEAR, and the DATE, is impossible without the KEY ANGEL NUMBER 234!

Has the Penny Finally Dropped?

Taken together, the three evidences above provide startling proofs that the angel knew long before Obama were to win the US Presidential election in 2008. Why would this information be concealed in the Bible in such intriguing fashion? The weight of evidence supported by the Biblical science of Gematria is compelling. Starting from the gematria value of 234, the unravelling of the mystery took us from BARAK (gematria value 234) to BARACK (gematria value 302), with multiple confirmations on the MAN, the YEAR, and the DATE.

So what? The scoffers scoff even though the link is all too obvious for those who watch. Gabriel came to Earth to announce the coming of Jesus after a lapse of about 2000 years since his last visit with Mary. Just as he imparted some prophetic time clues to Daniel even a few hundred years before he visited Mary, in his latest visit as recent as 15 years ago he gave Vincent an endtime riddle in the context of Jesus' coming again, for Gabriel prayed: "Oh most holy and powerful God in heaven, we know you are coming very, very soon. Help us now in your own time and way. In Jesus' Name. Amen."

Surely the solution to the riddle pointing to Obama winning the US Presidential election speaks volumes about the 'very-very-soon-coming' of Jesus. Is it not reasonable to infer that at the time that Obama comes onto the scene, our departure is very near in sight, with Jesus about to part the clouds and come get us?