John Tng (11 Feb 2009)
"Obama's 666 Symbol"

Dear Doves,

Obama is audacious enough to parade his 666 symbol before the world, yet, no one seems to notice. Maybe I am not the first one to point this out, but I have not seen it on the Internet.

The 666 is concealed in the symbol. It requires a CHANGE of perspective in order to see it. Turn the symbol upside down or rotate it 60+60+60 (a hint of 666).

Do you now see the three sixes? There are some distractors thrown in to fool the world. Remove these distractions from the symbol and the number of the beast will slowly emerge. Consider the chrome version (inverted) below without color distraction.

Because the colored distractors are hollowed out, the symbol appears solid with the sixes more pronounced.

Besides the color distraction, the compression done to the second and third digits make them appear less like '6'. By flipping the strokes on top of the semicircles and with a slight rotation, lo and behold, the number of the beast materializes before your eyes!