John Tng (3 March 2009)
"'Better Digest, Reader,' the AC warns"

Dear Doves,

Barely a month into office, the AC issued a worldwide dire warning through the best-selling monthly magazine in the world, with a Cheshire Cat grin to boot. What is his message? Is he about to fulfill prophecies spoken of by the prophets, throwing the world into utter chaos, precipitating the End of Days --  a time of  "great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be"?

Obama knows he is the antichrist, for he openly declared his identity in not-too-subtle ways on the front cover of Reader's Digest, February issue, 2009. Such a blatant, audacious move tells us time is ripe for the ushering in of their nefarious long-awaited new world order, a diabolical plan to remake the world out of chaos. This plan hatched in hell calls for mass murder on a scale that makes Hitler and Mao Zedong look like choirboys. Dark history will revisit humanity with a vengeance, a thousand times over.

Right now, it may be the craziest thing to think that Obama will go down in history as the number one  'people killer' ever, given his immense popularity. But if he is the antichrist, why not? If he is the antichrist, he is no different from his father, the Devil, who "was a murderer from the beginning" (John 8:44). The antichrist "cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy." (John 10:10)

Here is the evidence furnished by the man himself. Since it is his testimony, let the reader digest and ponder his own admissions. Let him who has ears hear, and eyes see.

Examine the front cover below.

There are SIXTY-SIX words altogether on the page, including '', 'February', 'Singapore'. Search the above and satisfy yourself that only SIX SIX-letter words are found on the cover. These SIX words, in reverse order, form an errie statement, straight from the horse's mouth, as it is his testimony:

Barack -- PEOPLE KILLER, Better Digest, Reader!

You, the 'Reader', are admonished by 'Barack', the 'PEOPLE-KILLER'-in-Chief, to 'Better Digest' this dire warning because the worst genocide in history is about to take place, the likes of which not seen since the creation of the world.

Just so the 'Reader' will know for sure who the encoder of the message is, the page is littered with traces of him. We begin with the ostensible time of day on Barack's watch, which reads 3:02, precisely the Hebrew gematria value of 'Barack' (with colon removed). This number is also the sum of the FIRST SIX PALINDROMIC TRIANGLES, the import of which cannot be over-emphasized!

This class of triangles is special. Each triangle has a total number that is a palindrome, i.e. it reads the same forwards as it does backwards. There are only eight of them below 1000, with 666 being the largest! That the Hebrew gematria value of 'Barack' is the sum of the FIRST SIX triangles from this series, cannot be a coincidence. Consider this: The SIXTH palindromic triangle is the (6+6+6)th triangle! Its value, 171, is the ordinal value (A=1; B=2; C=3...) of the antichrist's real name, BARRY SOETORO!

The fourth palindromic triangle, 55, deserves an article all its own. It is the Hebrew gematria value of 'Obama'!

But the most astounding code lies ahead.

The SIX SIX-letter words were carefully chosen and placed at just the right locations so that a meaningful sentence can be constructed. The fact of their presence is remarkable enough, not to mention the correct order of their occurrences. But the shocker of shockers is this: The gematria value (A=1; B=2; .... J=10; K=20....) of these SIX SIX-letter words is the sum of ALL PALINDROMIC TRIANGLES UP TO 666!

Tell me there is no design!

The dire warning issued by the '666' beast bears his imprimatur, which exhibits a dark genius equaled only by its ominous evil.

Let us see how the numbers add up: 'Barack' 117 + 'PEOPLE' 240 + 'KILLER' 184 + 'Better' 502 + 'Digest' 325 + 'Reader' 195 = sum of all palindromic triangles up to 666 = 1 + 3 + 6 + 55 + 66 + 171 + 595 + 666.

The warning is couched in 6 words, concealed among 66 words, with a gematria total that is the sum of all palindromic triangles up to 666!

How could such things be? The intricate code is not the product of randomness. Barack clearly knew the significance of 302, the Hebrew gematria value of his first name. Might he have known too that, chapter 302 of the Bible, when counted backwards from the end of the Bible, is chapter 888, a number that is the Greek gematria value of JESUS, the true Christ he is attempting to counterfeit?

The 1189 chapters of the Bible have proven to be an accurate ruler in measuring the counterfeit Christ (see link). 'Barack' features prominently when the palindromic triangle total minus the triplet (6, 66, 666) is measured using the Bible ruler: 1563 − 6 − 66 − 666 = 1+3+55+171+595 = 825. Take this as number of chapters, and count backwards from the end of the Bible: 1189 − 825 = 364 chapters. Now, the intriguing bit is this: From this chapter location, i.e. chapter 364, to chapter 666, there are 666 − 364 = 302 chapters, the Hebrew gematria value of BARACK!

The Bible ruler exposes Barack left right center.

The Bombshell

With the foregoing background, I am now ready to drop the bombshell of all bombshells. Are you ready?

The gematria total of the SIX 6-letter words, which is also the sum of all palindromic triangles up to 666, is the Hebrew gematria sum of OBAMA, BARACK OBAMA, and BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA!

I hope you readers (doves or otherwise) are paying attention. For some, your life and eternal destiny may depend on it. It may help you see through the thick web of deceit, which is ever widening, weaved around the globe to ensnare the whole world. Here is a man described by Daniel as "a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences" (Dan 8:23), one who is versed in Hebrew, and one who has the nerve to openly spell out his name in Hebrew which is thoroughly 'soaked' with the number of the '666' beast. He did it in-your-face at the same time flashing a wide sinister grin across his face.

The Hebrew for Barack Hussein Obama is shown below:

ברק חוסיין אובאמה

As Hebrew is read from right to left, the rightmost name is BARACK: 2+200+100 = 302. The value for OBAMA, the leftmost name, is 1+6+2+1+40+5 = 55. The middle name, HUSSEIN, is interesting because its final letter, nun (ן), which normally has a standard value of 50, can also be represented by its final value, 700 (see link). This unique feature of the Hebrew alphabet system is absent in the Greek system. Thus, HUSSEIN in its final form has a value of 8+6+60+10+10+700 = 794.

By using the final value of nun, 'Barack Hussein Obama' amounts to 302+794+55 = 1151. The startling truth is that Obama is cognizant of the Hebrew gematria value of his name and encoded it in his 6-word dark sentence for the world to see!

Sum of all Palindromic Triangles below 1000
6+55+66+171+595+666 = 1563
English Gematria Value of
6-letter words from 66 words 
= 1563
Hebrew Gematria Value of
6 names of Obama
= 1563
אובאמה) +
Barack Obama
ברק אובאמה) +
Barack Hussein Obama
ברק חוסיין אובאמה)
Total number of letters = 36 (English) + 30 (Hebrew) = 66

To consign the above alignment of numbers to chance is akin to staking the claim that a wrist watch is the product of an unorchestrated coming together of hundreds of intricate parts due to some freak random forces of nature.

The 6-6-6 Triangles

I hope the dust has settled, debris cleared, and you have regained some clarity after the numbers bombshell dropped on you. Let us change tack a little and go easy on numbers. This should be a welcome change for doves who are finding the numbers way over their head.

There are three hidden triangles on Reader's Digest front cover that give Obama's secret away. It is steganography at its best. Did you notice that the apostrophe in the word 'Reader's' is a bright yellow inverted right-angled triangle? Freemasons would immediately recognize it as their cherised symbol, the set square (which is anything but a square!)

I want you to move your attention away from this bright yellow inverted right-angled triangle, which is too exposed, and hence, ranked low in the art of hiding. Look instead at the inverted right-angled triangle, hidden snugly yet unmistakably at the lower left inner corner of the letter D of 'Digest'. That is the first triangle we are looking for.

The second inverted right-angled triangle sits between the letters M and A of 'OBAMA' under the word 'PRESIDENT'. Both triangles are in fact part of the indigo color background of the page. Indigo is the SIXTH color of the rainbow.

The third '6' triangle bears the visible touch of the master steganographer himself. Look at the knot on Obama's neck tie. It is the third inverted right-angled triangle in indigo color, the SIXTH color of the rainbow.

Obama is wearing a hangman's noose, an important characteristic requirement of Freemason's initiation rite! (see link) Since he is going to pull off the New World Order thingy, it should not surprise us that he is a Freemason. Indeed, he may even be a Supreme Grand Master of Freemasonry or some such decorated titles.

The mirror of Obama's neck tie knot is shaped PRECISELY like the right-angled triangle formed by the hour and minute hands on Obama's watch which reads 3:02, the Hebrew gematria value (with colon removed) of 'Barack'!

The hangman's noose is also an inverted '6' around Obama's neck.

The three 6-6-6 right-angled triangles prove beyond reasonable doubt that Obama knows he is the beast.

666 Uncovered

Obama hides a host of other '666' codes on the page. Once we have broken the key code, the 6 6-letter words, it is relatively easy now to see the other '666' codes.

Obama exploits his body to the fullest in the next couple of codes. Rene noted in her post (link) the halo above his head -- the letter 'e' of 'Digest'. With a slight change of perspective and a couple of transformations, the letter 'e' becomes '6'!

Since the 'e' covered by Obama's head is the third 'e', it is the culmination of a series of SIX transformations involving 60+60+60, resulting in '6-6-6', the rotated and flipped 'e-e-e'!

Observe too another '666' covered by Obama's head:

Notice too that the above '666' traces the transformation from the letter e (center letter 'e'), through the rotated form, (lower half of 'g'), to its final form, (upper half of 'g'), which resembles '6'.

The antichrist is a master of intrigue (just see how with trickery he illegally seized the greatest kingdom on earth!) Looking at his relaxed pose in the photo, arms folded, tie loosened, a wide cracked grin, Obama oozes with charm and charisma. Beneath the apparent ordinariness lies an extraordinary secret -- the beast within bursting to come out in a hurry.

Watch his folded arms and hands. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. It may be the most natural way how arms are folded even though it is not the only way. However, his SIX hidden fingers are purposefully concealed to hide his full name in Hebrew!

If we apply the standard value of the last letter, nun (50), to Obama's middle name, Hussein, the Hebrew gematria total for 'Barack Hussein Obama' becomes 302+144+55 = 501. The non-zero digits of this number correspond to the five concealed fingers (5) of his left hand and the concealed thumb (1) of his right hand. Intriguingly, the Hebrew reduced value of 'Barack Hussein Obama' is 5+27+19 = 51, a number that bears the number of concealed fingers on Obama's hands.

The sum of the standard and reduced values of 'Barack Hussein Obama' is 501+51 = 552, the Greek gematria value of SATAN (G4456)!

Two Jewish researchers, Joel Gallis and Dr. Robert Wolf, asserted with utter certainty in May 2007, long before Barack Hussein Obama had won his first primary and when it appeared that Hillary Clinton was a sure thing, that he would be the next president of the United States (see link).

They wrote:

For not only is 501 the value of במעשה ידיכם (the work of our hands), and our punishment, the ישמעאלים , but it is also connected to the next President of the United States that we are helping put in power through Jewish efforts. For 501 is also the gematria of ראש representing the new head, or leader of America.

I looked up the phrase, 'the work of your hands', and confirmed that it indeed has a Hebrew gematria value of 501 (see link).

Deu 31:29 For I know that after my death ye will utterly corrupt yourselves, and turn aside from the way which I have commanded you; and evil will befall you in the latter days [end of days]; because ye will do evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger through the work of your hands. (501)

There you have it. Obama not only knows the Hebrew gematria value of 'Barack', 302, (for his watch reads 3:02), he is also aware that both the Hebrew gematria values of his full name, 'Barack Hussein Obama', and the phrase, 'the work of your hands', share the same value, 501. Using his hands to convey 501 is proof positive that he is not ignorant of the Hebrew scriptures and Moses' end-of-days prophecy in the Book of Deuteronomy.

The above two '666' codes, one on the forehead, and one on the hands, should send chills up your spine. Obama's intention is clear. The mark of the beast is closer than we think.

Who is Hiding Between the Lines?

On Reader's Digest front cover, the captions of three stories are highlighted in yellow. Look closer. It is not hard to discern a common thread running through them.

The subject of the article, '10 BEST WAYS TO QUIT SMOKING' is tobacco --  known as the DEMON weed (see link)!

With reference to the article on 'CLONING THE EXTINCT TASMANINAN TIGER', Rene rightly pointed out that the closest cousin of the Tasmanian Tiger is the Tasmanian Devil or simply the DEVIL for short!

The third article titled, 'TAKE HEART. A KILLER STALKING YOUNG PEOPLE', refers to silent killer heart disease. According to the Apostle Peter in 1 Peter 5:8, there is one who stalks, and he is the DEVIL!


Do we still not get it?

It is BARACK's time! His time has come. An international crisis will be staged to propel him to center stage as though he isn't already at the center of world power.

Let us look at his enigmatic watch one more time. Obama invites us to WATCH HIS WATCH because that is the key that breaks the '666' code. WATCH the incredible TIMES below and be astonished!

12 hours  = 3:02  (302 = Hebrew for 'Barack') +
                   3:57  (357 = Hebrew for 'Barack Obama') +
                   5:01  (501 = Hebrew for 'Barack Hussein Obama')    !!!!!!!!

Barack's KODAK moment when his watch indicated 3:02 is no accident. He TIMED it perfectly so that when this key is turned, the secrets are unlocked.

He is taunting you to crack the thinly-veiled code.

"Are there not twelve hours in the day? If any man walk in the day, he stumbleth not, because he seeth the light of this world. But if a man walk in the night, he stumbleth, because there is no light in him."                                                                   JESUS

A thick blanket of darkness slowly descends on us. Can you not see it while it is still day? Or are you too spellbound by the Prince of Darkness that no matter how many unsettling questions are raised about him, you are not the least bit concerned?

Doves, walk while there is still light, work while there is still time.



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