John Tng (29 Dec 2008)
"The Revelation of John"

Dear Doves,

John the Beloved is privy to many of the Lord's secrets. He was the disciple who asked Jesus who would betray him and received an immediate answer. On Patmos island, he was shown the greatest revelation in all the Bible, the Apocalypse -- the prophetic vision that seals all prophecies. If you want to figure out the identity of the antichrist, and don't know where to begin, look no further; if John cannot tell us, no one else can. In the first place, he gave us Re 13:18, the 666 beast scripture. He also gave us John 13:18, the scripture that first intimated the one who was to betray Jesus -- Judas Iscariot, an antichrist figure. Observe that the chapter and verse numbers in both antichrist scriptures are identical (13:18).

John also left us two numbers that puzzle Bible students: the 153 fish number and the 666 beast number. These two numbers possess interesting properties that intrigue mathematicians, let alone Bible students. Both are triangular numbers, i.e. numbers that are formed by summing the natural numbers sequentially. For example, 153 is the sum of 1+2+3+.....+17; hence it is the 17th triangular number. 666 is the 36th triangular number. Both numbers are also reversible triangular numbers (the reverse of 153 is 351, the 26th triangular number; the reverse of 666 is still 666, the 36th triangular number). Both numbers are progressively triangular at each digit (1, 15, 153, 6, 66, 666 are all triangular numbers). 153 is the 8th reversible triangular number and 666 is the 8th palindromic triangular number.

What was John thinking when he counted the 153 fishes and recorded the number in the Holy Scriptures? Was John even aware of the curious properties of the two numbers that he wrote? Was he trying to show off his mathematical prowess to a future generation who would understand? What was on his mind?

Of course John was no mathematician. Even if he knew Math 101 at his time, one would have to throw credulity out the window to think that he factored in 153 in John 21 to complement the 666 beast number in Rev 13. The only reasonable assumption left to us is to attribute the purpose for their inclusion in the Bible to its divine author. What was the Holy Spirit thinking when He inspired John to write down these two numbers?

I want to suggest one possible reason why they are there in the Bible. Maybe they are there so that believers living just before the rapture might figure out the identity of the antichrist! Many of you are still uneasy about the whole business of pinning the donkey's tail. Actually as I confessed earlier, I was caught by surprise myself by my involvement in it. This is one area I thought I would never go into and something I have never attempted before. Let me remind the readers that had the Lord frowned on such 'futile' activity, He would not have given us Rev 13:18. Why encourage us to speculate endlessly? Better kill the proverbial cat before curiosity gets out of hand. John's curiosity on the identity of the traitor (antichrist type) was not met with rebuke from the Lord; instead, he was let in on the secret. Didn't John imply there are no secrets between friends in his Gospel chapter 15 verse 15? Therefore, we have good company here even as we attempt to find out who the man of sin is; when he shows up, we know our time for departure is at hand.

Take heart, doves. The time for our departure is at hand. The secrets concealed by John the Revelator are about to be revealed!

The first number that bowled me over is this: The difference between the chapter and verse numbers (with colons removed) of John 21:11 (153 fish number) and Rev 13:18 (666 beast number) is 793 (2111-1318) -- the English standard value (A=1, B=2, ....., J=10, K=20 ....) of  Barack Hussein Obama! 

When I first discovered that Obama is hidden by Beloved John, I was shocked to my bones. Is this a joke, pure randomness, or a conspiracy? Upon reflection, I reject all three options and opt for the fourth option which is divine inspiration. But if this is the only shocker, impressive though it may be, then perhaps there is nothing more to it.

But more it has.

Between John 21 and Rev 13, there are 163 chapters inclusive. This number is the ordinal value (A=1; B=2; ....Z=26) of Barack Hussein Obama!

The remaining number of chapters in the Bible outside of the 163 chapters bracketed by John 21 and Rev 13 is 1026 (1189-163) -- the common value (A=6; B=12; C=18 ....) of Barry Soetoro, the real name of Obama!

The sum of the chapter and verse numbers of the 153 fish and 666 beast scriptures is: 21+11+13+18 = 63. This number is the reduced value (A=1; B=2; ... J=1; K=2; ...) of Barry Soetoro!

The number of verses between John 21:11 (verse 26910) and Rev 13:18 (verse 30927), is 20092009 verses inclusive! A world renowned leader will be sworn in at the start of 2009, a man who recently made it to the front cover of Time Magazine as the Man of the Year!

We can shrug off the first evidence. We may even ignore the second evidence. But when THREE more evidences are piled onto the first TWO, it becomes ridiculously tenuous to reject purpose and design. A little probability analysis will put us in the right perspective. The probability of picking out two random verses in the Bible (31102 verses) that relate is (131102)  (131102), or odds of  1 in 967,334,404. Compound that five times you get an astronomically phenomenal odds of 1 in 29,103,256,380,637,619,288,032 -- a number so big that we cannot even begin to grasp the immense improbability of it all.

Yet there is more.

Add the digits of the chapter and verse numbers: 2+1+1+1+1+3+1+8 = 6+6+6, the number of the beast. This last piece of evidence seems to pale in comparison to the ones listed above. At first sight, that is. Observe that there are FIVE repeated letters in the name Barack Hussein Obama: A, S, B, A, A. The number FIVE is the digit sum of 2+1+1+1 (John 21:11). The THIRTEEN unique letters, (BARCK HUSEIN OM), is pointed to by the digit sum of 1+3+1+8 (Rev 13:18), which is THIRTEEN.

The complete story does not end there. The total (standard, ordinal, reduced, & common) value of BARCK HUSEIN OM is 1719 (688+139+58+834). The chapter order numbers of John 21 and Rev 13 counting from start of the Old Testament are 1018 & 1180; they are 89 & 251 counting from start of the New Testament. Subtract the 153 fish number and the 666 beast number from the chapter order totals and the difference is BARCK HUSEIN OM (1719)!

1719 = 1018+1180+89+251 (ch order total) - 153 (fish) - 666 (beast)

If we factor in the chapter and verse totals, 63 (21+11+13+18), and digit totals, 18 (2+1+1+1+1+3+1+8), the sum of all relevant numbers of John 21:11 and Rev 13:18 is TWO TIMES Barck Husein Om!

1719 + 1719 = 1018+1180+89+251 (ch order total) + 153 (fish) + 666 (beast) + 63 (ch & v total) + 18 (digit total)

John provides a third confirmation pointing to the THIRTEEN unique letters of Barack Hussein Obama. From John 21 to the end of the Bible there are 171 chapters; from Rev 13 to the end of the Bible there are 9 chapters. The amalgam of the two chapter numbers is 1719, the total value of BARCK HUSEIN OM! 

171 is the Greek gematria value of PALIN and the English ordinal value of BARRY SOETORO (see Part 2)! It is also the total number of chapters between John 13:18 and Rev 13:18 -- the two antichrist chapters!

From John 21:11 and Rev 13:18, we found SIX NUMBERS of Obama (793, 163, 1026, 63, 1719, 171) in one fell swoop. No fancy math was involved. Just plain adding and subtracting. It is not even Math 101. John was right. All it takes is elementary COUNTING to decipher the number of the beast!

The Seven-Part Prophecy

Many of you are familiar with the seven-part prophecy given to Jim (Bramlett). I firmly believe Jim received it from the Holy Spirit for a purpose. For that reason, besides Vincent Tan's angel money riddle (reported by Jim), this is the other rapture clue I have been working on for more than a decade. In recent years, I was aware of its link to the 153 fish number and the 666 beast number, thanks to good friend Ian Mallett. In light of the above discovery, a revisit to it revealed compelling confirmation!

For background information, I reproduced below in Jim's own words:

On September 18, 1975, I was sitting in the staff prayer room of the Christian Broadcasting Network at their Pembroke Four office building in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  This was before CBN’s new headquarters building was constructed.  At the time, I was CBN’s Personnel Director, having been on staff since April 1, 1974, the very day after I retired from a 20-year U.S. Air Force career due to a calling into full-time Christian service.  On that particular day, well-known evangelist Dick Mills was visiting us, to minister to the staff.

Dick Mills’ style is unique.  He ministers to groups primarily by singling out people, then speaking words of prophecy over them, mostly Scripture verses.  His ministry is quite amazing, as related verses just flow out of his mouth from all over the Bible.  How he remembers all that is phenomenal, but how he speaks related but disconnected verses out so rapidly and coherently to address individual situations is even more phenomenal.  Such a ministry is undoubtedly supernatural, yet one must still judge the prophecies, to test if they are really from God in each situation.   The Bible exhorts us to judge even what prophets say (1 Corinthians 14:29,32).

Dick started at the front of the prayer room, picking individuals one by one.  I was hoping he would eventually call on me, and he finally did.  He motioned to me, then he asked me to stand up.  I stood, and he stood right in front of me, only about 2-3 feet away.  Looking me straight in the eye, he actually shouted, “GO!" 

I was stunned.  He had not shouted at anyone else.  Why me?  The loud “go” had unusual force and authority.  If this was a message from God, He surely wanted to get my attention.  He did.

Dick then spoke to me seven prophetic statements, one after the other, all pertaining to "going."  The first two were Scripture verses, the third was not, then numbers 4-7 were also Scriptures, all about "going."  I still have the little piece of yellow paper given to me by his assistant with the words and references written on it, as is his practice.  The top of the paper says, “God’s Promise to You.”  They seemed like only nice words at the time, but they proved remarkably true.

But frankly, the initial loud “go,” then the seven “go” prophecies just did not make sense to me.  I had only been at CBN just over a year and had no thought or desire about leaving.  I was not planning on going anywhere, nor wanted to go anywhere.  I knew that such personal prophecies should only confirm, not cause, a course of action, so I just filed the piece of paper away, thinking dear old brother Dick meant well but just missed it with me.  "Bless him anyhow, Lord," I thought, “nobody’s perfect.”  Yet down deep inside, I wondered.

The seven prophetic statements are listed below. They form an interesting pattern resembling a cross. The most puzzling bit is the third statement, "He will not go out with nervous compulsion or with fear."

Isa 45:2
Isa 52:12
"He will not go out with nervous compulsion or with fear."
Isa 55:12
Ex 33:14
Jg 6:14
Ge 28:15

The seven-part prophecy is clearly a riddle. In the course of finding its solution, I stumbled on its link to 153 and 666 with the help of Ian Mallett; only now do I understand the reason for the connection. Let us first establish the link:

Last two scripture numbers = 614 + 2815 = 2111 (Jn 21:11) + 1318 (Re 13:18)
Last two word values of the 3rd GO statement (WITH FEAR) = 717 + 102 (English standard values) = 153 (Jn 21:11) + 666 (Re 13:18)

The pattern is consistent. The LAST TWO scriptures, Jg 6:14 and Ge 28:15, point to Jn 21:11 and Re 13:18. The LAST TWO words, 'with fear', point to the 153 fish number and 666 beast number. Just as there are 2009+2009 verses between the two Johannine scriptures, the year 2009 is also encoded twice in Jim's riddle:

2 scriptures : digital root of 9 (6+1+4+2+8+1+5=27=2+7=9)
2 words       : digital root of 9 (7+1+7+1+0+2=18=1+8=9)

But the most startling hidden information is the identity of the antichrist!

Difference of Differences = (2815 - 614) - (717-102) =  793 (BHO)+ 793 (BHO)

There is agreement between the seven-part prophecy and the Johannine scriptures. Both conceal the rise of the antichrist in year 2009. Both identify Barack Hussein Obama (793) as the antichrist. The rapture must be around the corner!

Jim supplied the P.S. below concerning the seven-part prophecy.

I want to add a P.S. to John's remarkable 12-29-08 post at

This is about the 7-part prophecy over me on September 18, 1975 by Dick Mills.  John covered part of it, but there is more.  He mentioned that all seven parts concerned the word "go."  But as John reported, frankly, the initial loud “go,” then the seven “go” prophecies just did not make sense to me.  I had only been at CBN just over a year and had no thought or desire about leaving.  I was not planning on going anywhere, nor wanted to go anywhere.
Years later I finally did feel led to resign from CBN.  It was a gut-wrenching spiritual decision for me because my commitment to the Lord’s service had not wavered.  I loved CBN and I had been prepared to serve there for the rest of my life.  I am extremely loyal, and it had been only my second job since entering the U.S. Air Force 29 years earlier.  Plus, by that time I was a vice president and leaving was a financial sacrifice.  I had to be obedient to the Lord, but the devil sometimes made me doubt.  Maybe that is why the Lord gave me a dramatic confirmation.
One day shortly after leaving, I was meditating on what I had done, and I decided to pull out that little yellow slip of paper with the 7 "go" prophecies on it and look over it again.  I wondered if perhaps the "going" referred to my resignation from CBN, a momentous event I still had not fully comprehended.  Suddenly, I was reminded that one of them, Isaiah 52:12, said, "Ye shall not go out with haste."  I thought to myself, "Well, if this is it, it certainly was not in haste!  It has been several years since Dick Mills gave me this.  I wonder just how long it has been?"
I decided to get out the calendar and count exactly how long it had been.  I could hardly believe what I found.  I checked it again.  And again.  It was true.  I discovered that the interval from the day the seven prophetic words were spoken over me in 1975 until the date of my letter of resignation in 1983 was exactly seven years, seven months and seven days!!!  I was astonished.  Seven, of course, is the biblical number for spiritual perfection and completeness.  It was dramatic confirmation of God’s perfect leading, and that my season at CBN had been complete.  In 1 Corinthians 14:3, the Holy Spirit tells us that the purposes of prophecy are (1) edification, (2) exhortation, and (3) comfort.  All three applied to me in this situation.  I was surely edified and comforted that my decision had been the right one, and I was exhorted not to doubt it or worry!