Clay Cantrell (10 Aug 2004)
"A Detailed Account of December 1997, Why I Study Bible Numbers"

An Account of 12/97

This is a detailed account of my supernatural encounter with God during the week of 12/05/97 through approximately 12/12/97, that caused me to begin to study Bible numbers.

I began to notice that something was happening in the Spirit about 1-2 months before the week of 12/05/97. the presence of God began to get stronger and stronger on me without me praying, fasting or seeking God in any way other than was customary. this occurred slowly over a couple of weeks in an increasing manner. I was very aware of God's Spirit on me on a daily basis, specifically in regard to praying in the Spirit, which i found i was doing constantly. Prayer and praise in the Spirit was coming out of me like a fountain. it can be likened to driving a car at night, and suddenly lights appear to be coming toward you, getting brighter and brighter until suddenly they are upon you. God's presence was similar in that it started far off but closer and closer - than it was upon me in full measure.i specifically remember taking a shower, and speaking in tongues at a rapid fire rate, asking myself "what is happening to me? what is going on?"

At the time, i did not keep track of the actual dates , but i have been able to reconstruct the beginning date based on patterns God used to reveal Himself later on. the start date was December 5th, 1997. on this morning i woke up early, and sat up in bed with a vision clearly embedded in my mind, and i was also covered in the Spirit of God heavily. it was like being slain in the Spirit, except you are still able to walk around. it physically felt like i had an electric generator inside my body that was cranking power out through every part of me. it was God's power and presence inside my physical being. in addition, i also quickly noticed that my thinking was radically different. the only way to describe it, which unfortunately sounds quite new age in concept, was that 'my mind was opened'. like you would take the top off of a container and began to pour something in, God began to pour His information into my mind. there was a strong physical sensation of being smarter, or more intelligent, and able to retain more, and more complex information than i had been able to previously. specifically this was Bible Truth. i often said aloud that it was like standing under a waterfall of revelation. my head was in the clouds and my feet were not on the ground - it felt like i was floating when i walked. my head was swimming under the presence of God.

The vision i had in my head that morning was of 3 geometric shapes circling around a bright center like a sun, in counterclockwise fashion. the shapes were:

a square, a circle and a triangle.

I can still see the image clearly in my memory. in my mind, God spoke to me and said, "This is the Trinity", referring to the Bible truth of God existing in the form of 3 persons, Father, Son, Holy Spirit. each geometric symbol represented one person of the Trinity. The square was the Father, the triangle was the Son, and the circle was the Spirit. my english words will now fail me as a descriptive tool. there is no way to fully describe what happened when i viewed the vision, because it transcends human words.... it is spiritual - of another world, God's world. all i can say is that in every part of my being, body, soul, spirit, i completely and totally understood in an instant how God could be 3 persons and yet one God, all at the same time. here was the explanation before me being given to me by the Creator Himself. God then said, all persons of the Trinity work in complete harmony, based on the Bible principle of 'agreement'. they are in complete agreement with each other, and therefore are both three and one. again, this short description fails to communicate clearly what i understood and saw in the Spirit.

This overpowering sensation of being in the presence of God, and having my mind 'expanded' so as to understand His Truth did not lift for approximately 7 - 8 days; and even though it did abate slowly over time,  2 months later i still had the feeling of God's power in my body, like an electric current.


The vision of the geometric shapes was the first of four main visions i had that week. here is the next one:

The Vision of the Heavenly Library:
in the middle of one of the first nights of that week, i found myself suddenly in Heaven, in what was clearly a Library. my vision was restricted by a heavy fog, or cloud bank (Glory of God) that flooded the room in all directions, so that i could not see very clearly, very far. though i did not physically see Him, i felt the Lord's presence to my left. to my right there were library 'stacks'. shelves and shelves of books going off in the distance. i saw a few angels going to the shelves and obtaining or returning books in this area. Though He said nothing to me, the Lord directed my vision to what was straight in front of me. on a wall directly in front of me, about chest height, was a bookcase that appeared to be approximately 2 meters long and about 12 inches tall, 12 inches deep. it had only one shelf, and was really an open front gold case, that contained a set of volumes. this case was mounted on the wall and was the only thing on the wall. the books in this case were the books of the Bible, each book had it's own volume. the books were arranged left to right, Genesis to Revelation. the books were bound in gold, and several of the volumes had colored ribbons around the spines, like purple , blue, scarlet etc. these ribbons indicated a particular Bible Truth associated with that book. the case and the volumes were extremely beautiful.

In an instant God allowed me to understand what i was looking at. God opened my mind and i perceived the Bible for what it was - a living record, permeated with God's Spirit, that was Perfect. it was infinitely beyond the understanding of perfection that man knows. it was a creation of the most exquisite beauty, that was flawless and Perfect as God is Perfect, full of glory. the Bible was completely in harmony in subject matter and complete. it was a finished work. after that initial perception, God then allowed me to understand what He was really trying to communicate to me about it. in an instant, i understood with all of my senses, perceptions, feelings, and intellect that this Bible that God created was the record of the entire human race and that all persons ever born on this planet and their personal data was somewhere recorded in the Book. this is the Book of the Judgment. in a heartbeat i clearly perceived the names and some information about people in other countries that were alive now that i did not know; but everyone who had ever lived or died in the entire course of human history was in the Book. how long people lived, when they were born, when they died, their addresses, etc etc.The set of books disappeared into a fog and I saw a map of the world laid out before me. my focus was directed to the south west part of Africa, and the Lord pointed out a man who lived there. I quickly understood that the numbers associated with his life were in the Bible; where he lived, how old he was, when he was born etc - though I did not know his name.

Still, this was not all God showed me about this set of books. also in an instant, i clearly understood and could cross reference in my mind many of the numbers in the Bible - this included Bible scripture reference numbers, as well as in-text Bible numbers  The Bible is full of numbers of all kinds, and i perceived all of them as a perfect whole that God had created, and was beautiful and full of glory, His glory. all these numbers pointed back to each other like a brilliant woven tapestry.

When i awoke from this night vision shortly, i still perceived the beauty, the perfection of the numbers, the glory, His presence, the memory of the place,etc, but God did not allow me to remember any specifics about the personal data of people (alive or dead), or even the Bible numbers. i was left with the memory that i had known it, and understood it and that it was a reality.

Under the impetus of this vision i began to study Bible numbers, under God's direction and mandate.


The Vision of the Locket:
this was a vision that was clearly a parable. it was a parable about the state of some of the mainline churches in the west.

God showed me a small girl about 4 years old. her father gave a her a locket as a gift. inside the locket were 2 small photographs, one of him and one of her. he instructed her to take good care of the locket and not to lose it. it was precious and represented the love relationship they had together. she did well at first and cared for it, protecting it, but as time went on, she got careless and neglected the care of the locket. it began to tarnish, got scratched, dirt etc. as she began to be grow up and be interested in the world, the locket took a beating. at some point, she began to love another person, and forgot her own father. she then did the unthinkable. she opened the locket, tore out the picture of her father, and put the picture of another in it's place.

The parable is this. the Locket represents the relationship the Father God has with the Church in the west, the little girl. in her innocence and youth, she willingly cares for her relationship, but over time, her compromise with the world tarnished and dirtied her relationship with the Father. then she began to love the world, and removed God from his place in her heart.  she had betrayed Him. i felt God was saying that many mainline churches in the west had betrayed Him, like Judas betrayed Jesus. they love the world.

This whole vision caused me to weep uncontrolled, and i felt the deep grief, and sadness of God in my soul. the immeasurable pain and burden of rejection by someone you love was His. i did not sense He was mad or angry about it but crushed emotionally.

The Vision of the Destroyed City.
this vision terrified me and was clearly prophetic. an event that was going to happen.
I stood on a flat plain looking west, i was in the United States. in front of me was a scene that filled me with an overwhelming fear and terror. so much so that i screamed to God to take it away several times, that i couldn't bear it. it was too much for me.

A major western city on the west coast of the United States was completely and utterly destroyed. it was an ash heap. the ruins were no taller than 2 stories. i was standing in ash and i knew i was several miles out from the city center, say about 25 miles. the entire landscape was completely flat, having been obliterated. what was left of the city was covered in this gray ash, looking like Hiroshima. it was totally silent and i saw no people anywhere. it looked similar to the ground zero area of New York City after the 9-11 attacks, and it was the entire city and it was not NYC. i'm sure it was Los Angeles. it was nuclear winter and the sky was a depressing oppressive gray color. there was no sun light showing thru the clouds.

I then looked up in the sky and saw a huge raven flying above my head. suddenly it recoiled, like it had been shot and it plummeted to the earth, landing in front of me about 10-20 feet, into a bed of thorns. the bird was not dead, but wounded and moving. this bird had a body on it about 3-4 feet long. the Lord showed me that this was satan, having been cast to earth, and that this was where he would land - outside this destroyed city, and that his demon armies would set up headquarters in what remained of the city of the Lost Angels, in it's burned out ruins, overgrown with thorns.  the whole vision was horrible, causing me to shake like i had a fever my impression was that the fate of this city was to be shared by many other major American cities. this was the judgment of God on this country which is to come. reader be warned.


There were also other visions:

The Vision of the Snowy Ship and the Star Devices

In the vision, I found my self on the deck of what can only described as
a cruise ship. I was standing on one of the perimeter decks. I do not
know how many decks were above or below me, not how big the ship was.
This ship was in outer space for I could see out beyond the edge of the
deck, and it wasn't water - it was space. I knew that if you went over
the edge you'd be floating in space. From my position to the edge of the
deck to my left was about 10-15 meters. the deck was covered in snow and
ice, but I wasn't cold. looking forward I saw the deck wrap (curve)
around to the right a fair distance and go out of my site into the darkness.

There was children of different ages ice skating on deck, and there was
snow everywhere. it was dark, like at night, but there were lamp posts
along the edge of the deck every so often that illuminated the scene.
the children were dressed in Victorian clothing for winter including
hats, scarves, coats etc. one young man (say, 12-15 years old) skated by
within about 3 meters from me.

To my right were what can only be described as 'shops', like you'd find
in a old downtown city main street, with beautiful windows. They wrapped
around to the right into the distance - they were part of the main body
of the ship. I felt like if I were to walk forward that the shops on the
right were varied containing different kinds of things.

I stood by one of the shop windows, and I was completely spellbound.
they were all beautifully decorated like it was Christmas. the shop
window I looked into was one of two for this particular shop that seemed
to have a door in the middle. this window was fully dressed as if it was
Christmas - i.e there were colored and white lights around the perimeter
of the window. the glass was 'fogged' and frosty around the edges as if
it were warmer in the shop than outside on the snowy deck. there was
warm colored lights on in the shop. there were one or two snow covered
steps into each of the shops on this 'strip'. this window was quite
gorgeous. there were things displayed in the window, as if it was a kind
of jewelry/clock/watch store. I had the distinct impression that you
could go into this shop and either purchase or walk out with something
they had in there. what I saw displayed in the shop window defies
conventional description.

There were many small items that were sized like a tabletop clock might
be. these were a cross between an intricate clock, beautiful jewelry,
and a music box in appearance. made out of metals and jewels with a high
gold content, these were working machines like a clock is a machine that
has a purpose. these were more than a time keeping device, they were
astronomical devices.

I've only seen one thing that even comes close to looking like them or
matching them in purpose, though it pales in comparison.

The Antikythera Mechanism.

go here:

and this link for images:

I got a foggy through-the-window look at one of them. there were
different styles and kinds. the one I got the best look at was mostly
made of gold, and it was very very complex and intricate. gorgeous but
seemed to be very delicate. the gears were exposed and it moved like a
clock moves, but it was tied to the heavens as a way to track stars,
planets etc - that was my distinct impression. it was gorgeous, unlike
anything I have ever seen before or since. It was a sphere shaped device
about as big as a man's hand, set in a base like a globe is set in a
stand. I got a fairly good look at it. breathtakingly beautiful.

At that point I woke out of the vision.

I suspected that this ship was for the Bride. I have even theorized
lately that each deck of the ship was a different season, and that I was
on the 'Winter' deck. if you wanted warmer, sunnier summer-like weather,
or Autumn etc, you go to different deck.

The Vision of Noah's Ark Descending into the Earth

My perspective in the vision was from above looking down on a horrific scene. There before me was a reconstructed Noah's Ark being lowered into the fiery interior of the earth. It was hooked up to these massive chains on pulleys standing on the edge of this giant hole in the earth, by which it was being let down into the fire. The ark had no roof, so I could see into it.

Inside the Ark were many naked people screaming. In among them, and sitting on the top edges of the Ark wall were demon guards carrying spears. Monstrous creatures. They were gleefully gloating over their captives. One looked up at me and grinned.

The Ark was now being used as a transport vehicle to lower these lost people into the earth, Like Korah and his co-conspirators, and their families:

Numbers 16: 8-33

It is my personal opinion that the Ark is preserved up there somewhere on the mountains, waiting to be used again as part of the Judgment at some point.

The Ascensions
On about three different nights during this week i had an experience i can only describe as Harpazo-like. Harpazo is the  greek word Paul uses in I Thessalonians 4:16 for the 'catching-away', i.e. the Rapture. it means to pluck up quickly or snatch up. when i was trying to sleep, i found myself suddenly go straight up into the air at a blinding rate of speed. with a heavy rush of wind on me that is likened to standing behind a jet engine, or like being in a hurricane. there was no pain and the air was warm. this seemed to go on for a couple of minutes each time. what was notable was that the sense of 'ascension' was so strong. i knew i was going straight up and the wind was going all over me from the top of my head downward. it is possible that i actually went to heaven this way and saw the Library.

Since the week of 12/5/97 i have had the experience at least twice more. the first time was identical to the others. this last time in early 2004 was different, and expanded. i again was caught up at a blinding rate of speed for a minute or so, but stopped and found myself in outer space looking at the earth. i was not cold and i could breath. i was passing the earth left to right. for a milli-second i became nervous as i was floating in space. i liken it to Peter walking on the water. mid-wave walking he begins to wonder what in the world he is doing! i had doubts about the feasibility of me being in space ... for a mili-second.
the instant i had the beginning of that thought, i felt a massive, mega-powerful hand on me that i do not believe to be human, but angelic or the Lord Himself. the hand grabbed me around my left arm to steady me and reassure me. it felt like no touch from anyone i had ever experienced. the only analogy i can come up with is it was like being chained or shackled to a gigantic rock  boulder. i instantly knew i was in solid contact with someone that wasn't going to let me fall or be in danger of any kind. astounding experience.

see an updated post from an event on 3.23.10 at the end of this article that is similar to this group.


The 9-11 Prediction from God

At some point during that period, the Lord clearly told me that Arabs were going to pull a sneak attack on the continental USA (exact wording). I was not told details about when or how it would happen, but I was in complete shock, and put my hand over my mouth. It was too much to take in. this was separate from the Vision of the Destroyed City, which has not occurred. This was connected to word studies on Strong's greek words.


The Sketches
immediately after the events of that week started, i began to furiously write down everything the Lord was showing me, or trying to show me. i ate almost nothing and slept little. God's presence was so heavy and so demanding, it required me foregoing all normal activities. the pace at which He spoke by His Spirit was brutal to keep up with. i would stay up all day and night filling notebooks full of material about subjects i previously knew nothing about, including Bible numbers. subjects like the Melchizedekian priesthood, the judgment of man and the fallen angels, the coming exchange of positions between the Bride and the adversary, the truths about God that were intertwined in the cultural histories of different people groups, God's use of constellations, the universe and the  rooms of the Father's house, the Bride's garden, etc.

one of the more notable occurrences involved some sketches that i felt led to make one night. i drew 2 sketches, both of number lines. one was curved like an arc, with negative numbers on the left, and positive numbers on the right, and zero in the middle. i drew i circle around the zero, but inclosed the -1, -2, +1 and +2 numbers. i also drew a timeline on a wavy line with high points and low points. while i was drawing this, the Lord spoke to me and said Bible numbers are like flocks of birds, schools of fish, and galaxies of stars. like kinds group together as in the animal kingdom. as in a galaxy of stars, the gravitational pull of a central core (Bible truth of a certain kind) pulls individual stars (numbers) toward it's center. i later discovered (to my extreme shock) the exact drawings i had made were graphics that were actually printed in Del Washburn's book entitled Theomatics II. his book details gematric (numerical) values of hebrew and greek words and phrases in the Bible, showing them to be related by theme based on common prime numbers. these are found on page 31 of his book, along with a discussion of the 'clustering principle, and the plus or minus 1 or 2 principle in gematria. gematria is the study of the numerical values of Bible words based on the traditional number value of the letters themselves, added together. when i wrote the author and described my experience, and the sketches i had made he was quite unnerved, and took a while to believe i was a perfectly normal christian with no ulterior motives, but who found himself in the middle of a supernatural God-orchestrated series of events. special note: this is not an endorsement Del Washburn's book or his conclusions, which i do not agree with in some instances.

I also made sketches that showed an up - down transfer of something in heaven to something on earth, and vice-versa. i now believe it was a drawing of the exchange God will make between the adversary and his forces (who will be cast down to earth) and the Bride (who will be caught up to heaven). this is the Great Exchange that is coming.



I was left with many strong impressions - many of which appear strange - and I'm not saying I've got Bible for them, but I thought that i would include them. here is an incomplete list:

1) The Bride is a separate group from the Body of Christ. The Bride is a group of Leaders, perhaps even priests under the Lord after the Melchizedekian order. These are the 153 Mega-fish pulled out of the sea in John 21:11. Like Eve was pulled out of Adam. God could have made Eve out of dirt just like Adam, but He did not. He separated her from the main Body.

2) This Bride has a garden fashioned just for her that only she can go into.

3) This universe is finite and has a wall or surface that encloses it which has a pattern on it which I saw.

4) This current Universe is only one room in the Father's House.

5) There are three groups God's people, and one Member of the God head is directly associated with or in charge of each group, along with a specific language and geometric shape (see the vision above):

God the Father --> The Jews/Israel --> the Square --> Hebrew

God the Son --> the Body of Christ --> the Triangle --> Greek

God the Spirit --> the Bride --> the Circle --> English

6) Satan is accused of many crimes, one of which is unlawful species creation. this is why dinosaur bones and fossils of all types are found on this planet.

7) The Lord God is extremely angry of the abortion issue and the babies that are slaughtered left and right on this planet. non of them will be lost though, ultimately.


Bible numbers

the main thrust of what God was doing was to push me quickly into Bible number study. at this point in my christian walk (i had been saved approximately 20 + years) i did all the normal things any other christian does: Bible reading, prayer, church life etc. i had no interest in Bible numbers, and no real idea what numbers were actually in the Bible other than 666 (Revelation 13:18) and 153 (John 21:11). i knew nothing of prime numbers or triangle numbers or number systems or any of it. there wasn't any choice involved on my part. God was making me be involved in this field of study. i have some background in math, but was always terrible at it. let me clarify that this was not some hobby i wanted to start, or something i was interested in, or something fun i was looking to do - this was a mandate from God.

one of the prime truths God wanted me to understand was that Strong's concordance numbers were accurately assigned, and that God had Bible truth buried in this number system. this was the Bible in ABC order, hebrew and greek. in addition, Bible scripture reference numbers were also deliberately assigned and were not to be discounted or thought of as arbitrary, placed by man at a later date. the interconnectivity of Bible numbers was to be found in these different number systems. later i was to find that base conversions were also a major 'hiding place' for Bible truth that God was now revealing.

The specific number the Lord called me to study was 527. This is the age that Jared, Patriarch Six in Genesis 5 was when his son Enoch, Patriarch Seven was 'taken' read all of Genesis 5. this 527 number has many uses and crosses many borders - but it is a major key to when the Resurrection/Rapture is and why it is when it is.


Update re Ascensions

early on August 23rd, 2010 I had this remarkable dream or incident -

I sat on the floor of a large, empty white room, as big as a barn, with a very high ceiling and narrow white floorboards. there was a pillow on the floor beside me. Through no means of my own, I was slowly pulled forward a short distance, and then started floating up at a casual rate of speed, along with this pillow. I floated up, and then into space. Then i floated through space into a another large white room covered on all walls and ceilings with white beadboard. I floated up to the ceiling and then began to praise God, and thank Jesus out loud, raising my hands. This was the unction of the Spirit of God. As my hands were raised, my right index finger was caught in a ring that was traveling in a thin track from the front of the room to someplace behind me. I traveled swiftly like this for a short distance. The ring in the track stopped at the end of the large rectangular shape that ran the length of the room that the track was in the bottom of. At that point I heard the first sound of the dream, the happy sound of small kids talking and giggling. This was quite contagious and made me happy instantly. I floated upwards and saw that in the end of this long rectangular shape was a window less than a meter square with two shutter-like slats across the window. These rotated and were covered with pastel paints and art of some kind. Rotating the slits somehow allowed me to step through and enter the room I saw before me. I remember thinking,"I can't get through that small space", and then when I did by rotating the slats (one of which I sat on and slid into the room) I thought to myself "That's clever".

Once through the window, I stood upright in a relatively small room that was all white, but bright and cheerful. To the right was a open window through which a lovely breeze came. It was bright and sunny outside, and I caught a glimpse of adults and kids doing something out there. That's where the voices were coming from. It appeared to be a gift shop full of things to buy or own. This was the entrance room to some sort of museum. Before me were two smartly dressed young men - say, early 20's. They were both dressed in sharply tailored uniforms, like bell-hops (without the hats) or early 20th century theater ushers wore - they were both dressed alike, the uniforms being dark navy blue (jacket and pants). Each 'jacket' (waist-length) had decorations on it, like military medals but they were not military personnel, they were guides to this place. The guy on the left was white, the guy on the right was black - both were handsome and silent. The guy on the left looked straight into my eyes and handed me a brochure that was die-cut to be a shape like a car of some sort (?). It had a photo on the front of a group of adults and kids. there was very attractive black woman in the photo. The brochure (more like a small booklet) was wrapped in some sort of translucent protective covering which I wondered about. It was cross between plastic and wax paper. The guides left me and I started to look around this room full of things. I turned to the left.

The gift shop was all white walls, like beadboard with tables and shelves displaying things. All these items were colorful, and appeared to be what I can only refer to as "Victorian Curiosities". They appeared to be games, or devices that moved and entertained. This seemed to be what the museum was full of. I could see into the museum (for lack of a better word) back to the left. This was place that one could go and see these 'devices' and that it seemed to be mostly for kids.

In front of me on a table was what was like a birdcage (about a meter tall) but it was full of some kind of 'contraption' that seemed similar to the famous USA game called "Mousetrap"with ramps and moving parts. It was all styled with Victorian design styling, and appeared to be a toy. This birdcage was a gorgeous, creamy pastel green color. that seemed to be a predominate color in the gift shop. most of the colors seemed to be pastels.

I turned to my left and saw white, wooden shelves and bookcase-like furniture that displayed other kinds of colorful items, like these 'toys' but there were less elaborate items like colorful buttons to be worn. I carried the booklet with me, which was a guide to the museum that started in the next room. The whole place had a strong feeling that it operated at a very very casual pace. I felt like I could take all the time in the world there - which I wanted to do.

Suddenly, my view changed and I found myself back in the actual museum, in front of what I can only describes as a victorian viewing device, which I only saw a portion of. The kind of device you might have put a small coin in to see some short piece of black & white film in the early 20th century - like a Kinetoscope.

The tone of the dream turned serious and I looked into the device's 'screen'.

A black & white film was running. Two Russian soldiers in the snow were crouching behind a small wall of snow they had made, and were talking to each other. They both wore typical Russian hats and coats, and they both carried long rifles. They were out in the wilderness somewhere. I could understand what they were saying. The soldier on the right stated to the soldier on the left:

"Israel can't see us." which the soldier on the left replied:

"Yeah, but "Fluffy" can, and they're afraid of us."

The dream ended and I awoke.

special note:

The term "Fluffy" which the smug soldier used I somehow clearly knew was referring to the USA. This was a slur, a term of disdain, and he was calling the USA a pampered, pet dog - possibly of Israel, and that the USA was afraid of the Russians.  This seemed to be a conversation between two Russian soldiers who were deployed, spying on Israel or planning an attack against Israel, possibly confident that "Fluffy", though aware of their intent (able to see them) was too afraid to do anything about it.

Except for the last part of the dream about the Russians, the entire place was heavenly, and I am convinced that it was someplace in God's Heaven. I was completely free of stress, and mental, emotional, and physical pain. I pleaded with the Lord to let me go back there, and never to leave! I was quite selfish in my requests.


My prayer is that all of God's purposes will be accomplished in what He started with these matters, and that the Name of Jesus is lifted up, the Christian and Non-Christian community is warned and will make itself ready for His Return. I have done my best to do what He said which was specifically this, quoted verbatim:

"Post all you know."

Jesus is Lord.

Jesus is coming soon.