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Professor Ian Mallett


Dear Doves,

I believe the Lord has laid it on my heart to share some of the wonders of His mathematics in small soundbites, or rather numberbites, to enable more believers to understand God's use of numbers and to encourage them to seek His hidden treasures. I am not a 'professor' in the accepted sense of the word but my dictionary says a professor is one who openly declares belief in certain doctrines. It is my heart's desire to teach God's children some of these hidden wonders and I hope that you Doves will find blessings and inspiration through these daily offerings.

NUMBERBITE #0021 2006-10-28

Jesus confirms 1 is prime!




The seven Hebrew word values of Genesis 1:1 are listed here, together with their prime factors:


913 (11 x 83), 203 (7 x 29), 86 (2 x 43), 401 (401), 395 (5 x 79), 407 (11 x 37), 296 (2 x 2 x 2 x 37)


The HPF (highest prime/prime factor) of each of the seven word values is highlighted in red. The sum of these seven figures, 83 + 29 + 43 + 401 + 79 + 37 + 37, is prime 709.


The order numbers of these seven prime numbers counting 1 as prime are: 24, 11,15, 80, 23, 13, 13 and the sum of these is prime 179.


The sum of the HPF's of each of the seven Hebrew word values of Genesis 1:1 709 plus the sum of their order numbers 179 is 888, the Greek gematria of JESUS.


Here is yet another numeric signature confirming the Divine authorship of these words and yet another example of many to be found in this first verse of the Bible that God thinks 1 is prime! If 1 is not counted as prime, this sum of the HPF's and their order numbers would be the rather nondescript prime 881.








Praise the LORD, the Wonderful Numberer, JESUS CHRIST!