Jim Bramlett (10 Apr 2006)
"Preparing for the rapture"

Dear friends:

Yesterday I shared information from a sermon by Pastor Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church International about the soon rapture.  I mentioned that the message is available online at http://interactive.creflodollarministries.org/broadcasts/archives2005_t.asp?site=CDM (go to December 11, 2005).

This morning I transcribed the latter part of that message about preparing for the rapture and am including it below.  Unfortunately, a transcript cannot duplicate the stirring style, voice inflections and nuances of this great African-American speaker, but you will get the point.  For all that extra, click on the link above.

Enjoy -- and be ready!


Nobody ever thinks about whatís going to happen when you die.  Weíre only thinking about today, about what weíre going to do tomorrow.  Oh, what about my career?  Oh, who likes me and who donít like me? Oh, what have I got to wear?  But there are more important things.  What are you going to do when you die?
Some people think you are just going to be in nothingness, itís just going to be the end.  Oh, have you been deceived!  How can you take the advice of somebody whoís never died? I am taking the advice of somebody who died but got up on the third day!  Iíd rather take the advice of somebody who has been there, done that!  I got a Jesus who died, and got up to tell me all about it!  And then He said, ďDeath and hell have been defeated.Ē  So I am going to take his word.
But when you die, to be absent from the body, and you did not get born again, that means when you die and your spirit and soul comes out of your body, you now have to look around to see who gonna meet you.  Will angels meet you to escort you to the gate of Heaven, or will demons meet you to escort you to the gate of hell?  You canít say you believe in heaven and not believe in hell.  There is a hell.  There are demons.  There is a Satan.  There is a place called hell. There is a God.  There are angels.  There is a Heaven....
What you gonna do, man?  Itís gonna happen.  And you get a chance to live 40, 50, 70, 80 years -- to make one decision!
People donít go to hell because they do bad things.  People go to hell because the reject Jesus.
ďWellĒ (you may say), ďpraise the Lord, Iím a Buddhist.Ē  Ainít good enough.  Cause you canít get in through Buddha.  Buddha doesnít have a covenant with God.  You canít go by Buddha.  You canít pray in the name of Buddha.  You canít get healed in the name of Buddha.  And they not gonna let you in the gates of heaven by Buddhaís pass.
Mohammed canít get you in.
When you show up in the realm of the spirit, youíd better know Jesus!  Because Heís the only pass thatís going to allow you entrance into that heavenly place.  Iím telling you that right now.  Youíd better know Jesus is the only way.
ďWell, what you trying to say -- your religion is the only one thatís right?
YES!  Iíve been trying to say that for 25 years!  YES!
There is nothing that can compare to what Jesus has done on the cross.  Nothing.  Buddha couldnít do it.  Mohammed couldnít do it.  Reverend Moon couldnít do it.  You canít do it.  But Jesus did it!  Halleluyah!  Heís our way in!  Heís our way out!  Heís our way up!
ďWhy donít you get all the religions together to show unity?Ē  I donít want to be unified with something that denies Jesus.  Have a meeting by yourself.
Buddha didnít die on that cross.  Mohammed didnít die on that cross.  Buddha didnít get up for my salvation.  Mohammed didnít love me like Jesus loved me.  Iím going to serve Jesus for the rest of my life.  He is my Lord!  He is my Savior!  He is my God and my King!
He is the only one.  Donít you let somebody deceive you. You go off getting into other ďreligions,Ē worshipping a chair, saying that chair is your ďhigher power.Ē
ďOh, brother Dollar, donít you think thatís kind of controversial?Ē
YES!  Truth is always controversial.  I been born for it.  Itís time to shake some stuff up. Iím not gonna compromise with all these people who make you come together to have this ďunified world religionĒ of a bunch of nothing.
If you donít believe me Ė die!
Go ahead, die, in the name of Buddha.  Send me a note if you can.  See, Buddha died and he couldnít come back to tell us what happened when he died.  Mohammed died and he couldnít come back and tell us what happened when he died.  But Jesus died and came back!
Let me show you what the Bible said He did.  He wrote a will.  And you know a will doesn't have power until the person who wrote the will dies. (Hebrews 9:15-18.) He wrote the will!  Oh, Jesus!  He wrote the will, died, so you could legally have a right to everything He wrote, then got up on the third day to make sure you got everything He said you could have -- glory be to God!  Now you tell me who would do something like that for you.
And this same Jesus is coming back again!  Youíd better see if youíre ready. What are you prepared to do?  How far do you think you can run?  How much ugly talk you gonna have to put on me before you realize that the Bible is right?
ďIíll tell you what, brother Dollar, you know, I just donít agreeÖ.Ē Thatís what is wrong now.  Who asked you?  Listen, who are you?  Who are you, broke, sick, divorced, pitiful, depressed, condemnedÖ who are you to disagree with God? You ainít even read the Bible, and youíre gonna disagree?  How are you gonna disagree with me on Mark Twainís book if you never read Mark Twainís bookÖ.?
How you gonna disagree with me if I read the Scripture, pray a prayer, get an answer, sow a seed, get a harvest, was sick, got healed?
Here is an invitation that Jesus gave everybody: ďTaste and see that the Lord is good.Ē  But donít you say that the Lordís not good if youíve not tasted Him!  Until you taste Him, donít tell me He ainít good.  Until you taste Him, donít tell me Heís not real.  Until you taste Him, donít tell me He doesnít work.  God is a good God.  But if you donít know Him, youíll say heís a bad God....
Heís coming back, and I look forward to His return.  And hereís what the Scripture says -- Heís gonna come back for those who are looking for Him!  Donít believe if you want to and Heíll just leave you.  Iím looking for Him.
(Describes dream of being in an airplane when the rapture happens, and he went right up through the airplane.)
Itís coming.  I hope some of you who donít believe are around me when it happens. Just be talking to me, playing church and acting religious, and you look up and a pile of my clothes, ring, all that, afro juice, all that just sitting right there in that pile.  Because Iím gone.  He returned with a shout from heaven.  And the dead in Christ got up.
Donít be in a graveyard the day Jesus comes back! Oooo, Jesus!  The earth gonna shake.  The last time the earth shook the way itís getting ready to shake again is when the Holy Ghost entered into the atmosphere.  Thatís what that shaking was.  When the Holy Ghost came, the presence of God stepped into the earth, and it shook.  Well, it if did that when the Holy Ghost came in, imagine what itís going to be like when the King of kings and Lord of lords enters back into this atmosphere
I said Jesus is coming back today, church! I tell you, Jesus is coming back.  Get your house ready.  Get everything fixed.  Jesus is coming back!  Get your business in order.  Jesus is coming backÖ.!
Itís the truthÖ. It ainít gone be no long time.  Iíve had the Lord talk to me about this. It ainít gone be no long time.  Nope.  Heís about to make believers out of some of the folks you know who are not believersÖ.
Jesus is coming back.  So what you gonna do?
This sermon will never move from your life until you make the Lord Jesus the head of your life.  I realize the torment of hell, it wasnít really talking about flames as it was about flames being equal to torment, tormenting as if a hand would be in fire.  I said, ďWell, Lord, howÖ?"

He said, ďWhen a person lives in regret that they were one decision away from deciding to come my way.Ē
You know how tormenting that is?  You miss God by a decision.  Donít do thatÖ.
Heís coming back.  If you had company coming to your house, wouldnít you clean up?  Wouldnít you clean up?  Wouldnít you prepare your house?  Well, do it.  Clean your life up.  Prepare your life.  Prepare it to be presented to Jesus, because weíre gonna have to all stand before the judgment seat of God, to give an account of what we did in this body, good or bad.  Thatís what the Scripture says.  My job is to make sure you are ready.  My job is to make sure that you donít get missed.  My job is to make sure that if the rapture comes this coming Friday, that no oneís in this church on Sunday morning.  And if you are here on Sunday morning, itís yours.  You can have it.  All the cars you see out from Friday nightís service, take them all homeÖ.
God bless you.  I speak this aggressively today, because I love you, and I want you to hear me.  I want to stir your spirit up.  I want you to think about some of the things that are going on in these last days, and make the necessary adjustments, and be who you need to be for God.