The truth that Jesus Christ is God

Hidden Secrets in the Genesis 1:1 Matrix

by Ian Mallett  


The magnitude of improbable data derived from the seven Hebrew words of Genesis 1:1, the first verse of the Torah and the Holy Bible, clearly negates any proposition of chance occurrence. There can be no doubt whatsoever that it is the product of intelligent design surely meant to be discovered in this apostate and computer age, for there appears to be no record of these findings prior to 1946 albeit the science of gematria dates back more than two millennia. It is important to bear in mind the fact that this verse predates by many centuries the basis of gematria, that is to say the assignment of numerical values to the letters of the Hebrew and Greek alphabets.

Pioneers in this study of Genesis 1:1, in particular D. D. Smith and Vernon Jenkins MSc, have verified the phenomenon of lexical and grammatical symmetries and of the figurate geometry embedded within. It is highly recommended the reader familiarizes him/herself with Vernon Jenkins' work and links to his site and others related to Genesis 1:1 are given at the end of this article. Following this important  groundwork discoveries are happening at an exponential rate and it is exciting to wonder what researchers may eventually find in the future.

Intelligent design requires an Intelligent Designer and the remit of this article is to show how He has encoded His numeric signature in the purposefully designed Genesis 1:1 Matrix. The Intelligent Designer is our Creator God, Jesus Christ.

The highest combination value on the matrix that is prime is 2017. This figure is a numeric anagram of the verse total 2701 (37x73) and also of 0127, the number of combinations. More significantly, this prime is the order number of composite 2368, equal to 2^6 x 37, the Greek gematria value of Jesus Christ. The difference between the figure 2368 and its order number 2017 is 351, the 26th triangular number. The gematria of the Hebrew YAHWEH, the principal name of God, is 26 and therefore the number 351 simultaneously provides a wonderful allusion both to the deity and to the triune nature of Jesus Christ.

The lowest prime 401 is the fourth word value that comprises the first and last letters of the Hebrew alphabet, equivalent to the Alpha and Omega of the Greek alphabet, symbolic of Jesus Christ. The positional value (4) of this word is equal to the number of occurrences of the phrase 'Alpha and Omega' in the Holy Bible (Rev 1:8, 1:11, 21:6 and 22:13).

The sum of the highest and lowest primes, which both relate to Jesus Christ, is 2418 (2017 + 401) that can be expressed as 3 (=Trinity)  x 26 (YAHWEH) x 31 (EL - God), again a very strong allusion to the deity and tri-unity of Jesus Christ. This number 2418 is also a multiple of 186 (x13) the gematria of Makom, meaning Place, one of the names of God in the Jewish tradition. When each of the letter values of the Tetragrammaton (YHWH) are squared and added the result is 186.

The first two primes on the matrix are the only primes occupying the same ordinal positions when the twenty prime values are listed in ascending order. These are 401 (Alpha and Omega) and 487, a combination of 401 and 86 (Elohim - God). The sum of these (401 + 487) is 888, the Greek gematria of Jesus. The difference between these two figures is obviously 86 (Elohim - God)).

The figure 888 (Jesus) occurs on the matrix in the 53rd cell and 53 is the value of the Hebrew Yeshua (Jesus) when calculated using the ordinal positions of the letters in the alphabet. It is the 52nd combination, equal to 2 x 26 (YHWH), the figure 2 indicating the positional place of the Son in the Trinity. 52 is the gematria value of the Hebrew name Elyachba (Strong's 455) meaning 'God will hide' and the prime factor sum of 52 is 17 (2 + 2+ 13) which is the ordinal value of YHWH. Significantly, the figure adjacent and to the left of 888 on the matrix is 481. With a number that is a multiple of 37 and greater than 999 the comma can be replaced by a plus sign to produce another number that is still a multiple of 37 and for this process I coined the word 'clustering'. The Greek gematria of Christ is 1,480 which when clustered becomes 481 (1 + 480) and therefore these two adjacent figures symbolize Jesus Christ. The remaining two numbers on this same row sum to 1961 (777 + 1184). This figure is a multiple of 53, the place value of Yeshua and of 37, the highest prime factor of the Greek for both Jesus and Christ. When 1961 is clustered it becomes 962, equal to 26 YHWH x 37. The difference between the sums of these two pairs of figures (777 + 1184) - (481 + 888) is 592, the Greek gematria of Theotes or Godhead. The first and last (a phrase analogous to the Alpha and Omega) primes occurring before 888 Jesus are 401 and 1097 and the average of these two figures is 749, the gematria of Yeshua Ha-Moshiach, Jesus Christ in Hebrew. The order number of this last prime is 185, a multiple of 37 and the filling value of El meaning God. (The filling value, based on how each letter is spelled, of 'Aleph' is 111 and that of 'Lamed' is 74). The sum of both order numbers of these primes (80 + 185) is 265, the highest prime factor being 53, the place value of Yeshua. The composite numbers occurring immediately prior and after 888, 1918 and 2004, sum to a figure that can be expressed as 53 x 74. The first figure is the place value of Yeshua and the second the place value of Jesus in English. The sum of these two figures 1918 and 2004 when clustered is 925, the English gematria of Jesus Christ when the Hebrew/Greek analogue of units, tens and hundreds is applied to the English alphabet and the difference between the two is 86 Elohim. This word meaning God is the third word of the verse and the value 86, preceded by its ordinal position 3, then becomes 386, the gematria of Yeshua.

The grand total of the 127 Genesis 1:1 combinations is 172,864. The highest prime factor of this figure is 73, the gematria of the Hebrew word 'chokmah' meaning wisdom. Wisdom is synonymous with Jesus Christ and indeed the last definition of wisdom in Chamber's Twentieth Century Dictionary (1977) is Jesus Christ. When this total 172,864 is divided by its highest prime factor 73 the result is 2368, the gematria of Jesus Christ.

The distribution of the primes on the matrix in each column is 5, 7, 3 and 5. Read as the number 5735, this can be expressed as 31 El x 185, the filling value of El. The sum of these two figures 31 and 185 is 216, the value of Palmoni - The Wonderful Numberer. The distribution of the primes between the rows that are multiples of 37 is in the palindromic format 25652 and this figure can be expressed as 2 (= the second person of the Trinity) x 53 Yeshua x 242 Mighty God (He will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace).

The Genesis 1:1 Matrix is unequivocally designed and signed by the Master but its real purpose and significance, for the moment at least, remains an enigma. 


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