Steve W (3 Sep 2023)
"2016 PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING foretold the HAWAII FIRES taking place"

  Plausible reason WHY things BLUE did NOT BURN in the LAHAINA FIRES..
See link ^^^^^ Jonathan Kleck does a great job EXPOSING the DARK SIDE PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING 
foretelling the MAUI FIRES from a SIMPSONS episode clear back in 2016.......
Even the part about BLUE things not burning in the MAUI FIRES is in the episode 
along with LASER Direct Energy Weapons's and much more.. Maui blue
                                                        spreads across
                                                        social media
                                                        platforms (Image
                                      Direct Energy Weapons MAUI BURST into FIRES

More details at > <  and the Prophetic Lahaina Banyan Tree