Victor (4 Sep 2022)
"Bride circles the groom 7 times = 7 years for us"

Concerning some Jewish traditions - (this is not a Messianic website)

Why Does the Bride Circle the Groom Seven Times?

When G‑d desired a home for Himself, He created the world in six days, and the seventh day He designated as a holy day of rest. The number seven thus symbolizes completion and holiness within time and space. So when a couple is about to set up a home and begin a “full life,” it is fitting that this symbolism be reflected in the marriage ceremony.

We can now understand the choreography of the seven circuits.

The groom (the “conqueror”), who takes the initiative to create the union, is initially the center of the new Jewish home. He is the first to take his place under the chuppah. The bride circling the groom symbolizes the delineation of their own private world within the outer world, with her husband-to-be at its center. She continues to circuit seven times, symbolizing that she, the “foundation of the home,” is founding a lasting edifice that will be complete until the end of time. Once she completes the seven circuits, she stands beside her husband-to-be in the center of the circle. After the preparations for building the home are completed, both husband and the wife form its center, surrounded by the protective walls the wife created around their metaphysical home.