Neil Lipken (4 Sep 2022)
"A vision of war between U.S. & Russia"

This is most interesting, but takes some time to get through.   The last part describes a coming war between the U.S. and Russia AFTER the upcoming Rapture.   This goes along with what Dimitru Duduman and others have been shown to happen after the Rapture.   I have watched this video twice, and I believe that the gentleman speaking is very credible.

Have I sent this out before?   Maybe.   Can't remember, sorry.


I have watched this video several times, and I have sent this out to some of my email recipients before.   I believe this Ukrainian pastor is very credible!   I am sending this out again.   PLEASE GO TO THE 27:05 MINUTE MARK AND START THERE!


P.S.   Is there Scripture to back up what this pastor says?   Yes!   Ezekiel 39:6!