Fay (25 Sep 2022)
"John Tng. WOW!"

Hey, John,

We rarely hear from you personally but when we do.....it's always a beauty. I am not numerate in the way you are, so I won't pretend to fully understand what you presented. But I understood the results ! You have never veered from your stance on Obama. You recognised who he is from the get-go. Although it's obvious that Biden is but a broken puppet, it's not obvious that Obama is operating the strings. People suspect it, of course. You provide layer upon layer of evidence.

I love how Almighty God works in our lives. He made sure your daughter bought you that particular gift. He knew you would seize the baton and run with it. Miraculous!

Beautifully researched and presented, John. Very much appreciated.

God Bless you, John.


God Gave Me a Supernatural Sign! (fivedoves.com)

Thanks, Fay!! Glad you enjoyed the post! It was fun writing it!