Steve W (20 Sep 2020)
""Re: Gino, Halleys Comet+CHAMBERLAIN KEY in 2028 Revelations""

            Hello Five Doves. 
                         This article starts off as a reply to Gino who sent me a note about Isaac Newton and
       his study of COMETS last week > <
       But then takes a stunning turn into prophetic revelation when we synchronize the
       CHAMBERLAIN KEY revelations with everything as you will see below.

      Thanks Gino for bringing this subject up. It inspired me to do some research because
      JESUS plainly tells us in the Gospels , he has put SIGNS in the HEAVENS about his
      his SECOND COMING , Luke 21:11, and COMETS certainly qualify as one of those SIGNS.


      So starting with Isaac Newton and his book , Principia, Newton laid the groundwork for being
      able to study the trajectory of COMETS...Then came along EDMOND HALLEY who furthered
      Newton's work and became the first Human able to accurately predict when a major COMET
      would enter our Solar System. That COMET is of course the one we call today HALLEY's COMET.

      HALLEY's COMET was last in our Solar System flying by the Sun and Earth in 1986.

       And this brings us to a fascinating prophetic connection because from 1986 its 42 years to 2028,
        where all the evidence we have been studying is pointing to JESUS SECOND COMING 2028 !!
       Now the number 42 is of great prophetic significance in the book of Revelation,
       in Revelation 11:2, and especially Revelation 13:5.

                     "And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, 
                                   and he was given authority to continue for 42 months."
                                                               Revelation 13:5

        This verse is of course talking about the ANTICHRIST/FALSE PROPHET BEAST who will be given
       authority to work out their Satanic Plans in the last 42 months, until we get to Jesus Second Coming. 
          So  the evidence we are examining shows this will happen in the 42 months from 2025 to 2028.

       So studying HALLEY's COMET we can gain even more insight about this in the following chart....
                                                                                       HALLEY's COMET
                                                                                     making news headlines
                                                                                                2/27/1986             astonishing amount of
              HALLEY's COMET                                                   ^^^^^^^^^^             evidence amassing here 
       made its closest approach             prophetic                    42 years                     here for JESUS
               to the SUN on                          sync date                ^^^^^^^^^^                SECOND COMING
                    2/9/1986                              2/9/2028                 2/27/2028                         9/30/2028
                         !.................42 years.............!........6+6+6 days....!...........216 days.............!
                                                ^^                          !                            6 X 6 X 6 = 216                     !
                                         ^^                         !                         ^^^^^^^^^    ^^^                      !
        Book of Revelation "42 months" seen in text of Revelation 13:5 vs 216 of book of Revelation !!
                                                                             !                                      !                                           !
                                                          Revelation 14:5 which is verse # 234 sync 234 days to....!
                                                                    !                                   !                                     !
                                                                   !             "666"        "42 months"                          !
                                                                  !          seen in text    seen in text                         !
                                                            Rev 14:5     Rev 13:18    Rev 13:5                      9/30/2028
                                                                  !.......5 vs......!......13 vs.....!..........216 days..........!
                                                                                      ^^           ^^
               notice from right to left its a sync with Rev 13:5 again !! Quite fascinating to see this
              cluster of 666 alignments in book of Revelation, when the 42 yr anniversary of
             HALLEY's COMET is synced to this prophetic timeline...Clearly the ANTICHRIST and
             the number of the BEAST are synced to 666 in book of Revelation, so it clearly appears in this way
        HALLEY's COMET is a prophetic SIGN in the HEAVENS of the coming END TIME ANTICHRIST BEAST,
             who will be granted power to execute his Satanic Plans from 2025-2028 the last 42 months
                                              leading up to JESUS SECOND COMING   !!

            Now I put the above chart together on 9/15/2020 which just happened to be the day ISRAEL,
           the UAE and BAHRAIN officials were at the White House signing the ABRAHAM ACCORD !

           By all appearances it looks like we are at the beginning stages with this agreement that will ultimately
          fulfill the prophecy of Daniel 9:27 , the "COVENANT with MANY". Trump has even indicated several more
         nations will come on board soon and sign similar agreements with ISRAEL.

            And we know by Daniel prophecy in verses like 9:27 and 12:11 that the ANTICHRIST  BEAST will break the
     7 yr treaty/COVENANT at the 42 month half way point 3 and 1/2 years later. So if we get the "COVENANT with MANY"
         fully implemented sometime in 2021 then 7yrs  from there takes us to 2028 for JESUS SECOND COMING !!

                      Now here's where things take an astonishing mind boggling turn into prophetic revelation...

                                                                    THE CHAMBERLAIN KEY 

                                      "In days long past the CHAMBERLAIN was the official in the Royal Household
                                           who held the KEY, on behalf of the King, that gave access to the
                                                  most private and secret areas of the Palace or Castle".

          The very next day 9/16/2020 I began reading THE CHAMBERLAIN KEY...I knew nothing about what was in
       this book  before I started , other than it had an intriguing title and it was somehow about bible prophecy,
      but I didn't  know what.

      The author TIMOTHY SMITH tells this incredible story of when he was a young father in his 20's he got a
      striking DREAM that started on 1/12/1986 and repeated itself each year exact same date 1/12/1987,
      1/12/1988, 1/12/1989. He knows because he kept a dream journal of all this. Then in April 1989 another Dream, 
    out of time sequence with all the others, but similar to all the others in content. This time the dream showed him an
       actual location on a map up in Canada....TIMOTHY was so moved by this dream sequence he actually
                took his whole family up there to explore this place and lived there for several months.

       Many more details in the book about this experience, but the bottomline that gets to our stunning revelation
       is that while up there in Canada, TIMOTHY had an extraordinary DREAM/VISION experience on the exact date
       of 9/8/1989,  where he was taken out of his body up in the sky and participated in a kind of religious ceremony
                where he met MOSES !!!! The very author of the TORAH of the OLD TESTAMENT !!!!

       Fast forward years later and TIMOTHY in his job as a curator came into possession of the Leningrad Codex,
                      which is the oldest original manuscript of the HEBREW letter OLD TESTAMENT.


       TIMOTHY especially wanted to examine in this HEBREW text Genesis 30:20,21 which says...

                      "And Leah said, “God has endowed me with a good endowment; now my husband will dwell with me, 
                                              because I have borne him SIX sons.” So she called his name Zebulun.
                                                      Afterward she bore a daughter, and called her name Dinah."
                                                                                  Genesis 30:20,21

           TIMOTHY especially wanted to check out these verses because his own father had a family of
       SIX Sons and ONE daughter, and he himself had a family of SIX Sons and ONE daughter exactly
        matching the text of the verses !!!!!!! What happened next is truly jaw dropping.  As TIMOTHY was
        examining the HEBREW lettering text, he began to make an extraordinary discovery.

                           You see the name TIMOTHEUS as it is spelled in the King James Bible in the New Testament 
                                     with  9 letters, is also written in HEBREW with 9 character letters....And starting with where the
           first "T" of his name is seen in Genesis 30:20,21 and skipping every 16 characters equal distance from there, his
         exact name TIMOTHEUS is spelled out in the text !!!! WOW !!!!!  ^     ^^
                                                                                                                                                       ^   ^^
                                       Again I Steve W am reading this revelation on 9/16/2020 !!!!!!!!!

          So when we put together the pieces of this revelation with what I just discovered about HALLEY's COMET
          the day before, a profound prophetic picture emerges.

          Just start with the fact that TIMOTHEUS striking DREAM that started this whole sequence was back on
           Jan 12, 1986 right as HALLEY's COMET was entering our Solar system and would make its closest
          approach to the Sun just a few days later on  Feb 9, 1986...

                                        which then reveals this stunning 'prophetic' time chart....

                                                          HALLEY's COMET                             TIMOTHEUS SMITH
                                                           being observed by                                 extraordinary
                                                             spacecraft Vega II                               experience of
                 HALLEY's COMET           making its way towards                         meeting MOSES
                closest approach to                closest approach                                        in a
                      the SUN on                        with the EARTH                               DREAM/VISION
                        2/9/1986                              9/8/1986 >>>> 3 and 1/2 years >>>  9/8/1989
                               !................27 days..............!............exactly 42 months................!
                                                ^^                                            ^^^^^^^^^^^^
                        DANIEL is the 27th book of bible and it reveals 3 and 1/2 years into the 
  "COVENANT with MANY" 9:27 that the ANTICHRIST BEAST will break the treaty/COVENANT,
                                                                prophetic sync with the 42 months of Revelation 13:5 !!!!!!!!!
          Simultaneously with that we have the                                 ^^   !!!!!!! JESUS CHRIST !!!!!!!
prophetic revelation that from HALLEY's COMET 1986                ^^  !!!!!!! SECOND COMING !!!!!!!
          and the start of TIMOTHEUS related DREAMS in 1986 its 42 years to 2028 !!!!!!!
                  Now notice closely here we have the revelation                            ^^^^
                               of TIMOTHEUS HEBREW name which is 9 characters   ^^^^
                                long in HEBREW , encoded in chapter Genesis 30 !!    ^^^^
                                                                                                    ^       ^^      ^^^^
                         And with mind boggling amazement this             ^     ^^    ^^^^
                        synchronizes to reveal the EXACT DATE of !!!!!!!  9 / 30 / 2028 !!!!!!!
                                 The very date where an astonishing amount of evidence is pointing
                                                  to for the SECOND COMING of JESUS CHRIST !!!!!!!
............................................                                                                       ^^^^^
LO and BEHOLD...                                                                                    ^^^^^
                          Genesis 30:21 is verse number 852 of the bible.            ^^^^^
                                                                             ^^^                                ^^^^^
                                                                    Take 852 and divide by 42 = 20.28 !!!!!!!!!
   From HALLEY's COMET in our Solar System 8th March 1986 > 42 months to TIMOTHEUS MOSES 
                                                                            ^^^            ^^^^     ^^        ^^^^  DREAM/VISION 8th Sept 1989
                                                                                From 1986 >> 42 yrs to 2028 !!!!!!!!!
                                                                            ^^^                                     ^^^^  ^^^^^^^^^
                               Daniel Chapter 2 is chapter 852 of the Bible...               ^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^
                                                                                                                       ^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^
                             "There is a GOD in heaven who reveals Secrets,             ^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^
                       and he has made known to King Nebuchadnezzar what will  ^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^
                         be in the LATTER DAYS. Your DREAM and the VISION >>>>>>> ^^^^^^^^^
                                   of your head upon your bed , were these" >>>>>>>>>>>>> ^^^^^^^^^
                                                          Daniel 2:28 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ^^^^   ^^^^^^^^^

                                                                   Take 852 and divide by 42 = 20.285714 !!!!!!!!!
                                                                                                                        ^^^ ^^
                                                                                              Daniel Chapter 857 of Bible
                                                                                                                    verse 14 says...

                                                                         "Then to him was given dominion and glory and a Kingdom,
                                                                          That all peoples, nations, and languages should serve him.
                                                                                       His dominion is an everlasting dominion,
                                                                                   which shall not pass away, and his Kingdom 
                                                                                      the one which shall never be destroyed"
                                                                                                                Daniel 7:14
  LO and BEHOLD...

                 TIMOTHEUS                                 TIMOTHEUS
           gives his birthdate in                     extraordinary experience
       the book CHAMBERLAIN KEY           of meeting MOSES
       which he also found coded in                        in a                                  JESUS CHRIST
                Genesis 30 as                             DREAM/VISION                     SECOND COMING
                    2/21/1960                                       9/8/1989                                 9/30/2028
                            !...................10792 days...............!...............14267 days.............!
                                                   ^^^^^                                  ^^^^^
                                                      10792   divided   by   14267 = .756430
                                                                                                       ^^^  ^^^
                                                                Jeremiah 11 is chapter 756 of the bible
                                                   Exodus 12:41 records it was exactly 430 years to the day
        that GOD delivered ISRAEL out of EGYPT bondage !!    

         The title of Jeremiah 11 is called "THE BROKEN COVENANT" and look what it actually says,
                            "Thus says the LORD GOD of ISRAEL; cursed is the man who does not
                             follow the words of this COVENANT, which I commanded your fathers in
                                          the day I brought them out of the land of EGYPT"
                                                              Jeremiah 11:2,3

         Notice GOD is referencing this very 430 year time span with 'the day I brought them out of the land
           of Egypt'. Even more remarkable is how the entire chapter is about how ISRAEL BROKE the
         COVENANT by going back to worship BAAL ....This is perfect prophetic typology language
         of how the "COVENANT with MANY" of Daniel 9:27 will be BROKEN at the 3 and 1/2 yr halfway
         mark of the 7 yrs, when ANTICHRIST deceives the world with Signs, Wonders and powers as it
  is said in Revelation 13:5.....And again, with TIMOTHEUS dream/vision experience perfectly synchronized 
       with the SIGN of HALLEY's COMET in the 3 and 1/2 yrs or 42 months from 1986 to 1989
                                               and then prophetically pointing us 42 years from 1986 to 2028,
                where the actual prophetic 42 months of Rev 13:5 will play out from 2025 to 2028 !!

       Its is also significant noting that when TIMOTHEUS and his family arrived at the exact location
     in Canada of his dream sequence, it is a beautiful MOUNTAIN overlooking a lake, and the very day
     they arrived there they experienced seeing a RAINBOW !!! From that day forward they called the
     place RAINBOW MOUNTAIN !!!  

              In the Bible the word RAINBOW first appears 3 times in Genesis 9 !!!
    So the prophetic syncs here are his name TIMOTHEUS in Hebrew has 9 characters
                                                                                                        And 3 X 9 = 27 which
                                           puts us right back in prophetic sync with Daniel 9:27 and the
      "COVENANT with MANY" , TIMOTHEUS and HALLEY's COMET prophetically sync to !!
      GOD in Genesis 9:11 even calls the RAINBOW the SIGN of his "COVENANT" that he will
      never destroy the Earth by Flood Waters again...

       Finally from Genesis 30 its exactly 22 chapters to Exodus 2 where MOSES is first seen in the bible !!
                           ^^^^^^  HEBREW has 22 letters in its alphabet !!   And MOSES greeted TIMOTHEUS
             name of TIMOTHEUS encoded                                            in a DREAM/VISION 9/8/1989 !!
              in HEBREW lettering text                                                      on RAINBOW MOUNTAIN !!
               of Genesis 30:20,21
                       The year 2021 is where we are expecting Daniel 9:27 "COVENANT with MANY" to be
          completely fulfilled and the 7 yr countdown to 2028 and JESUS SECOND COMING is on from there !!!!!!!

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God Bless
Steve W
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