Steve W (20 Sep 2020)
"!!! ARK of the COVENANT and COVENANT with MANY in 2028 Revelations !!!"

         Hello Five Doves.               

                           In the first few days of Sept 2020 I read a book titled 
                          "OPENING the ARK of the COVENANT" see the link.

         In this book the author Frank Joseph lays out extensive evidence that the TRUE
         ARK of the COVENANT, ( not one of the replicas which is claimed to be in Ethiopia )
         was excavated below the TEMPLE MOUNT in ISRAEL around the year 1127 AD by the 
         KNIGHTS TEMPLAR, then secretly moved about  in Europe until the time of Christopher Columbus
         1492 and his voyages to the New World America.  

          A jesuit priest by the name Jean Bauduin was then given the task to take the
         ARK of the COVENANT to the New World on one of Columbus's ships. He first brought
         it to Montreal and tried to build a TEMPLE for it, but because of many troubles with 
         native tribes there, He eventually ended up all the way into Southern ILLINOIS , where with
         the help of a friendly Indian tribe, they HID the ARK of the COVENANT in a cave there.

        Now here's where the story gets quite fascinating and potentially quite prophetic.

        As you can see in the link beginning in the year 1811 a massive series of EARTHQUAKES
        hit the region of southern ILLINOIS where the ARK of the COVENANT was along the
       New Madrid fault line. The damage that the QUAKE did was so extensive that it collapsed
          the cave the ARK of the COVENANT was in under at least 60 ft of solid limestone rock !!

        And according to Frank Joseph research it has remained there all this time. In 2004
        a research team using sonar radar believed they could see the form of the ARK on their
        radar scope, but no one to date has put up the funds to attempt to retrieve it on such a
        speculative venture.

  Now we turn to the bible and look at the very last place the ARK of the COVENANT is seen in scripture.

                                "Then the temple of God was opened in heaven, 
                               and the ARK of His COVENANT was seen in His temple. 
              And there were lightnings, noises, thunderings, an EARTHQUAKE, and great hail."
                                                           Revelation 11:19

    So here we have this book of research concluding the last known place of the true ARK of the COVENANT,
    is buried underground in southern ILLINOIS by the EARTHQUAKE of 1811, and at the same time the  
   last place in the bible the ARK of the COVENANT is mentioned its associated with an EARTHQUAKE !! WOW !!

                      So to examine potential prophetic significance here, what I simply did is take 
                                                        Revelation 11:19 look at it as a whole number
                        then add the EARTHQUAKE of 1811 to it and the 
                                                            total is > 2930 <
                        Now when we synchronize that 2930 total with the END TIME prophetic timeline we've 
            been examining look what it reveals      ^^^^
                                                                           ^^^^     ^^^^
                                       Daniel 9:27                                     ^^^^                    
                  "COVENANT with MANY"                ^^^^                       astonishing amount 
                      As of Last week a                         ^^^^                            of evidence
            UAE delegation were planning to           ^^^^                          amassing here
           fly to ISRAEL as part of furthering          ^^^^                              for  JESUS
           the COVENANT peace process            ^^^^                          SECOND COMING
                           on 9/22/2020                         ^^^^                              9/30/2028
                                       !...............................2930 days..............................!
                                                            ARK of COVENANT Rev 11:19
                                             with prophetic  EARTHQUAKE alignment 
       So symbolically speaking it's like an EARTHQUAKE has gone off in the Middle East with this
       peace process no one thought possible could happen just weeks ago ! And now even BAHRAIN has
   joined with the  UAE !! And TRUMP is saying other countries will come along too in the weeks ahead, until we 
   reach a point where the actual prophecy of Daniel 9:27 is going to be fulfilled right before our eyes !!!!!!!
     Probably sometime in 2021 !!! The COVENANT with MANY !!! which fits perfectly the prophetic timeline !!!!!!!

            And there's further evidence in the numerical alignments in the bible that the ARK of the COVENANT Revelation 11:19
         is prophetically synced with the "COVENANT with MANY" of Daniel 9:27 in the following ways...

                    Chapter 859 of
              bible is Daniel 9 where                            Chapter 1178 of bible
            "COVENANT with MANY"                       ARK of the COVENANT
                   seen in text of                                        seen in text of
                     Daniel 9:27                                          Revelation 11:19
                               !.........................319 chapters................!
                          ^^^                          ^^^
                                859       /         319    =  2.69278
                         ^^^               Verse number 269 book of Daniel
                       is Daniel 9:18 and verse number 278 book of Daniel
         is Daniel 9:27 exactly where the "COVENANT with MANY" is seen !! 

                                    Daniel 9  ><  Revelation 11
                  chapter >       859     /     1178    =  .7292020 
              incredibly this reveals the actual date 7/29/2020 , which was just days before the
       ABRAHAM ACCORD was made public on Aug 13, 2020 !! In fact according to this
      news link 7/29/2020 was when USA and ISRAEL first came out after weeks of silence,
      and made official public comments that the TRUMP PEACE PLAN was back on the table, 
      after consensus opinion thought it was dead. So behind the scenes they must have known 
      on 7/29/2020 that the UAE deal was going to happen a few days later !!

       Daniel 9 >>> 319 chapters to Revelation 11
                              ^^^    which is 1178 chapter of Bible.
                                           ^^^               ^^^^
                                 319     /     1178    =   .27079
                                              Daniel is the 27th book of the bible 
                 and from Daniel 9:27 its exactly 79 verses to "THE END" of book of Daniel !!
                       "COVENANT with MANY"

            Also what makes this all the more intriguing is the TWO TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSES
       of 8/21/2017 and 4/8/2024 that criss cross the USA , their intersection point is right there
  in Southern ILLINOIS where Frank Joseph research says the ARK of the COVENANT is buried !!!

           It's like GOD is putting a big X marks the spot of where his ARK of the COVENANT is buried 
   with these prophetic SIGNS in the HEAVENS, these TOTAL SOLAR ECLIPSES that criss cross the USA !!!


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God Bless
Steve W
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