Chance (6 Sep 2020)
"Dana Coverstone Apocalyptic Dream for December, January and Winter"

Hello John and Doves,
Pastor Coverstone has had a series of glimpses and dreams from August 28 to Sept 4.
Here is the link:
Dana Coverstone: APOCALYPTIC Dream for DECEMBER , JANUARY and WINTER #propheticdreams - YouTube
Here are a few my notes from this dream:
Pastor Dana is seeing more apocalyptic, frightening things in his dreams.  He doesn't want to spread fear by sharing these dreams.  He's warning us.
He saw the calendar of December...with the finger underlining December slowly and pushing forcefully.
Then he saw the month of January - with the finger slowly underlining January - pushing.
He saw long food lines, and people standing in lines for hours, they were not in cars.    He saw this going on through out the nation.
Ships in ports on E, W coasts with nothing moving at sea -  and saw a headline saying the Baltic Dry Index is trade moving around the world.
No Christmas lights, no Christmas things going on; great sadness over the land.
People seemed dazed and confused.
Christians stood out and looked like burning charcoal - they were carrying torches where ever they went...they kept their faith and were telling people that they desperately need Jesus NOW.  You need Jesus NOW!!!  Don't wait.  Some were saved.  Some rejected Him.
Shopping malls were converted into shelters; reminded him of Hurricane Katrina and businesses shuttered and people on cots, and food outreach going on.  And saw people who were misplaced.  Not like a homeless shelter.  Something happened and people were in shelters.  
People in homes were wearing coats in their homes.  People were looking out of their windows/curtains.
The snow was dingy and gray - not white pure snow.
Headlines  "Nationwide outages plague the SW"...And headlines that said "Americans don't know who to blame for darkness".  stretched into Canada - not everywhere.  Saw America as lights flickering - like a light bulb about to go out.
He saw vultures (commonly seen in his dreams) - with rotting food hanging out of their mouths.  The vultures were fat.
He saw depression as a figure, a creature, with a face mask on with a smile, that was chocking people and pushing them down.
Saw people under St Louis arch...dressed in expensive business suits with large suitcases at their feet.  These suitcases reminded him of 'nuclear' suitcases.  All had expensive watches on, and alarms went off at same time; they grabbed their suitcases and they got into black SUVs and went east and west and each had a Wall Street Journal under arms and they were wearing heavily tinted sunglasses.  Headlines of 'market crashes' and 'yields being lost'.  And one headline declared "sympathy for the swastika"
People were down and out. Tired, lost resolve to fight.  Heard Christians talking about what Jesus said about winter and fleeing in winter.  Encouraging each other.   He saw lights all across the country and he knew they were churches..didn't know if these were house churches....
He felt in his spirit that churches were keeping warmth and hope in the communities.
Then the white figure arose out of one of those lights and said "Brace yourself, brace, brace, brace yourself on My word and My promises and do not rely on your own strength."
These left him unsettled, the shelters, the food lines, the Baltic Dry Index.
He believes the Lord is showing him these things to warn the church.
Pastor Dana says he's just trying to warn the church.  He says, I fear for you.  Pray strategically.  Ask the Lord what you are suppose to do for you and your family.  Don't ignore the warnings.

Dana Coverstone: APOCALYPTIC Dream for DECEMBER , JANUARY and WINTER #propheticdreams - YouTube
There is no electricity, no heat, people carrying torches, and no running vehicles in this dream.  EMP blast?   The SW has been hit the hardest, it seems.  The men with the suitcases that looked like the nuclear suitcases were wearing heavily tinted sunglasses - nuclear blast causes a HUGE blinding flash of light if the eyes are not protected. Christmas isn't being celebrated. So whatever happens, it's probably before Christmas. Refer to his November dreams.
I am praying that what he is seeing here is AFTER the Rapture - that the 'church' is the people that have come to Christ after the Rapture takes place.  These Christians at least know, what part of the prophecies to look at and to quote/use for encouragement for the time period that they are in.  They recognize where the world is on the prophetic timeline.  What's happened isn't 'normal' - there's been a big 'paradigm' shift in the world.
Many reasons make me think this. 
Even in this dream, the people are talking about what Jesus said about 'your flight in winter'.  They have to know the rest of the prophecies that go along with this in Matthew.  Well, Jesus says this after He tells the people about seeing the abomination of desolation spoken about by Daniel - .they are to flee immediately!!   He warns the pregnant women and those nursing infants - how terrible it will be for them, especially.
"But pray that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day.  For then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time,no, nor ever shall be."  Matthew 24:21
This is followed with:  "And except those days should be shortened, there should be no flesh be saved:  by for the elect's sake those days shall be shortened."  Matthew 24:22
The Christians in his dream recognize they are in the time of wrath, imo.
This is why the Christians here and now are to pray through the month of September for a Great Harvest!!!  Get as many people saved and in the Rapture as we possibly can.
There is so much detail in these dreams.  Everything detail means something.  Everything is there for a reason.  IMO

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!